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Claim Your Charity Corner Perk Points
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 25, 2019, 12:45 pm NST

TNT has reminded us that time is running out to redeem any remaining 2018 Charity Corner perk shop points. The 2018 perk shop is closing on Sunday, April 28th at 11:59 PM NST sharp.

If you do not redeem your points, then they will carry over to this year's 2019 Charity Corner event. The points will be "converted" in some fashion, likely either lowering or raising the number that you can spend in the 2019 shop. Regardless of the outcome, the conversion will likely be to line up your points with the new perk shop cost spread.

Check out our 2018 Perk Shop guide below to see if you'd like to redeem any of your remaining points:

2018 Perk Shop Guide 2018 Perk Shop
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purplebin, 04/25/2019, 1:25 pm NST
Well, unless they release new Cybunny Day colors early, I guess I won't be using the Limited Edition perk to get one. But I have an Invisible pound pet ready to go if they do (unless one of the new colors IS invisible!)

remy, 04/25/2019, 1:27 pm NST
I know the April Fools perk chart was just an April Fools thing but a couple of those perks were really kind of awesome.

I hope they keep some of them as legit perks for this years CC, looking at you Retired Stamp Wheel

cloonshannagh, 04/25/2019, 1:56 pm NST
*sigh* BBB wanted a Robot casing, but, even after tickets, Color it Wild never worked.

Very glad that the points will carry over. I hope the points "conversion" isn't too much of a decrease.

zixianna, 04/25/2019, 2:07 pm NST
Just be sure when you choose Spiked! that you have the right pet active... and not the lab-rat you just adopted.... oops....

purplebin, 04/25/2019, 2:12 pm NST
I guess I was very lucky that Colour It Wild DID work for me, and I got my mosaic Gelert.

cat, 04/25/2019, 3:40 pm NST
I’m glad the points will carry over, there isn’t anything I want for the points I have.

inkpot, 04/25/2019, 4:00 pm NST
i hope colour-it-wild returns because i failed at last years CC and i've been zapping for a sponge jetsam for a millennia... 0:^)

escrainus, 04/25/2019, 5:08 pm NST
I'm worried about the way points will be converted, I hope they don't rise the points needed to avoid people having too many leftovers...

@remy pretty sure the april fools was also an experiment, to see how people reacted to some ideas, so most likely some will return.

aviagua, 04/25/2019, 6:17 pm NST
The Colour it Wild worked fine for me; I used it to get a Robot Poogle. I have heard that some people had problems redeeming perks in certain browsers though; so maybe if anyone is having issues try different browsers if you haven't already?

itaxerxes, 04/26/2019, 1:57 am NST
The problem was that the RE perk didn't give out REs every day and they didn't do anything about it . I used it twice and got only 8 out of the 14 promised REs and I used several browsers. I hope they don't mess up the perks again and honestly, they should work in all common browsers but I guess that is demanding too much from them

cheyennet2, 04/26/2019, 7:54 am NST
Anyone else think this picture of granny looks like the meme of the little girl smiling while looking at the house on fire?

skiasma, 04/26/2019, 12:40 pm NST
I'm going for the conversion, as I didn't get enough pts for anything worthwhile last year. Oh well.

ladyamethyst, 04/26/2019, 4:59 pm NST
@cheyennet2: ...what has been seen cannot be unseen. Good call!

kat, 04/29/2019, 5:34 am NST
used the nc one since it poofs today and got 50 nc not 300 nc, im pretty much done with this site

pancaketime, 04/29/2019, 12:12 pm NST
This still seems to show up, even though the deadline has past. Not sure if redemptions work, though.

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