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New Beta Site Themes Uncovered
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 23, 2020, 2:23 pm NST

We've uncovered some site themes that will be available for the Beta mobile site at some point! We are unsure when these will be released, but they exist under the hood for now.

If you haven't seen the prior news, check out our coverage for the new Neopets Mobile beta!


(The theme we're all using today!)








(A new theme!)
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sky15919, 04/23/2020, 2:27 pm NST
Awww thank you so much for all the info! I still like the premium one most, and looking forward to get the new one!

clockworkcrypt, 04/23/2020, 2:28 pm NST
Oh good. I thought I was going to have to use neopets yellow for the first time in a decade

anomally, 04/23/2020, 2:58 pm NST
Ooh, I like the blue!

jawsch, 04/23/2020, 4:22 pm NST
Premium looks great! Can't wait!

topologist, 04/23/2020, 8:54 pm NST

ducky - JN Staff, 04/23/2020, 11:57 pm NST
Those poor pets should be fed

zeelink, 04/24/2020, 12:14 am NST
Well, I am pleasantly surprised! I was not expecting much but this looks great for a beta. And a mobile version like this might actually get new people playing.

fenix, 04/24/2020, 2:47 am NST
Lutari theme? Lutari Island finally happening? :O

oceanis1819, 04/24/2020, 3:33 am NST
This looks so good already! I really can't wait!!

flyspraysandwich, 04/24/2020, 4:27 am NST
I think the lutari theme is just supposed to be a small nod, try not to get too excited

6161314, 04/24/2020, 4:29 am NST
Thank you so much for sharing all these with us! Much appreciated!

Lutari theme looks too similar to Green theme to me, hope they'd all a bit more details to differentiate them. I also agree with the above comments that it would be great if they are really opening up Lutari Island with this update!

rasupdoo, 04/25/2020, 1:36 pm NST
Lutari theme?? Hooooo boy! I'm gettin' excited!

saymonsy, 04/26/2020, 8:49 pm NST
They can't pretend that we are not gonna fuzz about the Lutari theme. I hope that that theme is no only a gentle nod.

Good news overall

jagaleigh, 05/7/2020, 9:14 pm NST

OMG....YES YES @ Premium and Lutari Island! SO MUCH YES!

It'd be SUPER AMAZING to get that Lutari site theme since we can't reasonably expect an open Lutari Island. If it were me, I wouldn't want to add a ton of new features before I know if the old-current features work first. (nerves....haha)

e_nova660_e, 05/15/2020, 1:36 am NST
OMG the myth of Lutari island is coming ture?

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