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Uni Day Roundup
  • Posted by Ducky
  • Posted on March 1, 2019, 9:11 am NST

Get your horses ready! Uni Day is here with two dazzling colours:

Custard | Ice

This season's trend for Unis is also revealed today:

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sliced_ramen, 03/1/2019, 9:42 am NST
I'm going to have to start GUPing my lab pets for models aren't I Ducky?

ducky - JN Staff, 03/1/2019, 9:53 am NST
Yes. Please zap unis. Or mynci (eww). Or Chia.

inkpot, 03/1/2019, 9:54 am NST
this custard is probably the worst custard pet to date. i mean, no drippy tail/mane? looks more like an under-cooked biscuit!

ducky - JN Staff, 03/1/2019, 10:49 am NST
Well. People have mostly been complaining pets being too drippy in the past :p

bonju, 03/1/2019, 11:57 am NST
Ice looks really good!

1jediboy, 03/1/2019, 1:48 pm NST
Season 9 of MLP: FIM is said to be it’s last... TNT’s lost their Uni-que inspiration. 🥺

purplebin, 03/1/2019, 1:51 pm NST
At least the clothing is wishable! My friend has a Uni that needs the clothes.
I might have to use my current FFQ on one of these if I get another one during the quest event.

purplebin, 03/1/2019, 2:22 pm NST
I forgot that we can't do Ice at the Rainbow Fountain.
Custard might not be drippy, but it's a very pretty color.

josie, 03/1/2019, 2:37 pm NST
Oh gosh! With most of mine being Unis, I'm so excited about the outfit

Ice is awesome. Custard is nice too, but it looks more like sand to me.

cat, 03/1/2019, 9:51 pm NST
@jediboy - yeah, they’re planning a reboot with a different art style.

I like Ice, but zapping for colors is so frustrating.

1jediboy, 03/1/2019, 10:05 pm NST
There’s so much heart, dedication and inspiration from this series.

Do you think the fandom will just jump on the G5 boat? Or is everyone going to just jump ship?
I think that might depend on what cast and/or crew returns.

superbeans, 03/2/2019, 11:51 am NST
Anyone have any success with the free training in the Academy? I keep getting the "you've been directed to this page from the wrong place" when I try to enroll

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