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Negg Hunt 2010 - Parts II & III
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 5, 2010, 6:14 pm NST

Negg Hunt '10

I hope you're all enjoying this year's Negg Hunt! If you're just joining in, read below about how to get started and how this year's hunt is set up.

How to Get Started

All parts are currently released and active! This means that in total, five different portals are out there on JN awaiting for you to find them and play the puzzles within. Completing the puzzles and helping out staff members will give you clues to find neggs hidden around. Collect all 12 neggs and you win! You can find the portals in any order you like and play the puzzles within in any order you like, even jumping around between portals. In fact, some puzzles may require you to complete various other tasks in other portals!

All 5 portals are released and the hunt is 100% completable! GO GO GO! Find those neggs!

The hunt will stay available until 11:59pm NST on Sunday, April 11th.

Remember, in order to find a negg, you must find a clue in one of the portals! The negg won't show up until it knows you have the clue in hand. :) For a reminder of what clues you have collected, check out the Clue Viewer Deluxe.

Also, for those who have missed various comments, here are some official hints...

Official Hints
1) All portals can be found within 0-1 clicks of the Jellyneo home page. That means they're on pretty prominent pages. You need to find the News Room, Content Writer's Room, Petpet Park Crew Room, Item DB Room, and the Staff Lounge.
2) It may be useful to grab a pencil and paper when completing puzzles. For example, you may want to solve the Neggdoku on paper, or map out the Content Beast Lair to make it easier to find your way around.
3) Trying to get paw prints to stick down? There must be a specific order or something...
4) You do not need to get the minimum number of moves on the Petpet Sliding puzzle to finish the hunt. You only get a useful bonus. Need help on Level 4? Try yellow, blue, green, red, blue.
5) You're doing a crossword? Rosie likes dung. Also, what is this entire hunt themed around?
6) Dave's safe has 3 elements on it. 2 will be used, and the 3rd will be useless. The 'key' on the safe will tell you which button is next and help with order/movement ('key' symbolises something, but it is up to you to figure out what).
7) That silly Rainbow Usul Plushie shouldn't be left laying around. If you didn't give it to Zador then someone put it away, better go back and get it.
8) Arzak? Where?!? After him!
9) Are you still working on that Content Schedule puzzle? You know that your solution must list the people who actually worked on or posted things, right? Yes, Ally is still working with Socko. Kagoky's partner does not have 5 letters in their name. Staff members can talk in third person, so if they say "the person who worked on...", they could be referring to themselves. So don't focus on who said what, focus on what you were actually told. You can assume the game with the Geb in it and the game with the Cyodrake tiles are petpet games. Weepit likes stargazing so much, she volunteered to write and post the Lunar Temple ARTICLE. Ally and her partner posted the Kadoatery ARTICLE as well as a GAME GUIDE that is from somewhere very cold! Kat is fascinated by the king of all petpets, so she and her partner posted an ARTICLE about that. When thinking of world themes and land masses, picture the explore map as it is--you do not need to rotate the globe. Sometimes, two or more worlds can exist on the same land mass. The Gamesmaster Aaa avatar is obtained by playing many games. I think that you were informed about an avatar from a game.
10) What? You want another hint about the safe? Well in addition to the things said in official hint 6, the colours seem attractive...
11) When we say 'key' or 'attractive', those are words that have multiple definitions. If you don't know all the meanings of a word, there are plenty of online dictionaries. 'Key' does not mean a house key; 'attractive' does not relate to something looking good.

For a MEGA hint list for all staff members' clues, please check the first comment to this news post. :)

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Comments will be cleared once the count reaches 200 or so. This is to aid those who are seeking help but do not wish to scroll down a bajillion miles to the bottom of the page.
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