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Tonu Day Roundup
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 21, 2020, 6:40 pm NST

Today marks the release of a few Tonu Day goodies for Tonus across Neopia. Unfortunately, we seem to have misplaced the new colour. Let us know if you find it...


Luckily, a new set of clothing options have appeared... perhaps your Tonu can put them on to see if they can detect the new colour?

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themeepit32, 02/21/2020, 6:41 pm NST
*wipes tear* that tonu is quite beatiful, best art of 2020

sliced_ramen, 02/21/2020, 6:50 pm NST
Modeled and confirming that it is bodily customizable.

anomally, 02/21/2020, 6:54 pm NST
But where is it?!


ducky - JN Staff, 02/21/2020, 9:56 pm NST
One colour and it's Invisible?

Are you kidding me?

biediep, 02/22/2020, 1:43 am NST
Invisible for today's color and once again no NT.
Because why work if you get paid anyway.

insane000illusions, 02/22/2020, 4:40 am NST
Wow that's some harsh shade thrown at Tonus

fenix, 02/22/2020, 6:36 am NST
Ooh, are we playing Where's Waldo: Tonu edition?

surferaj, 02/22/2020, 10:13 am NST
Had to look twice at the JN posting.... LOL!!!

azuresea, 02/22/2020, 2:22 pm NST
They really should've just done 2 colors today. *sighs*

I don't even have a Tonu, but I'm sad for them. Invisible is really one color that could be released on any given day in my opinion. It doesn't seem to be that much work compared to shading & coloring of other colors.

moonlightwitch, 02/22/2020, 2:44 pm NST
Dave you got me rotflmbo

purplebin, 02/22/2020, 2:48 pm NST
The older invisible pets couldn't wear clothing, but the new ones can and so have more interesting customization possibilities.

diamondjirachi, 02/23/2020, 2:32 am NST
I love the eyes on the invisible Tonu

karachase5, 02/23/2020, 3:30 am NST
So much effort

dave - JN Staff, 02/23/2020, 4:04 pm NST
Would be nice if they just made an Invisible Day theme and released all 24 remaining Invisible Neopets... They could even toss in some invisible items!

drzoidberg, 02/24/2020, 7:41 am NST

moonlightwitch, 02/24/2020, 11:00 am NST
Dave I agree

escrainus, 02/24/2020, 2:42 pm NST
Invisible is just a sad color to have still pending in the "to do list" :/ I support Dave, also reactivate the colors in pet days.
Halloween to finally release Halloween Ogrin, for example.

dave - JN Staff, 02/24/2020, 3:12 pm NST
@escrainus: I also do wish we'd see more Halloween/Zombie/Ghost in October and Snow/Christmas in December!

Even random pet colours released throughout the year would be cool! (Even TNT during the Viacom days got bad at this, IMO.) I understand they probably take a bit of art resources, but it is a pet site afterall.

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