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Faerie Quest Event Update
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on March 9, 2020, 8:17 pm NST

TNT has made quite a large clarification on the requirements for this year's bonus event. Instead of needing to complete a quest daily, you simply need to visit the quest event hub to receive the daily freebie—in other words, just as in past years.

Hi all, as you know each year during the Faerie Quest Event users who visit the event page daily will receive a bonus at the end of the event. This fact is still true! In an effort to be more thorough in our FAQ we misspoke that users must complete each quest in order to receive the bonus which was incorrect. Users simply need to visit the event page and do not need to complete each quest. Our apologies for our miscommunication here. Please note, we did not make changes to the visit bonus. Please see the updated FAQ with corrected bonus prize conditions.

For more information on this year's event, see our guide:

Faerie Quest Event Guide »
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sketch, 03/9/2020, 8:19 pm NST

purplebin, 03/9/2020, 8:22 pm NST
It's too bad the miscommunication had to go on all weekend and pretty much all day today. I'm sure lots of people quit going to the page once they thought they couldn't get the bonus, and the quests got so expensive.
I was always holding out hope that the rules were still the same and they just worded things badly, since they seem to do that a lot.

sliced_ramen, 03/9/2020, 8:30 pm NST
Like I'M GLAD THEY CLARIFIED, I'm just like TNT you need to double-check your work and realize that your community was in heavy turmoil with this, since like the start of the event.

stories2btold, 03/9/2020, 8:50 pm NST
Either serious miscommunication, or pandering to the “i wasn’t paying attention!!!!” crowd. Either way, R.I.P. to the bonus being good now.

rosi, 03/9/2020, 8:52 pm NST
To be honest, I think at first they decided we really had to complete everything on the day of release, and only after they heard the enraged community decided against it and stepped back to the old rules ù_ù

silver_moon, 03/9/2020, 8:55 pm NST
Would've been nice to know sooner as I spent over 900k for an Air Faerie quest yesterday. Lol.

lokaula, 03/9/2020, 9:58 pm NST
YAY!!! HAHAHA! Sorry to all the inflation monsters! Oh well!

panthera_alba, 03/9/2020, 10:23 pm NST
Cool, 'cause there was no way I was gonna spend a gazillion NP on a Sroom Fruit Potion. I cancelled that quest because I like my money. I pet it and tell it how pretty it is, read a bedtime story to it every night...
Of course, my neopets think I'm weird for some reason. I don't really understand why.

1jediboy, 03/9/2020, 10:30 pm NST
^Per chance, do you have a Whale named Pearl for a daughter? 🦀?

ducky - JN Staff, 03/9/2020, 10:49 pm NST
Told ya

recklesse, 03/9/2020, 10:56 pm NST
What happens when you get some misinformed newbie to write out the FAQ and don’t bother to proofread it.

And it took them 5 days to notice anything was amiss?

biediep, 03/10/2020, 4:01 am NST
I don't believe the whole miscommunication thing, either. They didn't have to change the FAQ at all from last year's, but they did. So why? I too think they did want you to complete all the quests this year but after all the glitches and inflation, they changed their mind and just came up with this excuse. Still, I'm glad. Inflated prices are one thing but when there's literally none of the item you need to be found anywhere.. And it's not even an FFQ? Hmmmno.

recklesse, 03/10/2020, 4:25 am NST
I'm just not convinced they would re-program the event to count whether quests were completed instead of whether you visited the hub page.

Not a programmer, but that seems like a lot of additional programming time. And then reverse it?

waivank, 03/10/2020, 6:45 am NST
I'm so happy those people wanna earn money off by selling some rare potions at higher costs have wasted their money

dolamant, 03/10/2020, 10:47 am NST
So glad that we do not have to do the quests every day!

Today the Air Faerie wanted "Vial Of Fragrant Oil". Only found 2 in entirety of Neopia, one was Trading Post Reserved and the other was 999,999 NP in a shop.

draakonikihv, 03/10/2020, 2:41 pm NST
Well, I missed out on the first day anyways, so I gave up from the start.

lopiditty, 03/10/2020, 5:17 pm NST
well there goes 180,000k

kyushichi_, 03/10/2020, 5:27 pm NST
Made a few mill off of the inflation, was fun while it lasted. Gotta love Neopets economy lol

hail, 03/11/2020, 9:17 am NST
Haven't fixed quest rewards being eaten though...

surferaj, 03/11/2020, 9:00 pm NST
What's up with this.... I've had two Air Faerie Quests where she asked for BD Weapons, not Grooming Items. Is this a Glitch?

dave - JN Staff, 03/11/2020, 9:26 pm NST
@surferaj: That's part of the event this year, see our guide for more details.

lokaula, 03/12/2020, 10:56 pm NST
@dolamant, that was the same thing the Air Faerie wanted me to bring her too! So glad I didn't need to dish out all those np's for the Vial of Fragrant Oil!

bananas, 03/13/2020, 4:57 am NST
Fountain Faerie quest for only an Iceberg Sundae? I had four in my SDB.
That is one easy access to the Fountain for a new colour

magykalheart, 03/14/2020, 5:18 pm NST
Completed a Fountain Faerie quest the other day, but wasn't allowed access to the Fountain. Anyone else?

demento_recraves, 03/17/2020, 5:49 pm NST
Is anyone else unable to use the Request Refresh from the Battlegrounds Boon?

lokaula, 03/19/2020, 10:31 pm NST
Oh my goodness! The Grey Faerie asked me to get her a Tooth Faerie Bean Bag, and when I gave it to her, she sent me to the Fountain and I was able to change my Uni's color!! I didn't even know that was possible!! SO happy now!

goddess_of_winter156, 03/20/2020, 12:03 pm NST
makes we wish we didn't get to see what they've been requesting

lokaula, 03/21/2020, 9:41 pm NST
It's too bad you can't choose which craft YOU want to make...I didn't know she CHOOSES for you! So, I bought 2 items for something I wanted, and now she's asking for an item I didn't buy, because I don't want to craft that particular item. And naturally, today is the last day for the crafting faerie quests, right?

oreosenpai, 03/24/2020, 12:44 pm NST
What was the prize for going each day?

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