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Flotsam Day Roundup
  • Posted by Ducky
  • Posted on July 3, 2019, 6:14 am NST

Celebrate Flotsams today! So far broken Toy Flotsam is available on Rainbow Pool:


Flotsams can now also don a befitting new mermaid look:

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supertualet, 07/3/2019, 7:40 am NST
Sometimes i wonder if they release broken stuff on purpose so they can say later, hey! we fixed this and this and this!! and make it look like they're working hard on fixing things around the site.
And also to have the editorial full of "you missed this", or "please fix this" and evade any remotely useful question.

biediep, 07/3/2019, 7:55 am NST
Oh gosh, assuming that's not already what they're doing, please don't give them any ideas LOL!

That said, "Broken Toy" would make an ADORABLE PB color as well :'3

ducky - JN Staff, 07/3/2019, 8:16 am NST
^Yeah I am also annoyed that Editorial is nowadays just request platform for customisation ideas or ways to ask wearable to be fixed.

And I am still sad none of the pets that have their day during Eurovision had Toy as colour because I was so ready with my lines referring to Netta's Toy and now it's too late.

escrainus, 07/3/2019, 10:04 am NST
I never liked To and I still don't, is down there with splitted and starry

biediep, 07/3/2019, 10:14 am NST
Yea Toy isn't nearly as creative as it could've been, it's just bright colours with a screw here and there or something.

topaz644, 07/3/2019, 10:56 am NST
Now there's an idea. Broken Paint Brush. After you paint a pet with a brush, once in a very rare while the brush doesn't disappear, but stays in your inventory as a Broken Brush, which can be used to paint a pet a new wild and crazy color!!!

That color would be the same for any broken brush. It would make those unused and relatively worthless brushes worth more, and be Fun too.

topaz644, 07/3/2019, 11:02 am NST
...and 2nd time today, that I know of, that the site is down.

Are they still trying to fix the original problem? Or are they breaking other things trying to fix the original problem?

This is getting worrisome

_rodeo_, 07/3/2019, 11:07 am NST
Seems like every time I get a minute for neo, it's down.

ducky - JN Staff, 07/3/2019, 11:28 am NST
Yes Broken brush. unis with broken horn, draiks, scorchs, shoys and skeitsh with broken wings, moehogs with broken teeth...

lopiditty, 07/3/2019, 11:39 am NST
Broken sounds like a pretty cool color.

mavegibson, 07/3/2019, 12:58 pm NST
The #1 thing I don't like about the Toy colour is the fact that the eyes don't look even remotely toy-ish. There are so many creative possibilities, but it seems the artist is too hung up on the idea of making it look 'alive' rather than allowing it to look inanimate like a toy should.

inkpot, 07/3/2019, 4:08 pm NST
i think it's a little exaggerative to call toy as ugly a color as split or speckled now...

@mave: if you look at the toy flotsam it's imaginable that the eye is just a sticker. how much more "toy-like" could they make the eye? genuine question.. there's not much to plastic molded toys... more gloss?

mavegibson, 07/3/2019, 4:48 pm NST
@inkpot: If you look at the pictures of any flotsam, this eye looks every bit as 'realistic' and 'alive' as any other flotsam eye. For me, it makes the idea that this is a toy and not a living creature a lot less convincing.

Even as plastic toy animals go, the ones that have realistic sticker eyes tend to be the ones that are more realistic overall. The Toy paintbrush pets appear to be referencing the more crudely shaped plastic toys with hinged limbs, etc. Those toys tend to have much more simplistic eyes, sometimes just a black dot, or a simplistic black and white eye.

If you google image search "Plastic toy dog stock image" the first result that comes up (for me anyway) is a brown dog with dark brown ears. They eye on that one is painted in black on the plastic, with no white. The 'white' of the eye and even the highlight in the center of the eye, is just the base plastic. That is just one possible approach they could have taken. The bobblehead pug that shows up on those results as well is another example - simplistic black and white eyes.

There are many possible approaches they could have taken to make the eyes look less 'alive' - more flat and lifeless - which would have made this pet look more like a toy.

And I think that's a failure of all the toy pets, by the way, not just this one. The toy chia, which is the closest to looking like a toy to me, fails with the mouth.

I guess it depends, too, on how far pe

mavegibson, 07/3/2019, 4:49 pm NST
cont'd (sorry for my long-windedness!!)

I guess it depends, too, on how far people want colors to be taken. For me, I like colors to go all the way. For example the burlap doll quiggle design is successful because they took it all the way, and with the button eyes it really does look like a doll. If they'd put regular eyes on it I wouldn't have worked as well.

purplebin, 07/3/2019, 5:14 pm NST
Well, the fin-less Flotsam is in the news, so maybe that's the way it's going to stay?
The Mermaid Flotsam outfit is quite something, at least! It makes me even more disappointed in the latest Kau outfit.

inkpot, 07/3/2019, 11:50 pm NST
thanks for going out of your way to explain, haha. i see now what you mean with the eyes! i admit i tried googling too before i asked but the extend of my search was at "plastic toys"... and then i scrolled forever... and then i got lazy... 0:'^)

i must admit though, i am a fan of the toy paint!** just not how this flotsam was done particularly. my only complaint with toys in general (aside from the eyes now, as you've sold me on that) is that they should make the joints a bit more dark and noticeable so as it's not so easily mistaken as jelly all the time...

escrainus, 07/4/2019, 10:16 am NST
"i think it's a little exaggerative to call toy as ugly a color as split or speckled now..."
I don't, at all.. the color is just a brighten up version of ones we already have or a missmash of colors.

I feel bad for those who voted for it in hopes of rocking unis and other type of toys despite the fact TNT cleary stated it would just be generic plastic toys.

foxlover, 07/4/2019, 10:23 am NST
I really like Toy! trying to decide which of my pets to paint that color! and Plushie pets also have "living" eyes, but there are customization items like the button eyes so that you can make your pet look more like a toy if that's what you desire.

mavegibson, 07/4/2019, 12:21 pm NST
@inkpot, Yeah, I agree the joints of the limbs should be darker. Never thought of the jelly connection, but you're totally right - it does look jelly-ish.

The outfit is amazing. One of the best I've seen in a very long time.

ducky - JN Staff, 07/5/2019, 5:33 am NST
Toy chia and yurble are my faves. And ofc uni is one My Little Pony...

purplebin, 07/5/2019, 9:17 am NST
Yay, they fixed the dorsal fin! Too bad it's still only one color, though.

ducky - JN Staff, 07/5/2019, 12:35 pm NST
Yeah fix team seems to be working this Friday, all the non-actualy-paint brushes have been changed to PaintBrush

purplebin, 07/5/2019, 3:39 pm NST
The tiny details in the tail are amazing. Whoever the artist is, they have to clone them!

cat, 07/5/2019, 6:03 pm NST
I love the mermaid costume!

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