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Puzzles & Prizes
  • Posted by Nynex
  • Posted on April 23, 2008, 2:26 pm NST

Answer the following puzzles correctly and win a prize!

Puzzle 1: Puzzles & Games book
Answer: Q: This petpet likes to hop on the clouds of Faerieland?
A: Miamouse


Neopets Puzzles and Games

Puzzle Two: How to Draw Trivia

How to Draw Guide | How to draw: Dark Faerie Sisters

Puzzle Three: Ultimate Field Guide Trivia

  • Rufus J. Wanderwart loves The Lost Desert's fascinating history! He was about to tell a tale of heroes and brave deeds when he was interrupted. Who interrupted Rufus? - Artemis Rambleshanks

  • While traveling through Meridell, Rufus J. Wanderwart takes an unusual detour. Where does he take his travelers? - Meridell Rubbish Dump

  • Many citizens of Brightvale have waited long lines to visit with King Hagen. When they reach his throne, they only find a single sign. What does the sign read? - Out Studying

  • Rufus J. Wanderwart's grandfather wrote a book. What is the title of this book? - Percival T. Wanderwart's Guide to Modern Adventuring

  • On the way to tour Meridell Castle, Rufus J. Wanderwart bumps into Barnaby-a fellow explorer. Barnaby asks about a specific place. What is the name of this place? - Jelly World

  • The book, 1001 Spells for You, comes in handy while traveling through the Haunted Woods! According to the book, what is the best way to banish a ghost? - Scare his pants off

  • In Altador's Hall of Heroes, what statue is directly across from the statue of King Altador? - Darkest Faerie


The Ultimate Field Guide to Neopets

Puzzle Four: Grey Faerie Chronicles
  • When Nomi was released from Balthazar's jar, what immediately happened? - She grew

  • Nomi orders a sweet treat at Faerie Foods. What is it? - Faerie Fondant

  • What does Telos use to steal Nomi's faerie essence? - Amulet

  • Mayin gives Nomi a special present. What is it? - Bracelet

  • What was Nomi's answer to the Brain Tree's question? - Her name

  • What is the grand prize in the Faerie Festival? - Faerie Queen's Perodit Crown

  • Edna the Witch agrees to give Nomi a special spell. But first she needs Nomi to bring her three ingredients for her potion. What are they? - Black Sand, Red Poppies, Purple Juppie Java

  • What three species of Neopets does Nomi spot while flying over the Neopia Sea? - Koi, Flotsam, Acara

  • The first time Nomi sees Balthazar, she notices something perched on his shoulder. What is it? - Crokabek

  • How did Ullia fight off the Skeith? - Dive bombing

  • When Nomi first arrives in the Haunted Woods, she meets an Eyrie that helps her. What is the Eyrie's name? - Krestyl


Nomi the Grey Faerie

Puzzle Five: Ghoul Catchers - The Creepy Danger
  • Something brushes against Sarn's leg when he jumps into the Old Swimming Hole. What is it? - Rainbow Primella

  • Who is a better tree climber? Sarn or Liva? - Sarn

  • Gnarthwal was hiding in a haunted castle. Who does the castle belong to? - Eliv Thade

  • What is Cramdill's favorite kind of pie? - Jumbleberry

  • Sarn travels into a cave to gather potions from a magician's lab. Who is the magician? - Quonsar

  • To receive information from the Brain Tree, Sarn must first correctly answer a riddle. What is Sarn's answer to the riddle? - Rain

  • What effect did the first tonic have on Sarn after he drank it? It made him: - Invisible

  • Sarn hears a soft sound when he first enters the Haunted Woods. What is making the sound?: - This answer seems to be glitched and will not be correct


The Story of the Ghoul Catchers
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