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Altador Cup VII
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Additional Altador Cup Play Time?
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 1, 2019, 5:24 pm NST

The Altador Cup has officially come to a close, but TNT has posted this announcement in the New Features today regarding downtime:

Altador Cup has officially come to an end; however, we are looking into some options due to all the downtime. We will have a final answer soon, thank you to everyone's patience and support as we get everything sorted. Congratulations to all teams for their dedication and hard work!

Would you want some additional time to send scores and increase your rank? Let us know in the comments!
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There are 72 comments below. Add yours!

pikachu315111, July 1, 2019 5:32 PM NST
Sure, being I doubt they'll adjust the prize shop costs to take into account the time missed playing an extra "rank up" day would give us the chance to make up the lost time and points.
terrih, July 1, 2019 5:38 PM NST
a little extra time for prize points would be nice, but nothing that would affect the team standings.
ravenrose, July 1, 2019 5:47 PM NST
Yes, I would like additional time to pretty up my scores.
phenixia, July 1, 2019 5:57 PM NST
A bye-day, where the points would count would be enough to reach my All Star (I needed only 9 yyb to make it).
topaz644, July 1, 2019 6:06 PM NST
I wouldn't mind if it was a bye day where scores counted for individuals rank and points.

Personally I'm done but I see on the boards quite a few people who were close to reaching all star for the first time.

One more day for them is fine with me. I may even do 401 more sosd games lol
deedee60, July 1, 2019 6:06 PM NST
Absolutely I'd like to increase my rank. I've never been ranked this high and I'd love to do more.
shia, July 1, 2019 7:01 PM NST
Ugh, no! It effected everyone equally, no-one got an upper-hand. It was 6 hours on one day and an additional 5 hours the day after. A whole extra day or 2 for 2 separate few hour breaks? If you didn't get your desired rank in the 29 days and 12 hours, the down-time wasn't going to save you.

Yet another case of TNT pandering to the weakest players. If they extend it a couple of extra days they're just dishing out All-Star ranks to everyone and the people that worked hard to make sure they got there before the very last day or two? Whatever!
purplebin, July 1, 2019 7:03 PM NST
I was able to play much less this year than most, although normally when it's all over I wondered why I worked so hard. I'm always worried I'll be just a little short of a certain prize!
I know a lot of people were really counting on using the time that was lost, so I hope they get to play.
jcdiva7, July 1, 2019 7:27 PM NST
I am very much for this...I was 22 YYB games away from making it to all star when the site crashed...I was if we get one day where we play against the practice team to not affect the outcome of the cup and rank up, that would work...the downtime really affected me from ranking up which broke my heart...the fact that they are considering this is great and it restores faith in TNT
tailpeaces, July 1, 2019 7:38 PM NST
My goal was to reach All Star, however thanks to all the downtime I didn't make it. I needed less than 2 hours playing time on the last day, but only got about 10 minutes due to glitches. I TNT owes us at least another day of play.
parody_ham, July 1, 2019 7:42 PM NST
I'm all for it and am really happy to see TNT addressing this!
seven_dead_owls, July 1, 2019 8:04 PM NST
But people did get an "upper-hand".
If the downtime occurred during someone's only time to get on due to work or life or living in a different country they didn't get to play those two days where others got to.
I made sure I'd hit All Star at least a week before the end so I'd have that week to make up games in case something came up but a lot of people pace themselves so they don't burn out or work or whatever reason, need all the days.
They would still be playing the games so them getting All Star doesn't take anything away from my All Star.
Those of us who are All Star can rack up some more shop points.
lasergu, July 1, 2019 8:15 PM NST
Yeah, exactly. For example, I'm in Pacific Time, and the only time I was able to play was later in the day, usually from 6pm onward. That was the time when the most lag occurred. So yeah, some players definitely got an advantage over others.
terragainsborough, July 1, 2019 8:54 PM NST
I'm a little disappointed in people that think if you didn't get all-star a week before the deadline that makes you a "weak" player. We were promised a set amount of time and didn't get that time. Don't shift the blame from the people that messed up: TNT.
aviagua, July 1, 2019 9:09 PM NST
I really like the idea of one or two extra Bye-Days where people can send scores to increase rank.
vaporesque, July 1, 2019 9:47 PM NST
I really like the idea of one or two extra Bye-Days where people can send scores to increase rank.
xxsinger, July 1, 2019 10:10 PM NST
Yep really need to rank up badly.
mandypandy667, July 1, 2019 11:28 PM NST
I don't care much about my rank since i managed to hit All Star before the down time but I would like the option to play more to increase rank to be there, I know a lot of people who were really close to their goals but missed out because of the downtime
ducky - JN Staff, July 1, 2019 11:45 PM NST
My biggest problem (despite I did reach AllStar I think in.. Thursday?) that on last day of the finale, site was up but scores were not counted since it thought it was byeday. The scoresending wasn't fixed until about 10am NST (which meant already 10h of neoday had already gone) and few hours after that the site went down. IDK how long it was down at that time, but I know that at least European timezones (like me who is +10h to NST) it was one day not being able to send scores at all (and help ya team, even it probably would not have mattered for DC losing everything in the end). My goal was to reach 10k pts. I did not quite make that.

Serverproblems are one thing but having MISTAKE BY TNT by system not working as it should is awful.

And I am surprised that I made to AllStar because June is possibly the busiest month of work for me.

One Practise Team day to send scores won't hurt anyone. Not even us who made All Star with all this.
jen - JN Staff, July 1, 2019 11:58 PM NST
Yes because I forgot to play
drewventure, July 1, 2019 11:59 PM NST
Honestly I would /love/ it if they gave us more time. I was really bummed out that I couldn't reach All Star
cal_chetty, July 2, 2019 12:08 AM NST
I had work so did like half of the amount of sent games I did last year. My work schedule was full on this year since the start of AC coincided with me starting my new job (which is like 1-2 hours away from home).
shakespeareofborg, July 2, 2019 3:37 AM NST
Nah, I played as much as I wanted to (didn't reach All-Star but beat my personal best) and don't want to waste anymore time on this. I'd enjoy the AC a lot more if it was all about how well you played the games and not just how many times you played them - keyboard pounding is just not fun.
lillyb, July 2, 2019 3:57 AM NST
@seven_dead_owls is right, people were affected who lived in different time zones and had work/school/etc. Many of my teammates were only able to play in the hours of the downtime, and there was a 0.64 point difference in our score so yeah, I'd say it did affect some and not others.
snappy1155, July 2, 2019 4:55 AM NST
Hi TNT!!
Thank you for all the good things you do!

That being said, I believe it to be appropriate for you to give everyone an extra day or 2, for the down time, we all experienced.
Have great day!!!
ducky - JN Staff, July 2, 2019 6:19 AM NST
Also guys... even if they gave a day or two to send scores - it doesn't mean you have to play. You can just chill. No more AC for you unless you want to.
purplebin, July 2, 2019 7:16 AM NST
One thing has occurred to me about playing another practice day or two... The practice team is terrible to play against! They are way too fast and annoying.
faellie_ridiculous, July 2, 2019 7:53 AM NST
I live in the NST +3 and work a demanding full-time job. I could only play very early before work or late at night, which translated to less sleep. The site was down several times during those time periods. Didn't matter which time zone you lived in; for some players it was more about scheduling. Not everyone has a flexible schedule. The first day of the AC was only a half day, if I recall correctly, meaning a lot of people missed out. All the random lag and inability to send scores in addition to the hours the site was totally down impacted many people. It doesn't make you a weak or non-dedicated player if you have limited time. People have to maximize the time they have and that was not possible for many. I'm probably not going to make time to play more, but I think people who want to should be afforded the time to rank up further if that was their plan. It's a holiday weekend coming up in the US. Maybe a good number of people would have more free time if they were to implement the fix soon. Give the people what they want! TNT needs to redeem themselves. Just too many poor decisions and execution lately.
fiaroka, July 2, 2019 9:42 AM NST
People are saying that the downtime affected everyone the same, but I strongly disagree. Anyone that was able to play between 10am to 6pm NST was BARELY affected. When I was back at work, I was able to play between 12-3am and 6pm-11pm NST. The downtime happened the majority in those times. There was the 11 hours at the beginning of the cup where scores weren't counting, the next time it was down from about 5:30pm - 5am NST. After that there was the about half hour at the start of the finals where the scores didn't count because it said it was a bye day. Then there were at least two days where there was major downtime between 6pm - 10,11pm. There were literally 16 hours I was not able to play because the site was down, not including time to sleep. I think an extra day, to have scores count just towards our rank even, is the least they can do.

If there are people that don't want to play anymore, no one is forcing you too.
biediep, July 2, 2019 10:17 AM NST
Yea saying everyone was affected the same is nonsense. Time zones are a thing, people. The other day, the site was down for over 12 hours. If you slept for like 10 of those or worked for 8 of those it would've barely affected you while others only have a couple of hours each day to play and then the site is down, lagging terribly or glitching.

From what I remember, half of day 1 was unavailable, a week or so the site was down for 12+ hours, a few days later it was down for 5+ hours and on the final day it glitched and wouldn't send scores for 5+ hours. So allowing us to send scores for at least another 24 hours is the least they can do.
biediep, July 2, 2019 10:18 AM NST
a week or so ago*
maple_snow, July 2, 2019 10:53 AM NST
It appears Neopets is down again, like right at this very moment?!
topaz644, July 2, 2019 10:53 AM NST
And we're down again
lucy_bebop, July 2, 2019 10:54 AM NST
Yes, just for a chance to raise your rank and earn prize points. The downtime was so frustrating!
rockieslf, July 2, 2019 11:00 AM NST
I think they should give everyone one complimentary rank upgrade, and a bonus amount of points in the prize shop.
goddess_of_winter156, July 2, 2019 11:01 AM NST
Neo is down even as 1 type, so I'd love either a rank up or something like the others have suggested. Neo would be down when I was awake, but fine when I wasn't.

I wonder if anyone had issues will not being able to play games properly? I could not play SS , sent a ticket, was told it was my computer key(it wasn't), but then found out on my own that it was safari even though I had no problems playing last year. and by then the lag was so bad I couldn't get in neo to play!
contessa, July 2, 2019 11:51 AM NST
I am ok with the final treeam rankings not being changed but I sure would love an extra practice day where the scores sent counted towards individual ranks and the prize shop to make up for the times I could not get on because the site was down.
mavegibson, July 2, 2019 11:58 AM NST
I personally feel fine if they just let it die. I haven't participated much in the AC for years. I tend to just play enough games to get the trophy instead of the medal and then call it a day.

However, hearing people here talk about their frustrations with the downtime, I think TNT should definitely do something to accommodate them. People are making good points here.
grannieo, July 2, 2019 1:25 PM NST
I don't care for additional time for myself, but I have a friend who was on vacation for two of the weeks during AC and she wasn't able to make All Star due to the lag and down time. She would appreciate some extended time in order to achieve her All Star goal.
mikonaru, July 2, 2019 2:33 PM NST
Aaaaaaand we’re down again.
bekka513, July 2, 2019 2:44 PM NST
This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Search Google for neopets faerieland springs
contessa, July 2, 2019 2:49 PM NST
The site just keeps going down, then it comes back for a minute then down again *rolls eyes*
chrisk123, July 2, 2019 2:55 PM NST
Personally would rather move on. Missed time but sick of playing anyway. Compensating with an extra rank and or points would not be a bad thing.
rosi, July 2, 2019 2:56 PM NST
I could barely log in
_rodeo_, July 2, 2019 2:58 PM NST
I personally don't care what they do about the AC because I didn't really participate this year, but it seems fair to give people extra time to make up for the downtime. Not sure how that will work, as the site is down yet again. Gotta say, I'm REALLY glad I've already got my Snowager avatar from Avatar Goldmine, or I'd be feeling super frustrated about missing attempts at that, too.
contessa, July 2, 2019 3:04 PM NST
Yes Rodeo, it is particularly irritating when you have been doing a game and just when you get the score you need, the site goes down just as you send your score. That kept happening to me over and over again while playing YYB the last few days of the AC.

Not to mention, there has been so much downtime this year, it sure would be nice if they gave the Premium members an extra month for free, especially long time Premium members. (Like me)
loretta__mandy, July 2, 2019 3:43 PM NST
I would love at least one more day I lost 19 yooyuball plays when it down, I max the game everyday same for shootout, if I can have my number up by 19 that would be amazing
gardenlady53, July 2, 2019 4:21 PM NST
I would absolutely like extra time by way of the Practice Team so as not to change the outcome of the games, but earn the prize points lost during all the down time.
neoaddict, July 2, 2019 4:57 PM NST
yes I sure would like to have additonal time look at this I am pasting now ..Altador Cup Score Submission (reCAPTCHA v2)
Reached max daily score posts. For Altador Cup you can keep ranking.
Score: 590 NP: 688,698

Success! Your NP: 688,698
Your High Score: 647
Plays Today: 4
neoaddict, July 2, 2019 5:07 PM NST
I clicked my 4th game to refresh page and it did not change my score
neoaddict, July 2, 2019 6:17 PM NST
clarifying... yes I would like to have additional time to increase my ranking
insane_demon, July 2, 2019 7:15 PM NST
I absolutely think something should be done. Realistically, they should redo the finals. They were not fair in any sense and totally screwed many teams. If you think they were fair, then a rematch shouldn't hurt, right? I mean, the same teams will win again anyway if it was fair, so why not have rematches? I made all star and was 73% of the way to double all star and was robbed of that goal because of downtime. I have kids and rely (like so many others) on those nighttime hours to play and grind. They need to make this right, but likely won't.
rosi, July 2, 2019 7:27 PM NST
Ok, everybody is talking about extra AC days to make up for the lost points during the downtime, but meanwhile the site is either still down or working intermittently If they cannot fix this first ...
foxlover, July 2, 2019 7:29 PM NST
nothing is fair. your power could have gone out, or your internet gone down, or any number of things during the AC. would you be owed a makeup day for circumstances out of your control? no. they don't *want* the site to go down. they aren't *trying to make* the site go down. if they have makeup days then great, if they don't...still great. it's just a game
cat, July 2, 2019 7:47 PM NST
Part of me would love an extra day since I missed one day due to downtime and I missed the first half-day. But part of me is also glad it's over.
cat, July 2, 2019 7:54 PM NST
@foxlover - A power outage on the user's end, or the user being too busy to play for a period of time, aren't Neopets' fault, whereas server downtime is whether they meant for it to happen or not. The question is whether Neopets then owes us extra time to make up for time that was down on account of an error with their systems.
capedragonlady, July 2, 2019 8:27 PM NST
Yes, I would like additional time to play and add to my scores. The problem is when? I don't plan anything in June, so I can concentrate on the Altador Cup. I am usually All Star by the 7th day of play and then I just play the caps. This is my 13th year of playing and I was very disappointed by the downtime because it takes me 5 hours to play every day and when I'm sitting and waiting, that's is not good and very frustrating....
foxlover, July 2, 2019 8:45 PM NST
exactly, when? no matter what day they chose, it will be inconvenient/impossible for some people. we can't expect TNT to cater to some of us for having different schedules. not everyone gets the same opportunities, and that's part of the game! it's random, luck, etc.
teresa, July 2, 2019 10:32 PM NST
If they made it a bye day, where you are just able to play for rank and prize points, I think it would be a great idea, and it shouldn't really negatively impact anyone (there are only so many prize points you can make in jsut one or even two days anyway).
The times it was down did severely impact some people. I know I personally only had maybe 2-6 hours on some of the days to play due to working two jobs (and requiring sleep), and some of the time it was down.
I personally made all-star, so it won't affect me, but I know that there were some people that were very close that definitely could have made it if it weren't for TNT errors (downtime, but mostly that bye day error on the last day too).

I would prefer an extra bye day over just them giving out points. That way, everyone has to earn what they get and everyone at least has a chance (maybe even two free days just to give that opportunity idk)
shufawa, July 3, 2019 12:43 AM NST
It affected me & I was disappointed that I could not play when the site was down!!! We would appreciate the extra time to play!!!
chrisk123, July 3, 2019 5:37 AM NST
So it is down again? If they add time the site will likely be down again. And again. Rinse. Repeat. This could go on all summer. Please give me a level or points.
mikonaru, July 3, 2019 5:49 AM NST
Yep, down again.
bigbaby_boo_boo_bear, July 3, 2019 5:51 AM NST
Give the AC players one or two days to make up for the downtime but release DD as well. I (personally) don't care for the AC games but love DD. So much for their saying it would overlap.
jadedone23, July 3, 2019 6:15 AM NST
The other pet site I'm a member of gives users additional time if the site isn't functioning well during an event. Neo should follow suit.
baxterb, July 3, 2019 7:31 AM NST
A bye day or 2 would be perfect!
cabbil_bane, July 3, 2019 8:23 AM NST
The downtime and glitches (like the final being opened as a bye day (which lasted longer for some of us than others) caused major problems for those of us who are international. Some extra score time to up our rankings would be wonderful.
daughters_ofthe_moon, July 3, 2019 9:49 AM NST
Yes cos the one day I went to play scores didn't count so I'm at dead zero I want my participation medal even if it's for a small amount of games
bekka513, July 3, 2019 11:14 AM NST
I am in the US as some of my guild members and it effects us also because we can only play at certain times. For myself 1am nst is my 4am and neopets is my morning wakeup. A friend lost her 100k on Trudy due to this. I isn't just about AC anymore. Right now I have weekly guild trades up that I can't check. Yesterday I would login to see mail showing just to be kicked out when opening it. OVER A HOUR OF TRYING it finally let me open my messages. Stocking my shop yesterday when I go to update I got kicked off and lost all the prices I had just posted then get SSW banned when I had to reprice. PLEASE get it together . This is frustrating for EVERYONE internationals.
faellie_ridiculous, July 3, 2019 11:24 AM NST
Seems like they are doing something with the AC games. They are currently only available to play for neopoints. After 3 games it says come back tomorrow, you have reached max play. Game tally not going up. So no rank points earned. Must be having fun with the coding. Well, maybe they will get it right today sometime?
combustibles, July 3, 2019 1:06 PM NST
seriously, we missed out on so many days just from the bye day length alone. It's reasonable to assume that they'd add a fourth week to the cup, what with the added downtime..

Now if only they hadn't added that stupid captcha to Make some noise, I would've been rank 25 instead of rank 21..
jessalynn, July 3, 2019 6:08 PM NST
"Attention Altador Cup players! We understand the downtime of our site has affected the tournament and so July 6th and 7th will be practice days. You can submit scores and improve your ranks while the brackets standings will remain the same. Prize shops will also be open soon!"

That's what they just said tonight in the news.
pinkslorg, July 7, 2019 6:13 AM NST
I already was at Rank 20 (ALL-STAR) so the extra time is not necessary for me, however, I might play a game or two for the extra prize points). The down times are problematic. But, then, its just a game.

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