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New Lutari and Vandagyre Avatars
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 19, 2019, 6:03 pm NST

UPDATE: The solutions for the Robot Vandagyre and Royalboy Lutari avatars can be found here and here, respectively.

Some new avatars have appeared in Neopia. The solutions are currently unknown. If you've obtained one of these avatars, let us know how in the comments!

What other kinds of new avatars would you like to see released? Let us know!
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imgonnageta, 06/19/2019, 6:18 pm NST
Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use 'Robot Vandagyre' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

hey if you have a robot petpet and visit a rob van's lookup

dave - JN Staff, 06/19/2019, 6:21 pm NST
Anyone have a Robot Vandagyre that they would offer up for us to post in our solution?

combustibles, 06/19/2019, 6:27 pm NST
god they're so low quality it isn't even funny anymore..

queen_megs, 06/19/2019, 6:33 pm NST
It needs to be a petpet painted robot on your active (didn't work for me with a robot petpet).

novelista, 06/19/2019, 6:35 pm NST
Reddit says zylenth.

novelista, 06/19/2019, 6:40 pm NST
Word is out: https://snag.gy/gIMSYX.jpg

supersaiyanprince86, 06/19/2019, 6:49 pm NST
You need to have a painted robot petpet, not a robot pet.

miss_atria, 06/19/2019, 6:50 pm NST
something has happened!
you are now eligible to use 'royalboy lutari' as an avatar on the neoboards!

You need 5 unique Lutari items while looking at a Royal Lutari

novelista, 06/19/2019, 6:52 pm NST
1. Buy a petpet painted robot (or one that came that way, like a robot turmy.)

2. Give it to your active pet (or a pet you will then make active).

3. Go to Zylenth's lookie.

4. Sell the p2 for profit. (LOL)

novelista, 06/19/2019, 6:54 pm NST
Have 5 unique Lutari items in your inventory and view the lookup of a Royal Boy Lutari. Royal Boy Lutari: auberillis

theisland, 06/19/2019, 7:04 pm NST
You need 5 unique Lutari items while looking at a Royal Lutari lookup.

...doesn't have to be the paint brush

mavegibson, 06/19/2019, 7:10 pm NST
Thanks! It's nice to have two new avatars!

ducky - JN Staff, 06/19/2019, 7:17 pm NST
Finally Vanda av <3

Also loving all the negativity and whining once again <3

seven_dead_owls, 06/19/2019, 7:32 pm NST
Can't get the robot one, have a robot petpet attached to my active and visited Zylenth's lookup

josh_m, 06/19/2019, 7:34 pm NST
It must be painted robot.

seven_dead_owls, 06/19/2019, 7:47 pm NST
Got it, thank you
Glad I got that robo turmy the other day!

I love the Vanda one, I don't think it looks low quality at all.

jorgesgirlforlife, 06/19/2019, 7:51 pm NST
Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use 'Robot Vandagyre' as an avatar on the neoboards!
Thanks everyone!!

peirigill - JN Staff, 06/19/2019, 7:54 pm NST
Ooh, so happy that I already have a Robot Lutari!

treerunner, 06/19/2019, 8:13 pm NST
*sigh* I have robot petpets, but not one that's painted robot. I checked prices for lutari themed items and the prices have already gone way up. Guess I'll have to wait till prices stabilize again.

Thank you everyone for sharing how to acquire the new avatars!

dr_tomoe, 06/19/2019, 9:02 pm NST
So lucky that I had everything needed for both in my SDB.

And this is after going through a bunch with Charity Corner.

contessa, 06/19/2019, 10:26 pm NST
yeah I also have a Robot petpet but not a petpet PAINTED Robot . Grrrrrr

Guess I won't get these two, oh well

princess_zelda_, 06/19/2019, 10:45 pm NST
Been lending for about 2 hours and Robo petpet hasn't been returned for an hour, but I tried =D

I hope the prices of the Lutari items I have shot up, to make up for the lack of petpet

wishingfantasy, 06/19/2019, 11:35 pm NST
It would be nice to see more Royal avatars.

highkingulfric, 06/20/2019, 12:06 am NST
I'm just glad TNT are actually trying!

highkingulfric, 06/20/2019, 12:07 am NST
And a big thanks to everyone who posted the solutions above ^-^

jorgesgirlforlife, 06/20/2019, 12:53 am NST
Robot Turmy works!

jorgesgirlforlife, 06/20/2019, 12:54 am NST
What makes a Lutari item unique?

jorgesgirlforlife, 06/20/2019, 1:04 am NST
something has happened!
you are now eligible to use 'royalboy lutari' as an avatar on the neoboards!
Thanks again!! And I found items that were a few k and splurged on gummies. Whatever...

mandypandy667, 06/20/2019, 1:18 am NST
Am so happy to have new avs released! Love these two

biediep, 06/20/2019, 3:23 am NST
I'm confused about the Robot Vanda one. I have a Robot Turmac, now what? Do I attach it to my pet and look at my pet's lookup? (I'm asking before trying because I'd have to remove an aged petpet :/) Just having it in my inventory and visiting a Robot Vandagyre did nothing.

mandypandy667, 06/20/2019, 3:33 am NST
Biediep, you have to attach it to a pet, make that pet your active and then visit robot vanda lookup

mandypandy667, 06/20/2019, 3:33 am NST
Biediep, you have to attach it to a pet, make that pet your active and then visit robot vanda lookup

xing_darcie, 06/20/2019, 3:34 am NST
Is there a royal girl equivalent?

inkpot, 06/20/2019, 4:34 am NST
they're beautiful avatars but they're ruined by how low res they are. i hope they re-upload them. ;o;

yellowbluerainbow, 06/20/2019, 4:54 am NST
Thank goodness I already had all the items I needed due to my hoarding efforts lol. I had exactly 5 lutari items!

biediep, 06/20/2019, 5:52 am NST
Thank you Mandy, I got it ^-^ They do look very low res but other than that I really like them, especially the Vanda one. It would've been cool if for the Lutari one you'd need your own Lutari; making it a bit harder to obtain since you can't borrow a Lutari, but it's nice to see new avs at all

escrainus, 06/20/2019, 6:13 am NST
What other kinds of new avatars would you like to see released? Let us know!

vellen_, 06/20/2019, 7:06 am NST
Biobot is my robot vanda and he'll remain a robot vanda. Feel free to advertise him to get the avatar. Make sure the petpet has "robot" in the name as a Wain (robot petpet) won't work.

schulz, 06/20/2019, 7:25 am NST
Wanted is my robot Vanda

px, 06/20/2019, 7:27 am NST
unique lutari items as in seperate items with the word lutari in it? or specific items?

px, 06/20/2019, 7:35 am NST
ah for those wondering, just seperate items with the word lutari, it seems

px, 06/20/2019, 7:41 am NST
also for those looking to buy robot pets, the Robot Uggatrip isn't that expensive yet

drzoidberg, 06/20/2019, 9:09 am NST
Got both!! Thanks for the tips, all!

plumpudding211, 06/20/2019, 9:14 am NST
Visit a robot vandagyre lookup while your active pet has a robot petpet

Visit a royal lutari lookup while you have 5 different items with the word Lutari in your inventory

karol_sm, 06/20/2019, 9:27 am NST
thank you so much, guys! got both

contessa, 06/20/2019, 10:04 am NST
Robot Uggatrip 199K on the SSW just now

cal_chetty, 06/20/2019, 10:30 am NST

parody_ham, 06/20/2019, 1:41 pm NST
I actually really like both of these avvys, they look really cool and creative, well done, TNT. Nice to see new ones out again~

mistyraider, 06/20/2019, 3:01 pm NST
I had 4 Lutari items and was able to get a 5th for less than 3K . . . fun to have a new avi.
Thanks everyone for all the help.

treerunner, 06/20/2019, 3:47 pm NST
I am so fortunate that I have awesome guildmates! One was willing to lend both the petpet AND the lutari items so I now have both avvies in my collection.

cat, 06/21/2019, 2:04 am NST
I'm going to skip the Robot one, even if I had a Robot petpet I don't really want to detach one of my petpets just to put it on.

cat, 06/21/2019, 2:07 am NST
On the other hand finding 5 Lutari items was easy because I'm a hoarder and I like to keep at least 1 of every item.

jagaleigh, 06/21/2019, 10:17 am NST
SO MUCH NERD EXCITE (points @ self)!! Thanks JN and everyone who solved the avvie mysteries! You guys rock socks!

contessa, 06/21/2019, 12:23 pm NST
I agree with what cat said, I don't want to remove any of my aged petpets just for the avvie. Maybe one day I might buy the pb to paint one robot but might not

stepupfairy, 06/22/2019, 2:59 pm NST
Also loving all the negativity and whining once again <3

^^ Me too! People always find SOMETHING to about *rolls eyes

purplebin, 06/23/2019, 4:36 pm NST
From the editorial:
Hi Jade! It’s awesome to see two new avatars released, and I really hope there are more to come, but can the art team do something about the low resolution of these two new avatars, the Robot Vandagyre avatar and the Royal Lutari avatar? Thanks! I know there are settings within these programs to export higher quality gifs.
Those avatars were actually never supposed to go out like that! We will be updating the art to ensure they are of higher quality.

1jediboy, 06/24/2019, 9:16 pm NST
They look AWESOME!


"What other kinds of new avatars would you like to see released? Let us know!"


I can't pour a massive fountain of avatar ideas during the AC. I'll flood your post threads in July. See you then.

roi - JN Staff, 06/26/2019, 2:27 pm NST
I think the cheapest robot petpet right now is the robot abominable snowball if that helps anyone

kookybloo, 06/27/2019, 10:06 pm NST
RoboOwl is another one

jessalynn, 07/4/2019, 6:56 am NST
Lab-zapped Robot petpets work too!

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