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New Paint Brush Poll
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 26, 2019, 9:06 pm NST

As seems to now be a yearly tradition, a new Paint Brush option poll has been set live to gauge interest in four new Neopet paint brush options.

The four, rather artsy, options are:

Mosaic | Oil Painting

Porcelain Figure | Wicker

You may cast your vote until March 4th (6 short days!). So do so now. :)

Cast Your Vote »
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lillian94, 02/26/2019, 9:12 pm NST
Oil Painting looks good!

wlo68, 02/26/2019, 9:14 pm NST
Seeing the oil painting color is making me imagine a starry night inspired pattern...

tyuio_k50, 02/26/2019, 10:00 pm NST
wicker looks like a nightmare for the artists... yikes... though I do kind of like it. I dislike the idea of the polls though - several potential colors are presented, but only a few chosen. Why not... all of them?

tyuio_k50, 02/26/2019, 10:01 pm NST
Also if porcelain didn't have that painting/pattern on it... it would be a very nice solid/base color.

bonju, 02/26/2019, 10:09 pm NST
I really dislike the pillow shading in porcelain.

Kinda curious to see variations of oil painting, so going with that I guess

mandypandy667, 02/26/2019, 10:33 pm NST
I really love the Mosaic and the Oil Painting

1jediboy, 02/26/2019, 10:34 pm NST

1jediboy, 02/26/2019, 10:51 pm NST
I think Mosaic might be my favorite! The multiple fragments utilize the bending and curving of the body shape, it’s amazingly rich in colour, and instead of just simply sharing each tile with a different shade of the same colour, it uses different colors to signify lighting!

Oil painting looks very beautiful and is for the true art connoisseur in all of us! (P.S. This color palette seems to be based off “The Scream” )

Porcelain Figures seems to have the reflections and shading down pat with a beautiful image in the center… Kind of reminds you of Nana’s house!

And lastly, Wicker! Wicker looks very… Time investing. Wicker seems like the perfect kind of colour for certain themed Neopets. Specifically for the Neopian who appreciates how long it takes to make good art! 🖼

1jediboy, 02/26/2019, 11:31 pm NST
Idea: Mosaic be marketed as a Brightvale colour!
Bright ale has so little adding to it anyway.

insane000illusions, 02/26/2019, 11:34 pm NST
#teamoilpainting I noticed as well that it was the colors from The Scream that is my absolute favorite painting. I've never owned a gelert but I would love one of those

biediep, 02/26/2019, 11:49 pm NST
Oh come on, TNT! Don't make us choose! T^T

alex, 02/26/2019, 11:57 pm NST
I love mosaics so I'm gonna have to go with that one.

inkpot, 02/27/2019, 12:29 am NST
i voted oil~

fav to least fav:
1. oil painting.
2. wicker.
3. mosaic.
4. porcelain.

ducky - JN Staff, 02/27/2019, 12:35 am NST
They could also like MAKE THE PBS WE*VE ASKED FOR YEARS SUCH AS VALENTINE AND MAROON (see base of Halloween Ele)

... Even these are rather pretty, I wonder how would people customise such a colourful colours?

mitochondriamage, 02/27/2019, 1:57 am NST
Mosaic is definitely my favorite of the bunch, but porcelain looks cool too. Maybe this will end up like the last paintbrush poll where the three most liked colors will be made real, with only one being left behind and unused. After all, they ended up making the Steampunk, Toy, AND Origami brushes a thing last time.

chrissy, 02/27/2019, 3:24 am NST
Eh :/ Release the burlap doll from the previous poll and create a Neovian paint brush that provides us with clothing for our pets.

jawsch, 02/27/2019, 3:29 am NST
I wish they would allow rank voting or something so they could actually judge popularity correctly.

I'm not really a fan of any of these colors. I like Mosaic and Oil Painting enough but I really hate the other two colors. I think they're terrible.

I would like to see Burlap Doll come back into the voting too.

chrissy, 02/27/2019, 3:42 am NST
Rank voting is an excellent idea.

dukula, 02/27/2019, 4:15 am NST
They really need to give us a "None of the above" option

escrainus, 02/27/2019, 5:13 am NST
Upset and saddened burlap doll was left behind

flowersformachines, 02/27/2019, 5:24 am NST
I like softer colors and floral things, so I voted for porcelain figure. Guessing oil painting will win, though.

mortychichi, 02/27/2019, 5:37 am NST
Trypophobia triggered by the Wicker one

Porcelain is a nice colour but with their current art level it looks really awkward.

Mosaic is...ok I guess? But looks so weird.

Oil Painting FTW!!! Will it be Oil Paint Brush or Oil Painting Brush or Oil Painting Paint Brush?

dcatharsis, 02/27/2019, 7:04 am NST
Porcelain would've looked good if it wasn't because of that ugly pillow shading...so my vote goes for oil painting.

ladyamethyst, 02/27/2019, 7:56 am NST
Thought the purple of the mosaic was skewing my opinion (LOVE it) so I copied the images & inverted the colours....and now I love both Mosaic & Oil Painting. Can.Not.Choose.

lasimone1981, 02/27/2019, 11:04 am NST
Voted Porcelain, all the way

mavegibson, 02/27/2019, 11:49 am NST
Am I the only one who dislikes them all? I think they're all hideous, and mostly overcomplicated. Mosaic and porcelain aren't terrible ideas, but they're poorly executed.

I agree with Ducky - why have they still not given us valentine? There are so many other better ideas, and these 4 options would not be among my top 1,000 color options.

meercatristonhopets3, 02/27/2019, 1:10 pm NST
ewww i hated all of them

cat, 02/27/2019, 2:05 pm NST
I like all of them except Wicker so I hope we get 2-3 PBs out of this. I’m going with Porcelain though, I like the floral pattern.

mamsmelk_jr, 02/27/2019, 2:21 pm NST
I don't really like any of them except mosaic, but it's not like I'm jumping up and down for that one either.

1jediboy, 02/27/2019, 2:30 pm NST
Maybe, since Chias are the oldest pet on the site, maybe THEIR porcelain colour can have a few “cracked” areas! Like antiques have! Reckless pets like Blumaroos or Meercas can have chips or holes for design purposes!

adventurer262, 02/27/2019, 3:08 pm NST
Porcelain reminds me of the old glass paint brush color! I'd love to see it.

beyondelsewhere, 02/27/2019, 3:30 pm NST
Oil painting looks too much like marble to me, but I like the idea of it. I went with Mosaic because the other two are just...ick.

josie, 02/27/2019, 4:24 pm NST
I voted Porcelain too. I really like it.

zodia195, 02/27/2019, 4:27 pm NST
Being an artist I love all 4, can't we just have all 4? Lol. But since I am a painter and love the way the oil paint looks, I pick the Oil Paint one. 2nd would be Mosaic.

zodia195, 02/27/2019, 4:27 pm NST
Being an artist I love all 4, can't we just have all 4? Lol. But since I am a painter and love the way the oil paint looks, I pick the Oil Paint one. 2nd would be Mosaic.

xid, 02/27/2019, 5:10 pm NST
I really like mosaic and oil painting, can't choose!

vaporesque, 02/28/2019, 3:05 am NST
Porcelain pillow shading is tdf *_* Really makes me miss my museum constitutionals.
<br />

vaporesque, 02/28/2019, 3:08 am NST
Oops. sorry about that. :br:

My least favorite is wicker. so GOML *facepalm*

stormmonarch, 02/28/2019, 5:00 am NST
Why so much hate on wicker? It's the best for me. So much detail.

combustibles, 02/28/2019, 6:15 am NST
I hate all of them.. Why not give us stuff we want instead of all the ugly, useless new item updates that are blatant traces or these new colours that don't match the standard of previous brushes..

cat, 02/28/2019, 1:44 pm NST
I kind of wish we could vote “yay” or “nay” on them individually, so those of us who like two or three of the colors could vote yay for multiples and Nay for the one or two we don’t want and those that don’t want any of them could vote nay on all 4.

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