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NCMall - Ice Cream String Light
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on June 24, 2008, 6:21 pm NST

Oh, Ice Cream. Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, how I love your many flavours. Vanilla, so sweet and vanilla-y. Chocolate, so yummy and chocolate-y. Vanilla Chocolate, so nummy and vanolate-y. I don't think even House could resist you.

Now, go to the ice cream shop. One scoop, two scoops, three or four? That is the question, not to be or not to be. (Unless you want to be an ice cream cone. Then that's a great question. Then you got to ask yourself whether you'd like to be Vanilla, Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolate.) After the ice cream server asks you, leave.

Don't spoil your appetite eating dinner. Just skip to dessert. You can even make ice cream your dinner! While you're at it, you should have ice cream for breakfast and lunch! Ask your local hostess if they have ice cream. If they don't, ask your parents to buy you some. If they say no, then give them a kiss and deal. Then buy some ice cream and eat it. *nod*

Now, once you have ice cream, don't spill it! (If you do, hope that it falls on a sheet of paper towel... or it'll be something like a ten-sheeter. That's like 1/18 of a roll of paper towels.) Or you COULD spill your ice cream and test out the ten-sheeter statistic for yourself... Not that we'd like you to mess up your carpet. ;)

NOTE: We at Jellyneo do not approve of any of the above. I am just horribly bored. :P

By the way, the Ice Cream String Light is the Limited Edition item from the Summer Mystery Capsule. :P

Credit to Bacon for finding the String Light!

Notable Comments:

illusioniste - JN Staff, 06/24/2008, 6:25 pm NST
Ice cream + warm cinnamon bun = heaven. :9
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