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Altador Cup VII
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TNT Staff Tournament Round 3
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 18, 2020, 6:25 am NST

Round 3 of the Altador Cup TNT Staff Tournament has begun! Make sure to have your guesses for this round in by the end of June 21st. Again, remember to refresh the page after selecting your team to also select your choice for Star Player and get a chance at an additional prize.

This round's Star Player was Kikocat. Players who correctly guessed her were granted the following item:

You can check the results for round 2 on our Staff Tournament guide.

View Our TNT Staff Tournament Guide »
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catsrnice, 06/18/2020, 6:59 am NST
Heeyy I got it right.

solsticesprite, 06/18/2020, 7:38 am NST
Did some Staff not play, or it is just that Jellyneo doesn't know because nobody picked those guys?

nefarity, 06/18/2020, 8:29 am NST
Oh, yay! I got it right, too.

sketch, 06/18/2020, 9:34 am NST
Weren't we supposed to get a bonus item yesterday/today from the NC event??

shandaman777, 06/18/2020, 9:49 am NST
I got it right too and haven’t received the bonus item

dave - JN Staff, 06/18/2020, 11:26 am NST
@solsticesprite We need folks reporting those numbers!

The unfortunate side of a "pick the best" type of event is that many people avoid the worst, so their scores are harder for us to verify.

jcdiva7, 06/18/2020, 1:19 pm NST
why does Kikocat look so angry in her stressball?

1jediboy, 06/18/2020, 3:50 pm NST

teresa, 06/18/2020, 11:27 pm NST
I'm sad because I picked her the first round and switched to Scrappy for round two. Darn.

cherry_moon31, 06/20/2020, 11:56 pm NST
Got to have the Brightvale player

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