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NC Mall Wish Candle
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 18, 2019, 10:32 am NST

A new Wish Candle to celebrate the NC Mall's birthday has been released at the NC Mall!

It can award the following items:

You may also get lucky and receive this bonus item:

(Previously, this item was only awarding 3 items when initially released. It is now awarding all 6.)
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purplebin, 07/18/2019, 10:36 am NST
They seem to be glitched since no one has gotten anything but these 3 items. I wish I had stopped opening them sooner.

dave - JN Staff, 07/18/2019, 10:38 am NST
@purplebin Thanks, updated the news post with an extra note about that.

mavegibson, 07/18/2019, 10:57 am NST
I get SO annoyed with the way all dresses cover the feet nowadays. No matter how nice a dress is, I won't buy it if I can't use the shoes zone with it.

faellie_ridiculous, 07/18/2019, 11:44 am NST
Another day, another glitch.

I think these are 3 lovely summery items.

I am happy when a dress fits an aisha well and this one does. (Will look great with wispy flower crown wig, too!) Covering the hind legs is a bonus for me as I don't like the way they treat the front and back paws of 4 legged pets differently. I find shoes and gloves on them to be quite silly. I understand it is a matter of taste, though.

pandora, 07/18/2019, 11:50 am NST
Just received: Flower Bath Foreground

kiwigoddesskimmie, 07/18/2019, 12:08 pm NST
Got these:

Overgrown Sanctuary (bonus)
Flower Bath Foreground
Dress of Enchanted Gardens
Enchanting Wind Chime

bekka513, 07/18/2019, 3:54 pm NST
You only get 1 item from each candle I know but if I get 5 candles will I get 5 different items or possibly all the same ?

sketch, 07/18/2019, 3:58 pm NST
@mavegibson i'm actually happy when that happens because i find gowns more elegant for some customs and i have a lutari so hide those feet!

inkpot, 07/18/2019, 4:17 pm NST
okay the bath is pretty cute, i thought it was just going to be a trinket next to the pet. the wig is cute too with the bows~

topaz644, 07/18/2019, 4:28 pm NST
Yeah the bath has me thinking about getting the candle. or 2 lol

ethereal_fantasy, 07/18/2019, 6:02 pm NST
Just received the Glorious Garden Staff and it's not listed as one of the possible items

ladyamethyst, 07/18/2019, 6:06 pm NST
The staff comes from the latest cupcake in the mall

ethereal_fantasy, 07/18/2019, 6:30 pm NST
Gotcha, I'm getting my items mixed up, lol.

purplebin, 07/18/2019, 8:32 pm NST
@bekka513, you are not guaranteed a different item from each candle, you could (and probably will) get more than one of a kind. And getting the bonus is random.

ducky - JN Staff, 07/19/2019, 12:11 am NST
mavegibson - and I have mostly been annoyed with everything being short because those look really stupid on kaus and gnorbus

bekka513, 07/19/2019, 4:17 am NST
purplebin,-thanks for your response

mavegibson, 07/19/2019, 6:28 pm NST
But don't you think the better solution is to fix the many problems with pet feet so that pet owners can fully enjoy customizing in all zones, rather than covering up feet for everyone? Making cuter shoes, making shoes that go on all feet for 4-legged pets, fixing some of the waterski-sized feet on certain pets? I know, I know...

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