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Twitter Q&A with Scrappy
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 23, 2019, 1:33 pm NST

This past weekend, Scrappy answered a few questions that were posted to Twitter with hashtag #NeoAskScrappy. Questions are now closed and answers are posted, so here are the highlights:

Q1: "will we ever see anything from the darkest faerie ps2 again"

A: I've heard about this one a surprising amount! We'd love to be able to do something with the game but it's not in the plans right now. We've so many things we're trying to get done but in the future, who knows!

Q2: "will Neopets be converted to HTML before Flash loses support in 2020"

A: YES! We're currently in the process of moving everything over, those at #SDCC were able to see a small preview of what that will look like. Of course, there is just so much on the site so it will probably be rolled out piece by piece over time.

Q3: "will the games be revamped to be played on mobile"

A: yes we want to bring them over to mobile. Of course some stuff will have to change but they'll still be the games you know and love. We have a few on mobile already and are looking into how many to bring vs how many new ones to bring in too!

Q4: "will there ever be a full web experience for a mobile Neopets client/app?"

A: Yes there will be for sure!! It will start as just the mobile version of the website, but an app is definitely in our future plans too! One step at a time!!

Q5: "will the nearly abandoned attic ever reopen?"

A: Never say never, but with everything going on it isn't in our current plans. However, we are listening to you guys and want your feedback on everything so keep reaching out and we'll try to do as much as we can for you guys.

Q6: "more veteran perks?"

A: I know I know! It's absolutely crazy trying to keep up with you guys!! We'll see what we can do though about getting more of those veteran perks for you guys because you're all amazing and so loyal you definitely deserve to be rewarded!

Q7: "more avatars? (Amount of books read, higher rarity books)"

A: We seriously LOVE getting stuff like avatar ideas from you guys! I will definitely bring this to the content team and see what they say. Gotta reward all those bookworms out there!!

Q8: " Will Keyquest be back for the app release?"

A: No, Keyquest will not be back for the mobile release of Neopets. Maybe down the road we will look at it but converting all of flash to mobile is our mainly (and very time consuming) priority.

Q9: " Can we have a return of the old Charity Corner format?"

A: Hm, decisions like those are out of my hands but I will see if we can do a throwback style Charity Corner sometime.

Q10: "Will some of the dormant Techo character make an appearance in a plot, or other site features or items?"

A: Yeah there are definitely lots of characters that have been kept on the DL for a few years now that we know will be back one day. I can't say anything for certain but I will see if I can find out anything on any dormant characters that we might see again soon!

Q11: "Would TNT ever consider resetting/wiping scores for 'All Time' leaderboards?"

A: This is a super interesting idea! Especially considering our move to mobile we're trying to figure out what we keep/start over, so I'll definitely bring this up to the team & get their thoughts!

Q12: "Neopets @OriginalFunko pops?"

A: Not only do I love this idea but I might've asked for it once or twice myself! We will have to see what we can do for you guys here, with redeemable prize codes of course….

Q13: " Will the Neoboards chat filter ever reflect the current adult players?"

A: So, we have definitely gotten this question a few times. The short answer is no. The long answer is even though we know our player base has grown up with this game, it's still a kid friendly environment and community. Neopets will always be a safe and open space for everyone so we have to keep it that way. Sorry guys!

Q14: "Will we be ever to own more Neopets?"

A: I mean, how many until you start neglecting some of them??? We cannot be responsible for hungry and sad Neopets running wild!! (but maybe sometime soon….)

And that's it! Stay tuned to Jellyneo, we're still preparing our full coverage of Comic-Con, the Neopets After Party, and the new mobile experiences that were announced and demoed! Check back by the end of this week for a recap with photos and videos of the event!
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