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Various Neopets Features Broken
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 8, 2019, 5:10 pm NST

UPDATE SEPT 10TH: It seems that TNT has disabled the "gateway" pages from showing up on Neopets.com. We still see remnants of the change that TNT added, but it does not seem to be actively attempting to block you from viewing pages on Neopets for now.

What was that? From what we can tell, TNT decided to install some new "firewall" software from a third party. The way this works is that whenever you visit a neopets.com URL, instead of going to a Neopets web server, you would instead be sent to the third party service to have your computer/device and browser fingerprinted and passed through a proprietary system to determine whether or not you are a "real" user. The intent was to block bots and automated traffic. You would need to be authenticated as a "real" user every few pages that you visit on neopets.com.

Unfortunately, this service is not compatible with the way that Neopets is set up to be played, which is the reason for all of the errors we saw on Sunday and Monday of this week.

For example, submitting your Flash game scores would "break" every so often if you took too long to play the game. Since you need to be re-authenticated every few minutes, if you attempted to send your game score without re-authenticating by loading a page on neopets.com, your score would just be denied since the score sending system isn't set up to do that. The same thing happens with the Super Shop Wizard: since you don't need to refresh the page with the Super Shop Wizard, you eventually lose your authentication and the SSW is not set up to authenticate you.

We are unsure if TNT plans to turn this system back on. From what we can tell, the "gateway" authenticating has been turned off, but all requests to neopets.com are still being routed through the third party system, so it could in theory be turned back on at any time.

Earlier today, TNT rolled out a site update that seems to be breaking various features around the site, such as the Super Shop Wizard, sending scores on games, Neoboard posting, saving Customisations, and some dailies. For the majority of these, there is a partial workaround that will sometimes work, by opening a new tab to load Neopets and then immediately doing whatever you were trying to do in the original tab.

For games in particular, we recommend not attempting to collect any game related avatars at this time. The chance of your score not properly sending increases the longer it takes for you to play a game, so in all likelihood your avatar-eligible score will glitch out.

We aren't sure when this will be fixed, but rest assured, it's not just you.
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