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Cybunny Day Roundup
  • Posted by Ducky
  • Posted on April 29, 2019, 10:21 am NST

Cybunny Day jumps out with two new dashing colours:

Oil Paint | Toy

New outfit is also active and restocking:

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kach, 04/29/2019, 10:23 am NST

cloonshannagh, 04/29/2019, 10:30 am NST
Those colours as soooo nice! The oil is starry starry night. Vincent would be pleased. And the Toy is elegant. If Booh ever gets tired of being Maraquan, she has choices.

okapi1812, 04/29/2019, 10:36 am NST
OMG, I was hoping for some real painting inspired oil paint pets, but that cybun is mad ugly Looks like someone did it in MS paint

purplebin, 04/29/2019, 10:45 am NST
Starry Night is probably my favorite painting, but I don't like it in Cybnny form...
Now I'm really wondering which painting the Scorchio was based on!

saiphami, 04/29/2019, 11:03 am NST

blu, 04/29/2019, 11:26 am NST
i'm upset i love oilpaint a lot

drzoidberg, 04/29/2019, 11:34 am NST
OMG OIL PAINT I was right to vote for that yessssssss

1jediboy, 04/29/2019, 12:07 pm NST

What’s probably next:
Mona Lisa, Blue Boy, some from Jackson Pollock, some from Andy Warhol,

And hopefully, Van Gough’s Sunflowers! (For Amy )

faellie_ridiculous, 04/29/2019, 12:11 pm NST
I'm a Van Gogh fan. Not sure this quite does him justice, but not a terrible rendering. An improvement over The Scream(ing) Scorchio.

I think the Toy Cy is very well done, and I really did not much care for the concept of the Toy PB at all. Here, though, nice colors, shiny! Better than all the toy versions of other species.

I am holding out for a creepy Burlap Aisha! Though I would not mind a flowery one a la Monet or Renoir, or even better, an Art Nouveau Klimt style. Still a long wait.

escrainus, 04/29/2019, 12:35 pm NST
Toy is meh as always, oil could turn into an interesting character for an odd child book, at least the face

mavegibson, 04/29/2019, 12:44 pm NST
I love the oil paint one. Very cool.

insane000illusions, 04/29/2019, 2:16 pm NST
I love starry night but around the buns eyes it just looks... um horrifying lol

reconnection, 04/29/2019, 3:13 pm NST
Please TNT don’t release either of these colors for Hissi day I’m begging you

roshchodesh, 04/29/2019, 3:14 pm NST
Too neat looking, no sense of movement like in Starry Night. The ears look stuck together and pasted on like a cutout. Good try. Vincent would *not* be pleased

zixianna, 04/29/2019, 3:14 pm NST
'creepy Burlap Aisha'
Like something from 9?
Never thought about that possibility!

anomally, 04/29/2019, 4:02 pm NST
I wish the Toy Cybunny had a different eyecolor than red. Makes it look like an evil toy lol.

dukula, 04/29/2019, 5:09 pm NST
That oil painting one is hilariously ugly, some bad decisions were made on the face!
The toy one is surprisingly kinda nice.

cat, 04/29/2019, 6:19 pm NST
That Oil Paint May be the ugliest Cybunny color ever.

alex, 04/29/2019, 7:42 pm NST
Love the Starry Night Cybunny

inkpot, 04/29/2019, 10:07 pm NST
WHY are both of the cybunnies BALD?!
every. time!! they forget their little tufts of hair at the top! plssss stooppp. ;O;


in other news...
i love the oil paint cybunny. if it had it's tufts of hair that would have made for more nice swirlies to encompass its face.

toy is nice too but what stands out is the black lining of it's mouth/nose wrinkles... they should have colored those lines...

mortychichi, 04/29/2019, 10:46 pm NST
The Oil Paint one was definitely a good idea but poor execution, I feel like it would've been beautiful if they didn't focus the "starry" part that much on its face

sketch, 04/29/2019, 11:02 pm NST
The oil paint might seem a bit odd with the face, but once customized it actually blends in quite nicely

An homage

el_arakeuh, 04/30/2019, 12:26 am NST
I love the toy one and I'm conflicted about the starry night Cybunny. One way I feel like: hurray starry night! The other hand I feel like this is terribly executed! They just drew stripes in the right colours but it doesn't have the same vibe as starry night.

mistyraider, 04/30/2019, 5:36 am NST
Well, at least the oil paint cybunny still has both their ears.

Nice homage, sketch. you're right -- "The oil paint might seem a bit odd with the face, but once customized it actually blends in quite nicely."

purplebin, 04/30/2019, 10:38 am NST
The missing hair tufts explains why these seemed "off". And I definitely agree with the black outlines of the Toy looking wrong.
I'm regretting painting my side 'Bunny now, she was prettier as Polka Dot.

topaz644, 04/30/2019, 12:49 pm NST
I'm thinking a Skeith, Tonu or Grarrl might have been better for starry night. Larger canvas.

topaz644, 04/30/2019, 12:52 pm NST
I think I'll go see what I need to do to make my Starry Night in Neovia UL work. I haven't used it in awhile and I need something before the AC.

majeline, 04/30/2019, 1:31 pm NST
How do I get an oil paint cybunny? I'm new to trying to get certain colorings for my neopets

purplebin, 04/30/2019, 2:04 pm NST
@majeline, there is an Oil Paint Brush, but it costs around 5 million. It's also available from the Lab Ray and the Rainbow Fountain. You might want to try a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie to get a Fountain Faerie Quest.

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