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Grundo Day Roundup
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on August 23, 2019, 12:43 pm NST

It's Grundo Independence Day on Neopets. There are two new colours for Grundo owners to consider:

Maractite | Pastel

A new Nobleman outfit has also been released:

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orange_mm, 08/23/2019, 12:45 pm NST
I keep waiting for a Relic Grundo....maybe next year.

I do like that the Pastel Grundo has orange eyes...but I am not a fan of that green.

mistyraider, 08/23/2019, 1:02 pm NST
I've never considered a Grundo pet, but the Maractite is outstanding! Love how they've done the patterning.

trista, 08/23/2019, 1:20 pm NST
Who peed on the Grundo

mavegibson, 08/23/2019, 1:34 pm NST
Eughhh that pastel is awful.

escrainus, 08/23/2019, 1:47 pm NST
Dunno something seems awful in that pastel but at the same time as some charm.. maybe it helps the fact that is an alien afterall

remy, 08/23/2019, 1:52 pm NST
The Maractite is nice but the Pastel... That Pastel Grundo looks like one of those huge nasty burn blisters people get who've fallen asleep in the sun.

lillian94, 08/23/2019, 1:53 pm NST
Pastel is cute y'all are just mean

jawsch, 08/23/2019, 2:08 pm NST
Hideous and terrible! Hands down the worst Grundo color and worst Pastel pet there is so far. VERY disappointed

darella, 08/23/2019, 2:16 pm NST
Pastel lowkey looks like Shrek

topaz644, 08/23/2019, 2:23 pm NST
@ trista lol

Poor Grundo. It's not even pastel pee.

topaz644, 08/23/2019, 2:26 pm NST
Maybe pastel baby poop green

twocue, 08/23/2019, 2:46 pm NST
Who the HECK saw that and let that go through?

eliz1bef, 08/23/2019, 2:47 pm NST
I love the pastel grundo! It reminds me of a lot of 70's children's book illustrations. The color palette is very Holly Hobby. Makes me feel nostalgic.

topaz644, 08/23/2019, 2:56 pm NST
eliz1bef- you had different Holly Hobby pictures than me

aleu1986, 08/23/2019, 2:59 pm NST
Maractite is really neat, so shiny! I like it!

Pastel is horrible, it looks like vomit. The worst Pastel I`ve ever seen.

topaz644, 08/23/2019, 3:00 pm NST
Okay. I like Grundos so let me make a case for this one. Pastel Pea Soup. Split Pea Soup is great. Carrot color nails.

mistyraider, 08/23/2019, 3:04 pm NST
good job Topaz seeing the upside. Pea soup and carrots is so much better than the baby poop it looks like to me!

krasavitsa, 08/23/2019, 3:28 pm NST
The Maractite color looks fantastic...however the Pastel? Truly tragic.

purplebin, 08/23/2019, 3:34 pm NST
GREAT job on the outfit, though! The colors and details and shading are very rich.

shia, 08/23/2019, 3:39 pm NST
The pastel grundo looks like one of those "bad wipes" you get when you wipe your butt. Especially with the eyes and the toenails.

contessa, 08/23/2019, 5:12 pm NST
Ugh! Pastel Grundo should have been called Dung Grundo! Maractite is nice though.

jawsch, 08/23/2019, 5:57 pm NST
The clothing is on point. TNT really should give the site some dedicated artists so art is consistent.

inkpot, 08/23/2019, 7:38 pm NST
okay, i love the maractite, and honestly... i guess i'm a rare breed but i love the pastel too, lol. all of you guys comparing it to baby poop and dung... i am taking these as personal attacks as a huge lover of yellow. how dare!

shakespeareofborg, 08/24/2019, 1:06 am NST
Still waiting for a steampunk Grundo!

combustibles, 08/24/2019, 1:50 pm NST
Pastel isn't even pastel..

Maractite looks really lazy with the pattern, like someone sprayed it on...

jesse101_9_9, 08/24/2019, 3:46 pm NST
I actually like the Pastel. It's for sure not the worst like the Techo which doesn't even look very different aside from having a weird cloudy filter look on the blue

faellie_ridiculous, 08/24/2019, 8:14 pm NST
The maractite is fine. The brighter orange eyes kill the pastel vibe. And the yellow is not the best shade. I'd say it's tied for the worst with the pastel ruki. That was truly unfortunate.

surferaj, 08/25/2019, 6:38 pm NST
For anyone needing to finish their DD Game challenges, I'm aware from a Neofriend of mine, that the TNT extension is still working today for submitting outstanding Game Scores.

roshchodesh, 09/5/2019, 1:30 pm NST
IF they called it KHAKI instead of Pastel, the expectation would have made sense. I think. I saw the colour first and thought it was great but when I saw it was supposed to be Pastel, I was like, uuugh
The orange is another story I am at a loss to understand.

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