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  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on March 30, 2019, 2:29 pm NST

Yesterday a new Seekers themed MME was released in the NC Mall. There are two IDs for this MME.

Stages for this MME will include items themed around members of the Seekers and the Journey to the Lost Isle plot, a hat with a wig, an umbrella, a shirt with a backpack, and several backgrounds.

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sakeru187, 03/30/2019, 2:54 pm NST
If anyone has any item links please share them (:

cat, 03/30/2019, 3:33 pm NST
Thanks! I always prefer to know what I might get before I spend money.

herdy - JN Staff, 03/30/2019, 3:49 pm NST
I hope this means they are considering MMEs for all the factions.

burnintoflames, 03/30/2019, 4:15 pm NST
Funny. About 3 weeks ago I requested a new MME or mini MME. The response was a "we'll pass this along."

Was hoping a more seasonal or generic theme than plot.

purplebin, 03/30/2019, 4:30 pm NST
I'm guessing the image on the home page shows some spoilers?
From the description of the MME it sounds like one BG will be a secret lab, and one will be some kind of explorer vista.
I just wish they had chosen something different for the first stage.

sketch, 03/30/2019, 5:25 pm NST
^My guess is the hat and wig

june_scarlet, 03/30/2019, 6:36 pm NST
I've been saving up my NC for something special, and this is it! Seekers forever!

1jediboy, 03/30/2019, 6:59 pm NST
Ysgrifennu ar y wal!

*throws inkbomb spell coating the room in ink.*

[text reads Order of the red Erism rules!]

purplebin, 03/30/2019, 6:59 pm NST
Those wings could be a "backpack" zone with that shirt. That cane could be the alternate to an "umbrella".

topaz644, 03/30/2019, 7:41 pm NST
ugh. I was going to get 2 hoping the morphs would give other faction items. Looks like I'll empty my cart and wait for Order.

ladyamethyst, 03/31/2019, 5:59 am NST
The word on the banner is keeping me from buying it. Yuck.

purplebin, 03/31/2019, 6:19 am NST
The whole banner is kind of icky, but the name on it is terrible. If they make an MME for every faction, though, they will have to do it over and over.

phenixia, 03/31/2019, 8:29 am NST
I agree with Herdy and Purplebin: if they do that for each faction, it would be great! I guess the bg will be nice. Thank you very much for the informations, JN team! It's always a good thing to know before spending money on a MME.

purplebin, 03/31/2019, 9:05 am NST
Looking through Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium gives a good idea of some of the clothing stages. The Gnorbu has an umbrella. I like all of the potential outfits.

aleu1986, 03/31/2019, 9:37 am NST
I bought two of each ID, Seekers is my faction! I also hope they will do this for each of the factions, but I`m proud and happy they started with my favourite one.

pangomon, 03/31/2019, 12:30 pm NST
Can anyone confirm? So far I've seen two different IDs (79480 and 79481). Are there any more?

purplebin, 03/31/2019, 1:04 pm NST
Definitely only two IDs. That's normal for MMEs.
The MiniMMEs have three.

topaz644, 03/31/2019, 2:30 pm NST
I hope they get the message and change the font on the banner. I don't even want an Order banner that looks like that.

I did better on my own cut and paste faction banner on my UL and it's not great. (I couldn't take the time to curve the words) lol

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