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Scorchio Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on March 14, 2019, 4:57 pm NST

Update 15/3: New colours for Scorchios are finally active at Rainbow Pool:

Strawberry | Oil Paint

A new clothing set is now active for Scorchios!

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cat, 03/14/2019, 5:21 pm NST
Cute dress. No new colors though, maybe tomorrow.

masterdeals, 03/14/2019, 6:06 pm NST
I acutally think they should hint at something. i actaully made a question on that idea. Hopefully we see a clue or something on it. Anyone else?

purplebin, 03/14/2019, 6:56 pm NST
Ugh, another non-wishable outfit, and I've been checking all day for the new color! My side accounts have Scorchios all ready to be zapped.

sliced_ramen, 03/14/2019, 8:00 pm NST
I'm still zapping for the Uni colors.

purplebin, 03/15/2019, 6:23 am NST
There is also Oil Paint now for the Scorchio!

akiho, 03/15/2019, 6:26 am NST
Wow the oil paint is beautiful!

mzlish, 03/15/2019, 7:04 am NST
Wow, both the Oil Paint and Strawberry look very good. I love them both!

ducky - JN Staff, 03/15/2019, 7:33 am NST
That took a while...Straberry was release at my my morning (I am +10h to NST) and kept checking after noon and it was still only one. Cool tho that they got two colours.

dave - JN Staff, 03/15/2019, 7:46 am NST
That Oil Paint has a bit of a Candy vibe to me 🤔

purplebin, 03/15/2019, 8:02 am NST
The face on the Oil Paint needs more blue, I think.

1jediboy, 03/15/2019, 10:12 am NST
What painting is it based on!?

stepupfairy, 03/15/2019, 10:22 am NST
Oil Painting looks ace.......but it's no Mosaic!!

josie, 03/15/2019, 11:03 am NST
Strawberry is very cute. Oil Painting is....interesting, but I'm not a fan of it.

purplebin, 03/15/2019, 11:18 am NST
I'm not so sure all the Oil Painting pets will be based on an actual painting. This one does not look familiar... I would love to hear if anyone recognizes the colors.

purplebin, 03/15/2019, 11:20 am NST
TNT did, after all, change the name of the color from Oil Painting to just Oil Paint.

mistyraider, 03/15/2019, 12:22 pm NST
The way the color is on front horn of oil paint scorchio, I am reminded of some of Lady Gaga's blond costumes. I like a Gaga Scorchio!

anomally, 03/15/2019, 4:17 pm NST
What's up with the sclera in the oil painting scorchio? Why does it look like it has jaundice?

dustin, 03/15/2019, 6:07 pm NST
Did they forget to paint the last little spike on the oil paint's tail? it's gray and doesn't seem to fit imo.

and I swore we already had a strawberry scorchio lol. But hey, not bad!

escrainus, 03/15/2019, 6:40 pm NST
I can see the struggle to combine clothes with the oil paint color

purplebin, 03/15/2019, 7:53 pm NST
The Oil Paint Gelert's eyes were the same brownish color.

cat, 03/16/2019, 2:10 pm NST
Oil paint is looking pretty. I'm a bit sad to see these two because it means we're definitely not getting a third surprise color, but I guess that's just how it was.

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