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Informal Spring Petpet Suggestions
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on March 23, 2020, 4:02 pm NST

Jade has taken to the Neoboards to take a quick poll for a new Spring-coloured petpet from now, until 4:30 PM on March 23rd.

Only 9 petpets currently have this colour available:

If you'd like to post a petpet species, head to the Neoboards now:

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UPDATE: Voting is now closed, and a new Spring Ona should be appearing in Neopia in a few weeks!
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inkpot, 03/23/2020, 5:04 pm NST
the ppl voting for pyon... i had no idea ppl liked that petpet. such a bizarre choice imo, lol.

i feel like more memorable petpets like: meepit, kad, dogle and snorkle would be more fitting.

beyondelsewhere, 03/23/2020, 5:38 pm NST
I'm surprised there isn't a spring slorg. I thought slorgs came in every colour!

drzoidberg, 03/23/2020, 7:04 pm NST
Ona will be cute but man did I want a Spring Nedler for my gallery. Maybe someday. Thanks for the heads up, JN!

anomally, 03/23/2020, 8:01 pm NST
Argh, I just want more colors for the abomindablesnowball! Killer needs some colors!

chocolatjellopudding, 03/23/2020, 10:03 pm NST
They should do that more.
Also, can't wait

cheyennet2, 03/23/2020, 10:33 pm NST
All this told me is that we really need to get more petpet colors released. It really shouldn't be that hard. It's not like they have to make all of the customization stuff for them like when a pet color is released.

ziporen, 03/23/2020, 11:44 pm NST
@cheyennet2: Agreed, especially as paintable versions...

It's nice that there were a bunch of new combos (particularly Pirate colored Petpets) released with the daily prize pool updates 1-2 years ago, but if someone was waiting for that color combo, they'd have to remove their aged Petpet. :/ If they're going to end up being super common anyway, then let people paint them if they want to.

escrainus, 03/24/2020, 12:38 am NST
Hmm... this reminds me, what happened to the gothic winter thing from last year?

stormmonarch, 03/24/2020, 3:16 am NST
Off topic but anyone has problem with running any Flash content on Neopets? I cannot run any Flash even though I gave the browser the permission.

pikachu315111, 03/24/2020, 3:45 am NST
@ stormmonarch:
Well for those using Chrome it seemed to have updated and made a few more loops to jump through to activate Flash, at least once. Now you need to go into the Site Settings, scroll down to the "Flash" option, and switch it to "Allow". After doing that Flash stuff should work again. And from then on whenever you open the browser, if Flash is turned off, you just need to click the "i" button on the left of the url bar and it'll have the option to "Allow" it like it used to.

stormmonarch, 03/24/2020, 7:17 am NST
@pikachu315111: it works! Thank you so much!

katina_choovanski, 03/24/2020, 11:39 pm NST
I love spring Babaas! Just so stinkin' cute!

@ chocolatjellopudding : Yup!

aleu1986, 03/25/2020, 2:43 pm NST
The result of the poll was Spring Ona!
Looking forward to seeing it!

surferaj, 03/26/2020, 6:31 am NST
My favorites have always been the Spring Babaa and the Spring Cybunny. As Katina said, they are both very stinkin' cute.

themeepit32, 03/27/2020, 10:43 am NST
there are so many petpets with only like 9 colours

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