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Meerca Day Roundup
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on August 19, 2019, 9:35 am NST

Happy Belated Meerca Day! There are two new colours for this Neopet:

Marble | Snow

And now, Meercas have a new "assistant" themed outfit to go along with their special day:

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zeelink, 08/19/2019, 9:36 am NST
Marble is fast becoming one of my favorite colours.

lillian94, 08/19/2019, 9:41 am NST
Snow is too cute!!

remy, 08/19/2019, 9:42 am NST
I really like both of these, great day to be a Meerca owner.
As far as Snow goes that's pretty darn perfect too with no gaudy jet-black outlines on anything. Love it!

purplebin, 08/19/2019, 9:44 am NST
The holly is a PB clothing item, too!
The outfit had better be amazing. And wishable, I hope! Looks like it won't be activated before the morning Well drawing, though.

herdy - JN Staff, 08/19/2019, 10:18 am NST
Really dislike the snow but at least the holly can be removed. Marble is my favourite so far.

aleu1986, 08/19/2019, 10:22 am NST
The little holly on the Snow is cute! Marble looks amazing! Well done, TNT!

ducky - JN Staff, 08/19/2019, 12:24 pm NST
What a beautiful marble!

purplebin, 08/19/2019, 3:19 pm NST
The outfit could be cute, but why another r90?

purplebin, 08/19/2019, 3:37 pm NST
The Goth Blumaroo outfit still isn't activated.

elephante109, 08/19/2019, 4:35 pm NST
Neo seems to be down again.

rosi, 08/19/2019, 4:49 pm NST
yup- I only managed to beat AAA but couldn't claim the prizes

topaz644, 08/19/2019, 4:51 pm NST
Neo down? Maybe they have decided on a replacement game for Gem Heist

jessalynn, 08/19/2019, 4:56 pm NST
So much for my silver trophy.

rosi, 08/19/2019, 5:19 pm NST
It seems to be working again. At least the downtime didn't last long.

mitochondriamage, 08/19/2019, 9:03 pm NST
The Marble one is out of this world! Really, it reminds me of a galaxy. Very cool. The Snow Meerca isn't bad, either.

cat, 08/19/2019, 9:55 pm NST
Both of these are lovely. I love the Marble’s marbling and the holly leaves on the Snow.

1jediboy, 08/19/2019, 10:47 pm NST
Ghostbustuhs, whaddaya want?!

mistyraider, 08/20/2019, 2:57 am NST
I love the marble colors and shine. Good job JSNT.

cocojan, 08/20/2019, 3:45 am NST
I agree with mitochondriamage, marbleooks like a galaxy to me, and that's really beautiful! Love it!

ggultteok, 08/21/2019, 6:50 am NST
Both colors are really nice

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