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Oh, Pretty Darigan Yooyu (An Altador Cup Essay, Part II)
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on July 2, 2008, 11:38 pm NST

EDIT: Hey there! We're looking for screenshots of the new Premium Closed Beta "game", Neopets KeyQuest! If you have any, please email them over to terry (yu@mmy) jellyneo (dawt) net. You know what to replace. :P The first thing is "@" and the second thing is ".". Thanks!

Oh, Darigan Yooyu, how I hate your right angle movements. The Center Defender blocking me from aiming and getting a goal in three seconds, oh, how I weep! :( In fact, you waste ten seconds of my precious Yooyuballing, removing three potential goals from my total count! (Yes, I've been counting. I don't like you at all. I like the Fire Yooyu better than you. :D)

Perhaps we should bribe the Darigan Yooyu with some ice cream. (Or we should bribe the center defender so he doesn't block the Yooyuball.) Go on over to the ice cream store and buy some yummy ice cream! "Oh, dear Yurble Ice Cream Shopkeeper, what flavours do you have?", you might say. In reply, he might say, "We have Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, and Vanilla Chocolate Swirl!... and oh, what's this, a Dung Cookie? Free topping on your ice cream!" "That's alright, I'll take a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on a cone, no topping."

Then, oh, what's this? A White Weewoo? Oh, that reminds me, Issue 350 of the Neopian Times is coming out this week! (We also need to buy the Weewoo some ice cream too!) "Weeeeeeewoooooooo... Weeeeeeewoooooooo... You won't get me, you're too late!" *flies away* (Pfft, no ice cream for the Weewoo now, let's move on. Phlegh.) Don't stare at the Weewoo, that's rude! Yes, it's pretty and he has "NT" printed on him, but that doesn't mean you can stare at him. Move on!

*drops ice cream* Oh, darnit. No ice cream to bribe with. Oh well. What are you doing, it's much too early to be out of bed! (Or to be on the Today Show!) Stop reading and get back into bed! (Or you could get some yummy ice cream. Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, or Vanilla Chocolate Swirl. I've never had Vanilla Chocolate Swirl before. I want to try some.)
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