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Oh, The Fire Yooyu (An Altador Cup Essay, Part I)
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on July 1, 2008, 10:38 pm NST

Oh, the Fire Yooyu. Made up of something like 6400 pixels of many different colours, the Fire Yooyu... does not exist yet. At least, it does not exist in your account. It is... perhaps a future prize? :D That, of course, means that you should work as hard as you can to rank up! By playing one more game of Yooyuball, it increases your chances of being able to get a Fire Yooyu by just that much! It would stink if you were one game away from a Fire Yooyu.

Anyways, perhaps he (yes, the Yooyu is now a he) is somehow related to Meteor Games, Adam and Donna's new game. (For more info and totally cool concept art without watermarks, head on over here or here!)

Or... he's just too hot and he's just burning up... Some ice cream would be nice. You should buy him some from the local ice cream shop. Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, OH, LOOK! What's this? A new flavour! It looks to be... Vanilla Chocolate Swirl! Yummy!

While you're at the ice cream shop, you should buy some ice cream for Nynex and Mike. They're suffering in the little news finding room that we keep them in. (There's something like half a can of Diet Terry left and a bag of Cheetos.)

Since you're buying THEM ice cream, why not buy us ALL ice cream? It would make us feel happier and quite possibly make us play harder in our Staff Tourney ;) Oh, and send some ice cream to Adam and Donna for their hard work at Meteor Games. Perhaps send them a cone of Vanilla Chocolate Swirl. You know they'd like that.

While you're eating your ice cream (that you obviously also bought for yourself), you should check out our Scores and Rankings page and perhaps take a look at our Current Projects... Since, you know, you never know what secret projects we're working on while we're eating the ice cream you've given us. ;)
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