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Festival of Neggs Begins
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 8, 2019, 10:43 am NST

The annual Festival of Neggs has launched today! The event will run through April 23rd.

To begin, you must register at the Festival of Neggs hub. Then, Day 1's clue leads to the Snowager.

Mysterious Magic Neggs also makes a return as this year's Neocash component.

The event FAQ confirms that there will be a "day and a half" for Day 1. So, you have until April 9th at 11:59 PM NST to find the first Negg.

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1jediboy, 04/8/2019, 10:55 am NST
I said what I got in the post below.

cloonshannagh, 04/8/2019, 3:43 pm NST
Neggs! Wonderful Neggs! *watches kiddies race to the Ice Caves*

1jediboy, 04/8/2019, 4:12 pm NST
WAIT WAIT!!!!! *gives you and your Neopets ice shields*

lokaula, 04/8/2019, 10:36 pm NST
*squeal* I got the wearable I wanted most of all! The Negg Stand!!

cloonshannagh, 04/9/2019, 5:44 am NST
*tucks babies up with hot drinks* Ice shields worked too well. Kiddies stayed with Snowy to read their signed copy of How to Prevent Your Neggs from Getting Stolen.

belial, 04/9/2019, 8:09 am NST
I miss Jn negg hunt SO MUCH

stepupfairy, 04/9/2019, 2:57 pm NST
I want the Fancy Negg Plushie so bad!!

Cute as hell lol

bonju, 04/9/2019, 3:18 pm NST
TNT forgot to make the MME morph today, sigh

purplebin, 04/9/2019, 3:57 pm NST
I'm just glad I couldn't wait around all day waiting for the morph, like I wanted to.

skiasma, 04/9/2019, 6:14 pm NST
stepupfairy, guess what I have?

phenixia, 04/9/2019, 6:55 pm NST
Oh! Nice wearables!

1jediboy, 04/9/2019, 8:13 pm NST
@skiasma - Patrick voice: RECTANGLES!!! 🍫🍫

heaveaway05, 04/10/2019, 5:24 am NST
Lets Start a Petition on the Events NeoBoard for a new JN Negg Hunt!

stepupfairy, 04/10/2019, 11:59 am NST

you!! *shakes fist*

dave - JN Staff, 04/10/2019, 1:10 pm NST
@heaveaway05 We haven't closed the door on future Negg Hunts! This year we're spending time updating our content so that we can transition our main site here to a new, updated layout. Once that gets done we told ourselves we'd think about hosting another Negg Hunt!

heaveaway05, 04/10/2019, 3:52 pm NST
thanks dave

belial, 04/10/2019, 5:11 pm NST
Yaaaaay that made my day, thanks Dave!

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