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Don't Forget: Lost Heirloom Prize Shop Closing Soon
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on August 17, 2019, 8:31 am NST

Don't forget! The Lyra and the Lost Heirloom prize shop is closing on August 31st at 11:59 PM NST. Once the prize shop is closed, you will lose any unspent prize points.

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pikachu315111, 08/17/2019, 4:13 pm NST
Some quick opinions on the prizes:

Blaze: If you can afford it totally worth it! It's a great BD weapon, it's pretty much the little brother of the WotDF / IStaff! It also goes for 13+ mil if your focus is on selling (and if we ever have another battling event I can see it being it demand!).

Sailing into the Sunset: If you can't afford Blaze because you missed a step or you prefer a nice wearable this isn't a bad alternative. Could make a good desert river or beach background, not many which take place in the afternoon (for NP, that is). And it shows, it also goes for 1.3+ mil though it's probably harder to sell than the Blaze.

The Ruins of Thanyros Stamp: After buying one of the above two or you have less points than that, the stamp is always your next stop. It may not cost as much as others to its point cost (since many others buy a stamp, some multiple) but it's usually easier to sell. Whether you buy one or try getting as many as you can is up to you.

(Books): My usual next target are the books since they're consumable so the more that are used the rarer (and thus more expensive) they become, though may be harder to sell.

Lavish Lights: The only other wearable, it's a nice looking higher foreground and you can't go wrong picking one up.

(Bobblehead & Plushies): Unless you're a collector these would be the last "okay" choices. They do sell for a nice amount of NP, but they'

pikachu315111, 08/17/2019, 4:14 pm NST
(Bobblehead & Plushies): Unless you're a collector these would be the last "okay" choices. They do sell for a nice amount of NP, but they're hard to sell also. If you get these to sell you're in it for the long investment.

Desert Crossbow: Junk weapon, don't bother.

Handsome Horus: Now this is just insulting! Usually a unique Petpet isn't a bad choice... but it's just a plain Horus with a barely noticeable jewel collar! Waste of points.

pikachu315111, 08/17/2019, 4:20 pm NST
Also, wouldn't be a bad time to see if maybe some players forgot they had old plot points:

Curse Of Maraqua:

Lost Desert Plot:

Tale of Woe:

Journey to the Lost Isle:

Return of Dr. Sloth:

The Faeries' Ruin:

War of the Obelisk:

rosi, 08/17/2019, 7:06 pm NST
Thank you SO much! I thought that page was going to stay up forever like all those other plot prize pages (yes I have unspent points from The return of Dr. Sloth onwards).

1jediboy, 08/17/2019, 9:52 pm NST
Thank you, Pikachu, for your prize review!

ducky - JN Staff, 08/18/2019, 2:11 am NST
Sailing into the Sunset asking prices have been 1.3 to 2.5m - it is not worth 13m.

I do regret a tiny bit I bought stuff without checking what was said on Blaze but oh well.

pikachu315111, 08/18/2019, 8:03 am NST
Whoops! Sorry. Well, I think my "order" still stands because, if I remember correctly, if you missed even one step you couldn't afford Blaze so Sailing into the Sunset was the highest costing prize you could get.

Ooh, unspent points in RoS. Sadly it didn't offer a stamp and the top prize, Ylanas Blaster, has gotten outclassed since its release (and the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig is non-traded). This is one case where I would say pick what you fancy.
If your goal is selling I'd probably suggest the wearable and books only because they'd probably be easy to sell. Another idea is going to the "Trading / Auctions" Neoboards and make a thread saying how much extra points you got and, if someone is looking for a RoS prize, you can redeem it & sell it to them. Bit more messy but could save you buying what you think might sell and having it sit on your shop for who knows how long.

rosi, 08/18/2019, 9:26 am NST
@Pikachu: thank you very much for your thoughtful suggestion I think I'll get the books and the plushies (because I'm a collector). I think I already got the wearables.

cat, 08/18/2019, 3:25 pm NST
Prize Points: 0

Thanks for the reminder! It looks like I've taken care of it already. The prize shop puts a pyramid icon next to items you've already bought just in case you can't remember what you've gotten already.

contessa, 08/19/2019, 4:37 pm NST
Sailing into the Sunset for 13 mil? :O Wow I am glad I got everything right after the shop opened when people were still selling pretty cheap.

p.s. site keeps going down again grrr

morganjoisle, 08/21/2019, 4:06 pm NST
@contessa: Ouch. I was interested in purchasing the background, but not for THAT price. I'm used to prices going way down when people like me forget/wait to spend their prize points until the last minute.

Ugg, and of course the prize shop isn't even letting me spend points. I really wish that I didn't have to disable NoScript and get 6+ ads a page in order for prize shops to work.

pikachu315111, 08/28/2019, 7:49 pm NST
@ contessa & morganjoisle:
I made a mistake, it's worth 1.3 mil NOT 13 mil. Sorry.

Not sure if it's possible but could maybe a JN staff member delete/strike out the last sentence I said for the background where I have the wrong price? If you can, thanks!

apophis324, 08/30/2019, 12:00 am NST
It would have been nice of TNT if they had pulled a 'Faeries Ruin' and 1-upped the people who only missed that achievement nobody had a clue about on how to unlock it until it was already too late and also partially because they did not report new story steps being in until after the deadline of reading them for the achievement had already passed..

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