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Legends and Letters Update 1.10
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 11, 2019, 1:58 pm NST

A new update to Legends and Letters has rolled out, bringing several new features! The main highlights this time are:

- Daily Login Bonuses
- New tiers of Summon Token in the Gem Store
- Leaderboards on the Monster Battles now reward winners at the end of the week
- Neopet Leaders can now be Ascended to 6 Star characters (NOTE: Currently this is glitched and doing so will reset the character to 1 Star. L&L devs are aware and working on a fix)
- Many characters have had their stats and abilities reworked
- Special offers launched in the Gem Store
- A News section providing the latest updates

One of the news updates also teases an upcoming event tied to the Legends and Letters Instagram page that will award loot in both Legends and Letters and the main Neopets site. It's unclear at this stage what the event will look like, but we'll keep you updated when it launches.
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biediep, 09/11/2019, 9:33 pm NST
Cool. How about a feature that will actually let me play?
These laws are so stupid.

catsrnice, 09/11/2019, 11:22 pm NST
Is THAT what the "17 or older" question is about? What country are you from?

stepupfairy, 09/12/2019, 3:46 am NST
Sad to say, I lost interest and uninstalled ages ago

debgil, 09/12/2019, 6:51 pm NST
Seriously, CODEX? Nothing like naming something for one of your worst cheat groups. *facepalm*

mogster, 09/12/2019, 11:41 pm NST
Having a slightly older phone sucks. Can download it but then it does nothing. Find out my phone is not compatible.

mamsmelk_jr, 09/13/2019, 7:10 am NST
@biediep I second that Still not able to play

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