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NeoCreation Week on Twitter Returns
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 3, 2019, 4:05 pm NST

#NeoCreationWeek is returning to Twitter again, on Monday, September 9th.

NeoCreation Week is back for 2019! (September 9th to be exact!) Get ready for another week of using your noggin to come up with unique ways to complete our daily prompts and win prizes! More details will be posted in time! What do you hope to create for #NeoCreation19?

Last year included 4 different days of Random Contest-esque prompts: Create Your Own Trophy, Create Your Own Neopian Land, Create Your Own Neopet Species, and Create Your Own Neopets Food.

To enter, you will need to post your entry on Twitter with a specific hashtag to enter (no Instagram or Facebook entries this year), and prompts are not known ahead of time. (They will also be different from last year's.)

Exact details are still unknown, but based on feedback from last year, the "10:00 AM NST to 11:59 PM NST" deadline for entering will not return. Instead, it sounds like you will have until the end of the week to submit an entry.

We'll post each day's prompt as they get posted—until then, let us know in the comments, what "Create Your Own ____" would you like to see this year?
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mistyraider, 09/3/2019, 6:09 pm NST
Shame it's on twitter, might be a fun contest. But then again, I'm a social media Luddite, so I wouldn't answer this on fb or instagram either.

Best wishes to everyone who does participate tho.

catsrnice, 09/3/2019, 6:29 pm NST
I'm probably going to make a twitter account specifically for entering the contest (And then delete it/abandon it afterward)

terrih, 09/3/2019, 7:05 pm NST
Create your own Gross Food. Something I do every day in the kitchen

vaporesque, 09/3/2019, 10:37 pm NST
Second the Gross Food. Only 249 vs 9000+ regular food stuffs just does not justify reality.

kirkeyressa, 09/4/2019, 11:49 am NST
i'm guessing "wearable" might be one.... i'd like to see battledome weapon. petpet category would also be appreciated.

thepapercutjellyfish, 09/4/2019, 5:44 pm NST
I wish they did this onsite ugh. I don't use any social media, especially twitter

dave - JN Staff, 09/5/2019, 9:12 am NST
@thepapercutjellyfish: The purpose is to get people freely advertising Neopets on their own Twitter feeds by posting Neopets-related content. (Which I think is a neat idea from their side.)

mikonaru, 09/5/2019, 11:40 am NST
Is the site down? :|

topaz644, 09/5/2019, 11:42 am NST
I just came to ask if it was down. Having trouble on all pages. 504 Gateway Time-out

hf_jai, 09/5/2019, 1:35 pm NST
Sorry, I don't do twitter. Not worth the trouble.

acexcat13, 09/6/2019, 2:42 pm NST
DEF Agree with keeping it on-site as well.
Facebook is creepier than some random weirdo peeking in windows of your home.
Is Twitter any better? Can I make an account WITHOUT giving them a paid email, credit card, License or Social number and/or blood/organ sample? Does it knows every site I've visited since the dawn of the internet?
Should I give up on this before even starting?

Would like to see Changes to Yooyuball... new players for teams, or maybe even new teams for a YYB minor league.

scarlet189, 09/6/2019, 4:38 pm NST
Create your own treehouse or secret hideaway! Those would be fun!

teresa, 09/6/2019, 10:51 pm NST
Neo is down? I've never seen this specific type of down page before?

Error 543?

aphrael21, 09/6/2019, 11:03 pm NST
Yeah, I was wondering what was going on. I"m glad it's not just me....

dr_tomoe, 09/6/2019, 11:06 pm NST
This will teach me to not do my dailies first thing.

vaporesque, 09/6/2019, 11:30 pm NST
Oh, thank Fyora it came back before midnight. Just arrived at 11, and my Trudy was down to 3 days. Need a nail bitter face.

teresa, 09/6/2019, 11:58 pm NST
Haha, glad you made it on your Trudy!

yerimiese, 09/7/2019, 4:34 am NST
I agree that social media is gross, but I get why they're doing it.

1mimi290, 09/7/2019, 11:10 am NST
I dont use social media so I cant partake, but I actually like this idea. Sure, last time it had hiccups, but it sounds like they took feedback seriously and made some changes to smooth things out. And like Dave said, its free advertising for Neo, which can help bring new people in. New people = more interest = more revenue for JS = better site in theory. Its all around a fun idea that doesnt hurt anyone and helps the site, so I cant wait to see what people come up with for the prompts.

remy, 09/8/2019, 1:00 pm NST
The only reason I took part last year was because the prize was the Comic Con Mystery Capsule which awarded the avatar. This year I have no idea what we're supposed to be competing for but if it's just the 20th Anniversary avatar then I'll probably pass as we're all supposed to be getting that on Neo's birthday for free anyway.

alex, 09/8/2019, 2:22 pm NST
Is anyone else getting "undefined" when they try to send a score for some flash games?

josh_m, 09/8/2019, 2:48 pm NST
Since 1 pm nst.

rosi, 09/8/2019, 3:39 pm NST
I tried Fashion Fever and I could easily send 3 scores, but now I'm having troubles with the quickstock system. When I click on submit an error page with the heading "gateway" tells me that no actions were selected

topaz644, 09/8/2019, 4:12 pm NST
That gateway thing keeps popping up for me in my address bar as I navigate Neo. Is this a browser thing or a Neo thing? I hope someone with internet know how can explain it (like Dave).

rosi, 09/8/2019, 4:22 pm NST
And now, when I tried to set up a trading lot, I got the error page "you were redirected here from the wrong place" or something like that Are they spending the weekend messing with the buttons around the site?

rosi, 09/8/2019, 4:23 pm NST
My previous message was supposed to say "coffee" script buttons but it got caught in the filters

topaz644, 09/8/2019, 4:24 pm NST
I've gotten that redirected message when posting on the boards too. I'm using firefox.

topaz644, 09/8/2019, 6:24 pm NST
It's getting worse now.

forever_future, 09/9/2019, 6:39 am NST
I'm hoping the entry period is until the end of the week. Being in an alternate time zone does make it difficult because I have to sleep at night and then have stuff to do during the day. I'd much rather have time to work on it whenever I can, and the opportunity to go keep going on it and submit it whenever I feel done with it.

dave - JN Staff, 09/9/2019, 8:45 am NST
@forever_future: Based on some comments the official Neopets account made (on Facebook I think?) in reply to user questions, I think that will likely be the case!

Still leaves a short entry period for Thursday's contest, but each other day will have a lot more time.

glittery4u, 09/9/2019, 9:15 pm NST
DEF Agree with keeping it on-site as well.


nah i dig offsite. yeehaw

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