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Legends and Letters Update
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 3, 2019, 6:10 am NST

This morning, a new update to Legends and Letters has been launched on the app store!

This update contains some bug fixes and some graphical changes to the app, but the main new feature is a new battle feature - the Claymaker's Monsters. These are limited time battles against unique enemies that also award unique loot for multiple victories in a row.

They also reward Ascension Stones, a new currency required to ascend characters to new star ratings.

In order to take part in these Monster Battles, you will need Monster Keys. You will be given some free each time a new monster enters the battle, but more can be purchased from the app's version of the NC Mall if you wish.

Note: The number of keys you are charged per battle depends on the number of Neopets in your party. If you select a friend/random Neopet to help, the charge will go up. To make the most of your keys, it is better to enter these battles without the extra help if you can.
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herdy - JN Staff, 06/3/2019, 6:32 am NST
(Note that, unless there is a source of free monster keys I'm missing somewhere, it is impossible to unlock the majority of the exclusive loot without paying for extra keys)

herdy - JN Staff, 06/3/2019, 6:40 am NST
Oh wait, never mind. You can stack up on keys by not using the ones you’re given from the previous batch.

stepupfairy, 06/3/2019, 6:43 am NST
Gah, I worried something like this would eventually happen, with having to buy stuff like keys, etc

escrainus, 06/3/2019, 6:54 am NST
And yet no way to link accounts

herdy - JN Staff, 06/3/2019, 7:11 am NST
Top prize seems to be existing 4 star characters for each of the bosses — shame there’s no legendaries available.

invader_of_worlds, 06/3/2019, 7:20 am NST
Those creatures are just well dressed up / revamped pet pets

one is just a vamped up art of a Sklyde the other is obviously a Darigan Quetzal HOW LAZY

herdy - JN Staff, 06/3/2019, 7:52 am NST
I mean, to be fair 99% of the app’s art has always been reused. This isn’t new.
The new lore cards aren’t particularly creative though.

neocoladude, 06/3/2019, 8:43 am NST
Still waiting for the promised account rewards...

biediep, 06/3/2019, 9:12 am NST
Still can't even download it from the app store.
If they make it link to your account and have rewards for playing they really need to make it available for everyone first.

weaponary, 06/3/2019, 9:58 am NST
@herdy Can you explain how to stack up on keys? I'm not understanding, sorry.

herdy - JN Staff, 06/3/2019, 10:24 am NST
I'm not sure yet if the timer is the same for everyone or account based. But the first time I logged in after the update, I had a 10 minute timer for Skelletrus, the lightning one pictured above, and 10 free keys. After that expired, there was a cooldown before the water-element one appeared with what I think was an hour cooldown, and 10 more keys. Then, Magmavipor appeared (the fire one) with a timer of 7 days. Again, 10 more keys appeared on my account. I don't know what the timer on the earth element one will be, but if you log in and get the keys for all 4, that will get you 40 keys -- which is how many you need to fully max out all prize tiers for a single boss.

Effectively, you either pay for more keys or spend 2 weeks hoarding/waiting for the right boss to play.

weaponary, 06/3/2019, 10:52 am NST
Oh interesting. I completely missed the first two bosses I guess. Magmavipor is the first one I saw.

weaponary, 06/3/2019, 11:15 am NST
It's a strange decision to have any part of the event be available for less than 24 hours. People sleeping and all that. I wonder if it could have been a mistake.

majacal, 06/3/2019, 2:21 pm NST
You need way more than 40 keys to max out the prize tiers.

The higher you go, the more battles you have to win to get the prize.

Level: Battle
Nine levels:40 Battles

There are 40 x 3 keys = 120

herdy - JN Staff, 06/3/2019, 2:38 pm NST
Sorry, yeah, I was thinking 1 key per battle for some reason.

1jediboy, 06/3/2019, 2:59 pm NST
I am missing all this waiting for account syncing!

I’ve had this app on my phone for months and I’ve yet to get to level 3.

a_life_of_love, 06/3/2019, 4:18 pm NST
Do you get any neopoints for the game yet? I am really not interested to play unless the accounts sync like ghoul catchers.

jawsch, 06/3/2019, 6:18 pm NST
They just uploaded a video to YT

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