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Final Altador Cup XIV Prizes
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 12, 2019, 10:10 am NST

The main prize shop for the 14th Altador Cup is now live, and the winners have been announced. Congratulations to Team Terror Mountain for claiming this year's Cup!

To claim your trophy for your userlookup, visit the main Colosseum page (with the final standings).

Keep in mind that as is tradition, a few of the prizes this year are re-releases, and we've noted those on our guide:

Prize Shop » Prize Shop Guide »

The TNT Staff Tournament prize shop is not yet open at time of writing. We'll update, of course, when that opens up.
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chloe685, 07/12/2019, 10:21 am NST
Figures I've been a Terror Mountain supporter since the beginning and I didn't have time to participate much the one year they win yay TM

purplebin, 07/12/2019, 10:49 am NST
This is really frustrating, but it's kind of nice to get a preview of sorts so I can figure out what to buy without making any quick decisions and running out of points. I have way fewer this year to spend than usual.

purplebin, 07/12/2019, 10:50 am NST
I think they will be way too busy today to release the new Tuskaninny color(s) and outfit.
But who knows, different staff does different stuff.

1jediboy, 07/12/2019, 11:09 am NST
That’s my team this year!

Go Terror Mountain! 🏔
Good game, everyone! 🤝

faellie_ridiculous, 07/12/2019, 11:26 am NST
Wondering why some players can access the prize shop while others (like myself) cannot??? And also, why some people got new 2019 version trophies and others received last year's model???

topaz644, 07/12/2019, 11:56 am NST
@faellie Maybe that's why they took the shop down

topaz644, 07/12/2019, 12:22 pm NST
Not one battledome item? Not even a bad one?

maxgarou, 07/12/2019, 2:05 pm NST
No Staff Torunament prize shop? odd
Got more points this year than last one and I ranked the same, no complaints there.

trisangum, 07/12/2019, 3:00 pm NST
No Staff Tournament Price Shop?

contessa, 07/12/2019, 4:20 pm NST
Dying to see the prize shop but site has been down for about 10 mins now, hope it comes back soon

topaz644, 07/12/2019, 4:24 pm NST
Site isn't down for me but lots of lag...


skooarnd, 07/12/2019, 5:26 pm NST
Why are the trophies inconsistent? Last years All Star trophy for Lost Desert is exactly the same as this years, despite a significant increase in rank?

bodhi, 07/12/2019, 7:48 pm NST
I only got Level 4 this year. The whole Captcha thing put me off playing the side games, so I only got 1,120 points. At least I can buy each of the team clothings.

sakibou, 07/12/2019, 8:17 pm NST
I cannot imagine the thought process that went into these trophy tiers. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the designs. Some have the same design in different colors for each tear, some have two designs that alternate, some have the same design for three tiers, but a different design for the fourth... Neither team nor individual ranking seems to matter as far as how plain or elaborate the trophies are. I'm not sure whether I'm more confused or disappointed. v_v

peirigill - JN Staff, 07/12/2019, 9:04 pm NST
I never thought I'd see the day when Terror Mountain won!

rodgerflint, 07/12/2019, 11:02 pm NST
Yikes...only 9k points for the Yooyu??? When it came out it was 25k lol way to devalue everything.

ladyamethyst, 07/13/2019, 7:37 am NST
Had just enough to buy the stamp thankfully. My first completed page. It's beautiful

atryeu, 07/13/2019, 10:43 am NST
I didn't participate anyway but the Prize Shop keeps passing me back to the results page instead and can't be viewed on my end.

purslane, 07/13/2019, 11:15 am NST
Yes BD item. Just a bad one.

jessabelle, 07/13/2019, 1:03 pm NST
@sakibou I totally agree.. the trophy tiers are a mess!

I am just thankful I've got a completed stamp page, for once!

combustibles, 07/13/2019, 3:00 pm NST
Seems the prize shop and the points earned have been changed compared to the last few years.

I've almost always gotten around 15k points for my All Star x 1 ranks and this year the yooyu/PB are at 9k instead of 15k points.

What gives?

Also wow DC dropped from a 7 to an 8..

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