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Premium Service - 5th Pet Information and Sneak Peeks
  • Posted by Nynex
  • Posted on June 9, 2012, 2:31 pm NST

The new premium will launch on Monday, here is the latest sneak peek looks at the 5th pet.

Screenies provided by Snarkie

5th Neopet Info by Snarkie - 8 Jun 2012 - 9:17 pm
It's almost the 11th but I promised I'd post info before then so here goes.

You can obtain a 5th Neopet just like you can any other. *nod*

It shows up on your lookup - a few things will move to get it to fit - as well as Quick Ref, Customisation, etc.


If your service ends, you go down to four slots and must move any one of your five Neopets before you can continue on the site. You can move it one of two ways:

- Transfer: Send it (probably to a side ) and then you can play the site again once the transfer is accepted.

- Abandon: Choose one to go and then continue playing the site immediately. IT DOESN'T GO TO THE POUND RIGHT AWAY! It hangs out in a cushy limbo for 90 days first, just in case you're taking a break for whatever reason and need time to renew and reclaim it. After 90 days, it goes into the Pound for anyone to adopt.

(No shots of this process since I can't cancel my Premium. )

And that's it. Hopefully that all makes sense!


TL;DR: 5th Neopet is just for Premium so you have to move one and go back down to four if you're not subscribed. *nod*

Additional questions answered. (The responses have been compiled and usernames removed)

5th Neopet Info by Snarkie - 8 Jun 2012 - 9:17 pm
-Everything goes live Monday, at which point you'll have access to the new membership pages where you should be able to sign-up, renew, upgrade, etc.!

-The membership hub is permanent. I believe you're able to update your payment information through there as well.

-The Neopet only goes into the Pound after 90 days. No one but you can touch it until then.

-Oh, someone else asked me about referrals and I forgot to check on it. Durp.
I know there are plans to redo it but I don't know whether or not the current system will remain active in the meantime. My guess is no since it was part of the old system, but I don't know for sure.
So I guess we'll all find out together on Monday. XP

-More things will be added in the future, eventually allowing you to customise it to only show the dailies you want.

-Good question! Not at Midnight. We want to be here when it happens, just in case. They're setting up and syncing in stages, hopefully starting as soon as we get in on Monday morning. I'll be here to keep everyone in the loop.

-I don't know if everyone is getting it (Space Faerie Charm) by default. I have to check. The avatar and theme are indeed being granted by default.
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