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Neopets Costume Contest
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on October 24, 2019, 4:56 pm NST

UPDATE: It appears that the customisation you enter the competition with for a given day is not saved, and it will just display whatever the current customisation for that pet is. As such, we advise not changing your pet's customisation until voting on the round you entered it for has ended. You may wish to alternate which of your pets you enter each day for this reason.

This year, Neopets is hosting their own costume contest! (Not to be confused with the Costume Contest here on Jellyneo!)

Between now and November 4th, each day will feature a new theme and you will have the opportunity to enter your Neopet dressed for that theme. Once entries close, other Neopians will vote for the best costumes.

To see the schedule of themes, visit the Halloween Costume Competition page and click on the button to enter. (This is merely a button to enter the theme schedule. It won't enter your Neopet.)

You must dress up your actual Neopet with clothing that you own to enter the competition, just like the weekly Customisation Spotlight. Only Neopets dressed to the daily theme will be allowed to progress to the voting.

The prize will be a trophy of some kind. It appears that there will be no item or Neopoint prizes, as TNT has stated that you may enter Neopets on your side accounts as well. (But voting from your side accounts is not allowed.)

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sakeru187, 10/24/2019, 5:11 pm NST
Wow this might be fun! ^__^

inkpot, 10/24/2019, 5:45 pm NST
that's pretty cool! all my pets where the same things year round (with occasional tweaks) so i don't think i'll be entering but i'm sure the nc chat will have a ball with this.

jessalynn, 10/24/2019, 6:07 pm NST
I entered Erzhey for this one. This is so exciting! I can't wait to come up with some costumes other than the ones I have now!

170, 10/24/2019, 6:34 pm NST
Is anyone else getting an error message when they try to enter? It's the same red Oops! page we're all familiar with, but going back and trying again doesn't seem to get rid of it like normal.....

sakeru187, 10/24/2019, 8:02 pm NST
Some people on the boards are having issues too. One got it to work for them using Edge. Both my of my entries worked in Chrome.

meghan, 10/24/2019, 10:00 pm NST
Getting the same error in Safari. Tried downloading Chrome to upload it. Same error.

picu_tuli, 10/24/2019, 11:25 pm NST
I expect some prices going crazy

apophis324, 10/25/2019, 1:17 am NST
Good thing my Customisation feature keeps crashing on me~! ^ u^-b Thank you for not yet finding a way to remove the Flash from that, TNT!!

170, 10/25/2019, 5:17 am NST
Someone solved the entering problem on the neoboards! The link from the news to the contest is http://www.neopets.com//costumecompetition/ but you have to remove the extra slash in order to be allowed to actually enter

So go to http://www.neopets.com/costumecompetition/ instead and you'll be all good!

vellen_, 10/25/2019, 6:42 am NST
"Once entries clothes".. close?

topaz644, 10/25/2019, 12:50 pm NST
I wish they had started this earlier in the season. Your pet's image isn't saved so you can't change the costume until tnt accepts it and voting is over.

thepapercutjellyfish, 10/25/2019, 4:15 pm NST
If I enter a pet on my side account and won something, is it possible to get the trophy moved to my main?

thepapercutjellyfish, 10/25/2019, 4:17 pm NST
ooff I just remembered these kinds of trophies go to your pet not your lookup

aviagua, 10/25/2019, 6:53 pm NST
Kind of wish TNT gave us warning at least a week in advance so more time could be put into planning customs and trading for needed items; but I am definitely excited about this!

forgottenbirthdays, 10/25/2019, 8:32 pm NST
@topaz644 where does it say that? i entered my lab rat and she's already changed color oops

combustibles, 10/26/2019, 2:10 am NST
God I wish they would stop with the real-world pop culture references..

I use Neopets to escape the real world, I don't wanna see customs based on..urgh.. Ogrin Winfrey.

purplebin, 10/26/2019, 8:35 am NST
I don't think it actually says anywhere that your entry image changes if you change your pet, but that is definitely what happens, just like in the Customization Spotlight.
I was really surprised to see that more than half the first round entries don't follow the theme even a little bit. I think the rules and contest structure is confusing people.

topaz644, 10/26/2019, 9:22 am NST
Yeah there aren't too many entries I saw that are actual Neopian heroes or villains. I gave high marks to those who were. The rest got 3s and 2s lol

mavegibson, 10/26/2019, 10:42 am NST
Yeah, sadly I had to downvote a lot of entries because they weren't what they claimed to be. Unfortunate. I wish that TNT would give people thorough and clear instructions.

topaz644, 10/26/2019, 5:34 pm NST
I thought the theme of famous Neopian hero or villain was pretty clear. lol

sakeru187, 10/26/2019, 6:02 pm NST
Yeah I agree, I'm down-voting costumes that have no relevance to NEOPIAN heros and villains...

ducky - JN Staff, 10/26/2019, 10:39 pm NST
Well to see what is the theme isn't really that hard because it says that with big letter above the timer.

What people might not realise is the customisation changing if they do it after submission.

forgottenbirthdays, 10/27/2019, 1:25 am NST
oh jeeze i didn't know that about the weekly customization contest either
thank you for the info!

purplebin, 10/27/2019, 5:10 am NST
So today's voting is still labeled Heroes and Villains. Most of the pets were not dressed for that (or even the next theme, Trick or Treat) This is a real mess.

topaz644, 10/27/2019, 5:50 am NST
What a mess. Just saw a pet dressed for the 2nd theme (and dressed well) but the description apparently, was still the pet's description for the first theme. She was Kaia then, but certainly not now.

I'm going to hold off voting any more. Maybe they can fix this somehow.

sakeru187, 10/27/2019, 6:41 am NST
Crap T_T for some reason I didn't realize there was a theme for everyday and I missed the Trick or Treat entry time T_T I hope the trophy isn't for entering every theme.

sakeru187, 10/27/2019, 7:39 am NST
I also really don't like that I keep getting repeat customs to vote on often :/ anyone else have that happen? I mean a few is fine but I seem to be getting a lot.

purplebin, 10/27/2019, 7:54 am NST
The voting seems to be the same setup as the customization spotlight. Each pet gets an ID when they are entered, and the voting goes in order. Each time someone votes the next pet comes up. The numbers are bigger today than yesterday, so I think all the entries have been lumped together. We only get 100 votes a day, so unless you are spreading them out over a long time it doesn't make sense to see the same pet over again in one day. But seeing pets today that you saw yesterday is possible.

degenius, 10/27/2019, 8:02 am NST
I had to vote on many of the same customs as yesterday...so disappointing to waste my votes on repeats and on the same theme as yesterday.

topaz644, 10/27/2019, 8:17 am NST
I'm going to continue my votes but those who look like they're dressed for the trick or treat theme I will vote them that way.

I don't want to punish any one for the bad contest setup.

topaz644, 10/27/2019, 8:20 am NST
Now I can't vote at all. The image wont load. Any one else? Maybe they stopped the voting?

kitkatmeeoow, 10/27/2019, 11:02 am NST
Why are we still voting for Heroes and Villains when we are now up to our third costume. What happens when day 5 comes around if they do not change what round we are voting on? Are all those people who never bothered to get their 5th pet forced to now pick a new one or get a side account just so they can enter that round as well without messing up their previous costumes?

I wish they would have thought this through a little better because it has great potential to be one of the best annual events on the site.

topaz644, 10/27/2019, 11:10 am NST

Try it out on the customers then start over.

recklesse, 10/28/2019, 3:04 am NST
If they ever try this again I hope they will limit people to one pet per person per category.

It will be so funny if pets win categories they weren't dressed for.

The one aspect that has improved from the usual customisation spotlight is that the picture we see to vote on is bigger.

purplebin, 10/28/2019, 4:56 am NST
It would be great if they could change the CS images to be this big.

el_arakeuh, 10/28/2019, 7:47 am NST
I actually managed to break the contest and I only get a blank page. I've extensively tested and can't get it to work

topaz644, 10/28/2019, 11:32 am NST
@el_arakeuh It seems almost every day I have to tweak my browser settings, no script settings, and whatever else there is, to make the site work.

It's really become a pain. It's a good thing I am a rabid Neopian or I would have quit long ago.

These latest issues are really testing me though

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