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Several Dailies No Longer Working
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on November 22, 2019, 6:31 am NST

Update: The issue appears to have been fixed. You can now remove the exception from your adblocks and continue to use site features normally.

Today, several dailies including Grave Danger and the Battledome are suddenly not working for many users. This is due to some new advert scripts now deployed on Neopets.

If you have an adblocker on your browser, you will need to allow scripts from powerad.ai. After doing so, all features on the site should begin working normally for you again.
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mommy_belinda, 11/22/2019, 6:50 am NST
I use AdBlocker extension on Chrome, how do I add it for it to allow the script from powerad.ai?? Right now I have just been turning it on and off. LOL!

auraichadora, 11/22/2019, 7:11 am NST
I allowed for this same one when it came up on ScriptSafe last night, but it's still being an issue. Trying to figure out how to allow for it with AdBlock, but I can't figure it out. Rather frustrated. x.x

apophis324, 11/22/2019, 7:21 am NST
Ahh, so that's why the Games Room got all coded up for me when I checked earlier today. How weird.. You can't run Neopets without adBlocker though, you get pelted to death and the site starts lagging..

auraichadora, 11/22/2019, 7:39 am NST
I've whitelisted this on both Adblock and ScriptSafe. I've restarted my browser, restarted my computer as well. Cleared the cache. Tried just disabling them in general as well. NOTHING has changed. This is annoying as all get out...

k_tracy22, 11/22/2019, 7:54 am NST
Any tips on how to do this with uBlock Origin? :|

dr_tomoe, 11/22/2019, 8:31 am NST
Well that's a pain in the butt. The site's practically unplayable with ads.

faellie_ridiculous, 11/22/2019, 8:33 am NST
I use a Chromebook. Have AdBlock. Neo Premium member. Could not load Fruit Machine or Grave Danger this morning. Some people had trouble with the battledome, but I did not. Everything appears to be fine now. I did not do anything. Just waited a couple of hours.

josie, 11/22/2019, 9:06 am NST
I'm not sure how to add this with Chrome either. I tried with both the AdBlock settings, as well as with the Chrome settings, and it doesn't seem to work, or maybe I'm putting it into the wrong field.

mavegibson, 11/22/2019, 9:31 am NST
Guess no more BD for me for now, until/unless they fix this.

xfer, 11/22/2019, 9:39 am NST
Could anyone give a little tutorial on how to do it with adblock plus? I see nowhere to do or add this thing. And I am sure tons of other people are also wondering how to get this fix implemented.

saudor, 11/22/2019, 9:54 am NST

add that into the whitelist. It's not perfect but will get the page loading

saudor, 11/22/2019, 10:00 am NST
Ublock users:click the icon in your browser toolbar. Click the last icon (open dashboard), Click on 'my filters" tab. Paste in the code i posted above.

Adblock Plus users: Click on the icon. Click the gear icon top right. Click ADVANCED. Scroll down to "Your custom filters" Then paste in the code. And click +ADD

xfer, 11/22/2019, 10:02 am NST
Thanks saudor, but including AND excluding the @@'s the line doesn't seem to be added in the list of whitelisted sites. Maybe this has something to do with mine being adblock plus and not adblock? Argh, I'm on a faerie quest and can't turn in my item

xfer, 11/22/2019, 10:15 am NST
Ahhh sorry, I was slow. IT WORKED!! Thank you saudor!!!!

jaudaran, 11/22/2019, 10:33 am NST
This also appears to be preventing random events from loading. I keep getting "Something is happening..." and nothing is happening. I haven't tried the fix yet, but hopefully it takes care of that too.

chibiaden14, 11/22/2019, 10:48 am NST
Yeah.. I've only got regular AdBlock. How do I add this thing in so I can use Neopets again?

apophis324, 11/22/2019, 10:49 am NST
@Saudor For some reason I can't click the +Add button.. It's.. just a rectangle without a function for me..

apophis324, 11/22/2019, 10:51 am NST
Ah, never mind. It suddenly decided to work..

chibiaden14, 11/22/2019, 10:56 am NST
Same here, thank goodness. I do NOT want to deal with ads. x.x

themeepit32, 11/22/2019, 12:15 pm NST
Neopets is virtually unplayable with ads on, like bruh let us block adds

loretta__mandy, 11/22/2019, 12:20 pm NST
it says there are several, but it only says grave danger and battledome what are the other 5?

adventurer262, 11/22/2019, 12:32 pm NST
I wondered why the battledome wasnt working.. Ill try whitelisting the script sometime!

ailsac, 11/22/2019, 12:35 pm NST
Tks, saudor

mavegibson, 11/22/2019, 12:53 pm NST
UPDATE: Just to let everyone know, the features are working again, without any intervention on my part. No need to go whitelisting evil ad scripts.

contessa, 11/22/2019, 10:25 pm NST
Everything has been woring fine for the last two hours but now for the past 15 mins every single page I try goes to this error: 504 page not found. Guess I'll call it a night and hope it works better tomorrow

combustibles, 11/23/2019, 6:03 am NST
why do they keep breaking the site.. christ..

themeepit32, 11/23/2019, 8:12 am NST
Jumpstart is incompetent

theartofscreaming, 11/23/2019, 9:01 am NST
Hey, this is unrelated to the add issue, but has anyone else had trouble with the pound today? I went there several times yesterday and it worked fine, but today I just get a page that never loads. I tried it in Chrome and Firefox and it doesn't want to work in either of them. Is it just me or is it the site?

indigo, 11/23/2019, 10:12 am NST
theartofscreaming, the "adopt" page isn't loading for me either. I'm using Chrome.

theartofscreaming, 11/23/2019, 1:41 pm NST
@indigo Huh, that's weird! Chrome is my main browser too, I guess it's not just me. I wonder what malfunctioned.

dr_tomoe, 11/23/2019, 1:56 pm NST
According to the staff board, JS is trying to do things to force people to see ads and stop adblocks.

1jediboy, 11/23/2019, 3:33 pm NST
Ads keep the site free! I’d be fine with ads as long as they’re stagnant and not videos. Video ads interfere with moving parts already existing on the screen like games or map animations.

I’d also be more than grateful if they gave us a voluntary ad program where we can choose to watch ads for rewards like the old advert wheel game.

Or better yet, bring back the immersive advertising we used to have! I liked those events like the Capri Sun Disrespectoids or Planet 51!

themeepit32, 11/23/2019, 4:26 pm NST
they just need to to flood the game with so many ads it lags

themeepit32, 11/24/2019, 4:51 am NST
is the games room not working for anyone else?

contessa, 11/24/2019, 11:35 am NST
jediboy I remember all of those old ad events too, they were fun

1jediboy, 11/24/2019, 1:24 pm NST
@contessa - 💔 Remember the Nickelodeon Wheel of Slime? 💚 Six Flags? 💛

Why can’t they do that stuff now? It’s efficient, frugal AND fun!

jweb, 11/24/2019, 1:34 pm NST
Remeber BTR Crowd Patrol

1jediboy, 11/24/2019, 2:04 pm NST
YES!!! 😭😭😭😭

contessa, 11/24/2019, 6:14 pm NST
Yes I remember those! I just looked and I still have some books from the Six Flags thing in my SDB (I am such a packrat)

dr_tomoe, 11/24/2019, 11:31 pm NST
I would love a return of sponsor games like that.

1jediboy, 11/25/2019, 1:05 pm NST

synonymgirl, 11/25/2019, 1:19 pm NST
If you whitelisted powerad.ai I would highly recommend that you reverse the whitelisting. I can find nothing good about it.

themeepit32, 11/26/2019, 9:11 am NST
Jumpstart: Let's make so the people HAVE to lag like dial up!

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