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Various Neopets Features Broken
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 8, 2019, 5:10 pm NST

UPDATE SEPT 10TH: It seems that TNT has disabled the "gateway" pages from showing up on We still see remnants of the change that TNT added, but it does not seem to be actively attempting to block you from viewing pages on Neopets for now.

What was that? From what we can tell, TNT decided to install some new "firewall" software from a third party. The way this works is that whenever you visit a URL, instead of going to a Neopets web server, you would instead be sent to the third party service to have your computer/device and browser fingerprinted and passed through a proprietary system to determine whether or not you are a "real" user. The intent was to block bots and automated traffic. You would need to be authenticated as a "real" user every few pages that you visit on

Unfortunately, this service is not compatible with the way that Neopets is set up to be played, which is the reason for all of the errors we saw on Sunday and Monday of this week.

For example, submitting your Flash game scores would "break" every so often if you took too long to play the game. Since you need to be re-authenticated every few minutes, if you attempted to send your game score without re-authenticating by loading a page on, your score would just be denied since the score sending system isn't set up to do that. The same thing happens with the Super Shop Wizard: since you don't need to refresh the page with the Super Shop Wizard, you eventually lose your authentication and the SSW is not set up to authenticate you.

We are unsure if TNT plans to turn this system back on. From what we can tell, the "gateway" authenticating has been turned off, but all requests to are still being routed through the third party system, so it could in theory be turned back on at any time.

Earlier today, TNT rolled out a site update that seems to be breaking various features around the site, such as the Super Shop Wizard, sending scores on games, Neoboard posting, saving Customisations, and some dailies. For the majority of these, there is a partial workaround that will sometimes work, by opening a new tab to load Neopets and then immediately doing whatever you were trying to do in the original tab.

For games in particular, we recommend not attempting to collect any game related avatars at this time. The chance of your score not properly sending increases the longer it takes for you to play a game, so in all likelihood your avatar-eligible score will glitch out.

We aren't sure when this will be fixed, but rest assured, it's not just you.
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catsrnice, 09/8/2019, 5:24 pm NST
I ate some NC cupcakes today and only half of them worked as intended (All of them disappeared from my inventory of course). Could be related? I sent a ticket.

sakibou, 09/8/2019, 5:31 pm NST
I've been getting this error quite frequently today:

"Error: You have been directed to this page from the wrong place! If you KEEP getting this error, chances are you have some security settings enabled that are not letting you play Neopets correctly."

sinavarice, 09/8/2019, 5:36 pm NST
Thanks for the info

rosi, 09/8/2019, 5:36 pm NST
As we wrote on the previous newspost, posting on the Neoboards, using the Trading Post and sometimes the quickstock feature (and at this point I guess the neomail, too) can also get you an error message.

jorgesgirlforlife, 09/8/2019, 5:54 pm NST
The neomail text box keeps not showing up when I click on reply and send..

sakibou, 09/8/2019, 6:39 pm NST
I don't know if this is a new one, but Stowaway Sting is glitched to the point of being unplayable. Level 1 loads and plays normally, but every other level is basically blank. They end pretty much immediately and give you a full Time Bonus, but 0 Level Score.

topaz644, 09/8/2019, 6:39 pm NST
Thanks JN for letting us know it's not just us, whether we deserve it or not *lol*

sakibou, 09/8/2019, 6:42 pm NST
Actually, it's working properly after I re-loaded the page. Still very strange!

sakibou, 09/8/2019, 6:48 pm NST
Wait, no. It started again a few levels in. v_v

rosi, 09/8/2019, 6:52 pm NST
Mmmh I think basically any activity which requires to click on a button is glitched. Sometimes you get the "you were referred here from the wrong page" message, sometimes the page reloads and you have to select and click again (as it just happened to me while doing the daily puzzle).

combustibles, 09/8/2019, 6:59 pm NST
I was worried it was me because I was playing Scorchy Slots, but thankfully it wasn't..

Please stop breaking the fragile site, TNT..

aphrael21, 09/8/2019, 7:01 pm NST
I'm having trouble removing items from my gallery. I click the "submit" button and I am taken to a blank page. When I refresh, it doesn't return me to my gallery page although the address in the bar is correct for it.

Thanks for letting us know that it isn't something we're doing, for a change

1jediboy, 09/8/2019, 7:31 pm NST
Once in awhile when playing non-flash games like "Sakhmet Solitaire" or "Fetch!" the reload of the page for the next move is faster to activate with the white screen before the page loads lasting slightly longer and the "next move" might not go through anyway.

trisangum, 09/8/2019, 7:53 pm NST
When i get into the site main page says "Gateway" and disappears

contessa, 09/8/2019, 8:34 pm NST
I agree - Thanks JN for letting us know it's not just us - nothing seems to be working for me today

pikachu315111, 09/8/2019, 9:53 pm NST
JS: Here's the first batch of updates to get the site HTML5 ready!

Site: Ha ha ha... NO.

*Servers start sparking, smoking, and catching fire*

mogster, 09/8/2019, 10:28 pm NST
It took 6 tries to buy one NC item and 3 to actually get it sent. Neomails sometimes turn into blank pages so you have to send them again.

apophis324, 09/9/2019, 12:05 am NST
Could be related to Flash issues. FireFox now needs me to confirm every time I allow Flash things. Could be present on other updated browsers as well..

biediep, 09/9/2019, 12:58 am NST
I JUST signed back up for Premium because I missed my SSW, and now you're telling me they broke it? And I had cancelled because I was tired of paying this incompetent TNT real life money.. I should've left it cancelled.

josh, 09/9/2019, 1:03 am NST
The 'gateway' issue seems to be when the new sessions has passed a certain timeframe or doesn't exist. And that will be the same reason for all the other issues (timing out). I assume they will just extend that timeout or whatever is causing them to turn invalid.

o_ya_toe_knee_is_gr8, 09/9/2019, 1:08 am NST
Chrome and Opera have been like that for a while, Firefox had an update last week which forces Flash to be disabled and for me, I had to jump through hoops to try and get it to allow Flash again which seemed complicated but I sort of know how to direct myself around to get it

katina_choovanski, 09/9/2019, 1:36 am NST

tayalove, 09/9/2019, 1:51 am NST
I got a high score in Ultimate Bullseye and got a random "undefined" notification when I submitted it. Glad to know that it wasn't my computer's fault!

mistyraider, 09/9/2019, 2:50 am NST
I was just wondering what's happening in neopia, having been away for a couple days. . . seems I missed a lot of frustration.
My SSW is there & working and I could put my pets in the neolodge. Haven't tried any games yet.

mistyraider, 09/9/2019, 2:56 am NST
Customizing my pets is another story. The screen greys out and the "working on it" bar just never completes.
*sigh* School's starting, it was time to get them dressed for it.

mistyraider, 09/9/2019, 3:45 am NST
@aphrael21 I was able to remove things from my gallery is I used the Quick Remove tool.
Maybe this will work for you.

faellie_ridiculous, 09/9/2019, 5:37 am NST
No option for me to even send a game score this morning. Box is missing. Had to open a new window 5 times during daily battling. To customize, I had to save one item at a time. And refresh and start over. Done for the day.

jessalynn, 09/9/2019, 6:50 am NST
Thanks for the info. I need to add that it's also affecting pricing items in shops (at least on my end).

topaz644, 09/9/2019, 6:59 am NST
Seems worse today

apophis324, 09/9/2019, 9:44 am NST
It feels like Neopets is phasing in and out of existence for short moments that are getting closer and closer together..

mzlish, 09/9/2019, 10:07 am NST
Lets gooooooo HTML5 conversion!
Glitches will be fixed in time..

I am ready for flash to RIP.

contessa, 09/9/2019, 10:28 am NST
Arrgh! Last night it took me 4 tries to make a deposit into my bank account. Today, nearly everything I try to do takes at least two tries. It took me 34 minutes to post all 10 bets in FC because I kept getting the gateway blank page and I had to go back and do each one over and over again. This is extremely frustrating and I hope they can fix this soon before they drive us all away.....

jessalynn, 09/10/2019, 8:39 am NST
Are the neomails working for anyone? To whom can I send a neomail to find out?

tayalove, 09/10/2019, 12:09 pm NST
@jessalynn you can send me an e-mail. My username is pochoir

tayalove, 09/10/2019, 12:09 pm NST
I mean neomail lol

rosi, 09/10/2019, 3:12 pm NST
Thank you Dave for the explanation. So, if I'm playing a game and then, before submitting a score, I refresh another page on another browser tab, the system will accept my score, right?
Yesterday none of the scores I got at a game I'm good at (Wicked Wocky Wobble) went through, and now the featured game is one I'm not very good at ^^;

vellen_, 09/10/2019, 3:50 pm NST
Imagine a Neopia whereby things were TESTED before implementation. No, I can't either.

vellen_, 09/10/2019, 3:51 pm NST
jessalynn: I've had trouble getting the reply window. Just refresh til it appears

sayalvian, 09/10/2019, 4:02 pm NST
The site breaking is the best thing that's ever happened to me. 2 days ago I landed in slot 15 in Bagatelle, and today I won an evil coconut!

scarlet189, 09/10/2019, 4:02 pm NST
Thank you for these updates, JN! Do they even have a way of checking these things out beforehand? Also, perhaps TNT should have made an announcement about using something new-rather than sending others into panic/rage/disappointment.

karol_sm, 09/10/2019, 4:07 pm NST
I still cant login tru my cellphone. the day that happened I thought I was hacked.
thanks JN for the update. they should have post this on the news for sure

topaz644, 09/10/2019, 5:49 pm NST
Thank you for the info!

jessalynn, 09/10/2019, 6:14 pm NST
Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks, guys!

rosi, 09/10/2019, 6:41 pm NST
Update: all my scores went through today, even after a long time, so no need to refresh another tab to restore the authentication session.

apophis324, 09/11/2019, 12:34 am NST
@vellen_: Yeah, you'd think they'd at least make sure their changes work before they implement them..
Also, instead of tackling the 'problem' of bots and fakers, why don't they make sure the site WORKS before they attempt to solve a problem not everyone is experiencing? I don't think I've ever been really put at a disadvantage thanks to bots..

catsrnice, 09/11/2019, 12:49 am NST
Do you restock? @apophis

combustibles, 09/11/2019, 9:30 am NST
colour me surprised that they BROKE THE SITE.

apophis324, 09/11/2019, 9:42 am NST
@catsrnice I do not Now you're probably going to tell me that bots are the bane of restockers, huh? I guess.. I just think that should not be their main focus though..

topaz644, 09/11/2019, 10:07 am NST
Would it really stop bots though? It seems if one can make a bot to restock it would be easier to make a bot that refreshes one page/tab.

I seem to recall that not long ago browsers did that all by themselves without prompting.

topaz644, 09/11/2019, 10:11 am NST
I confess I have no clue how restock bots work but don't they refresh a page until something shows up that they want then they grab it? Wouldn't that refresh authenticate the user?

It's all too complicated for my little mind

topaz644, 09/11/2019, 11:16 am NST
@apophis324- You may think cheaters don't affect you, but let me assure you that cheating does affect the game play of users, a lot.

If you just log in to collect interest or say hello to a few old friends, maybe not. But if you have goals and play every day it surely does.

apophis324, 09/11/2019, 12:43 pm NST
@topaz644 I have let go of my goals ever since I realized it was impossible to achieve then anyway..

topaz644, 09/11/2019, 12:52 pm NST
@apophis324 They're not impossible. Well, maybe. lol What were your goals?

topaz644, 09/11/2019, 12:56 pm NST
Sorry. There are so many goals that are achievable on Neopets. If one has no goals why play?

A lot of people just slide off because they see no reason to be here. I find a reason almost every day.

But I'm a Neo elder. It's true that when I was young there was plenty of other stuff going on. *lol*

1jediboy, 09/11/2019, 1:20 pm NST
Don’t give up... there’s Always hope!!!!

1jediboy, 09/11/2019, 1:21 pm NST

1jediboy, 09/11/2019, 1:37 pm NST
@topaz644 - Yes! There’s always a reason on this beautiful site!!!

I am a veteran as well! Whenever I get to an expensive part of a collection, I usually just start another one from scratch.

Always something! 🧡

catsrnice, 09/11/2019, 1:44 pm NST
I finished my 9 year neo-goal recently.

Now my goal is to get all flash game avatars because I don't have 100% faith they're all going to be preserved but don't let tnt see this because it's good that they expect that we expect them all to be preserved. (Also I think I'm going to write into the editorial requesting hannah be ported over from shockwave, the first two are the best platformers on the site.)

invader_of_worlds, 09/11/2019, 5:17 pm NST
This could not have come at a worse time, I have the reduced score for avies perk. At least I got three of them game wise done before this happened.

apophis324, 09/12/2019, 12:44 pm NST
@everyone encouraging me to chase my goals:
Ah I am not leaving! My goal is to keep my pets happy and participate in events to my best abilities. And if TNT isn't cheesing things with bugs (Altador Cup, Daily Dare) and impossible achievements (Forgotten Heirloom) it should be doable!

With impossible goals I meant things like trophies for games I like, avatars for certain things, reading all books (lately a lot of new book titles are the same length and my main bookworm doesn't want to read those..). I have no illusions I will ever actually be good at this game ^ u^

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