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Chocolate Ball Roundup
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 16, 2019, 4:30 pm NST

The Chocolate Ball is here! And this year, Kois have a delicious new colour to look forward to:

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jcdiva7, 09/16/2019, 4:40 pm NST
they did a great job with this one...I do not care for kois but this looks great

stormmonarch, 09/16/2019, 4:43 pm NST
Koi day is in May. This is Chocolate Ball day.

twocue, 09/16/2019, 4:47 pm NST
WOW they did amazing with it!

dave - JN Staff, 09/16/2019, 5:17 pm NST
@stormmonarch: Someone was asleep at the wheel! *coughmaybemecough*

lopiditty, 09/16/2019, 5:20 pm NST
aw man that looks really nice (and kinda tasty)

cat, 09/16/2019, 6:07 pm NST
I wish it still had its dorsal fin, but otherwise a really nice chocolate pet!

invader_of_worlds, 09/16/2019, 6:46 pm NST
Not big into chocolate pets, but this one looks nice.

escrainus, 09/16/2019, 7:38 pm NST
Pretty cool, makes it easier to forget the elderly draiks

aleu1986, 09/17/2019, 9:57 am NST
Very good Chocolate pet, I really like it! So pleased they unveiled a new one for this years Chocolate Ball. The sprinkles are a nice touch.

yerimiese, 09/18/2019, 12:23 pm NST
It's great! Chocolate pets are some of my faves

mistyraider, 09/18/2019, 2:25 pm NST

xxpwincessxx125, 09/18/2019, 3:15 pm NST
This one actually looks really good.

mzlish, 09/19/2019, 1:34 pm NST
Is that a straw on top of its head? This is awesomely done!

purplebin, 09/19/2019, 2:47 pm NST
My niece zapped a chocolate Koi this morning, and is trying to find someone to adopt it. If no one does before tomorrow she will put it in the pound. It gets stuck, it's name is CocoLuck.

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