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Chomby Day Roundup
  • Posted by Ducky
  • Posted on March 22, 2019, 6:53 am NST

Another amazing species is celebrating its day today! Update, 3/26: An Origami Chomby is also now available!

Steampunk | Origami

Chomby Day means new Chomby clothing! Get yours now:

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parody_ham, 03/22/2019, 7:32 am NST
I actually really, really like this one. Well done, Jumpstart staff!

bethlifts, 03/22/2019, 8:14 am NST

zixianna, 03/22/2019, 8:14 am NST
I love the hat / goggles! Ehehehehe, super cute

ducky - JN Staff, 03/22/2019, 8:29 am NST
I am so excited! Tho I might just get the clothing, so cool that goggles is seperate from the hat.

akiho, 03/22/2019, 9:07 am NST
It looks sooo good!

mzlish, 03/22/2019, 9:11 am NST
WOW! Steampunk for Krawks... please? PLEASE??

surferaj, 03/22/2019, 9:26 am NST
I knew the Steampunk fans would love this one.

masterdeals, 03/22/2019, 9:27 am NST
Dang i love that chomby steampunk! Wish i had it!

1jediboy, 03/22/2019, 10:54 am NST
(Mortal Engines)

insane000illusions, 03/22/2019, 11:41 am NST
those goggles and smile I can't take it

1jediboy, 03/22/2019, 12:14 pm NST

cheyennet2, 03/22/2019, 12:34 pm NST
Chombies are my favorite pet and this is possibly my favorite color now for them. Soooo gooooood!

orisasda, 03/22/2019, 12:35 pm NST
Ooh! That Steampunk Chomby is cool! I almost want a Chomby now.

jen - JN Staff, 03/22/2019, 12:39 pm NST
Awesome, really love this design.

kugimaru, 03/22/2019, 1:42 pm NST
holy moly dat chomby look glorious

ducky - JN Staff, 03/22/2019, 2:26 pm NST
WHERE IS MY FFQ FOR THIS I do have steampunk hissi.

josie, 03/22/2019, 2:52 pm NST
I have to admit, at first glance the tubes coming out of the steampunk outfit looked like worms to me But wow, yes, that's really an awesome design, and the other outfit is very cute too.

bonju, 03/22/2019, 3:05 pm NST
Oh wow, that steampunk chomby is really good

fenix, 03/22/2019, 4:09 pm NST
Now this is when having only one pet colour is justified, when you get something as slick and cool as this.

cat, 03/22/2019, 5:53 pm NST
This is pretty cool, and it does come with clothes so it would be more work for TNT. Still don’t want it though.

escrainus, 03/23/2019, 6:14 am NST
I really like it but wish they used other colors for the details, they get lost a little bit

theartofscreaming, 03/23/2019, 6:52 am NST
Woah! Two thumbs up for steampunk Chomby! I love that it looks authentically worn and tarnished, it really adds something! The goggles look great too!

2b4saken, 03/26/2019, 3:26 pm NST
Origami actually looks good. Surprised it took so long.

purplebin, 03/26/2019, 3:34 pm NST
Love the Origami! the shading of the folds is wonderful, and the eyes are really pretty. They still look hand drawn, but not so rough.
Compared to other origami pets this is a thousand times better.

escrainus, 03/26/2019, 6:35 pm NST
So why Origami got two colors even with one clothed color, while other pets have gotten only one "simple" color in past days?

mavegibson, 03/26/2019, 8:19 pm NST


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

ducky - JN Staff, 03/26/2019, 10:36 pm NST
That is quite nice Origami I still like the Spyro as well.

(Also I got my fountain access and how have Steampunk Chomby. WOO!)

tomatereloco, 03/27/2019, 7:44 am NST
Woow, both colors look AMAZING

inkpot, 03/29/2019, 4:07 am NST
origami looks amazing. *O*

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