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Legends and Letters: Now in Australia
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 7, 2019, 10:46 am NST

UPDATE: We've received word that the next planned release date for the app will be February 28th, and this release will be worldwide!

Good news! Legends and Letters is now available to Neopians who reside in Australia, on both Android and iOS.

If you're in Australia on Android, visit the Play Store to download the app.

If you're in Australia on iOS, open up the App Store app on your mobile device and search for "Legends and Letters" to download.

This also apparently includes an updated version, so if you previously had the app downloaded (only for Android users in Singapore up to today), then you should see an update option available.

Have you played the app yet? When do you think that we'll see a wider release? Let us know what you think in the comments!

(If you are not in Australia or Singapore, please let us know if you're able to download the app and what country you are in! Remember, however, that physical location doesn't matter—we want to know what country your App/Play Store account is set up under! You can have an Australian Play Store account, for example, and still have access to download the app while physically on vacation in the USA.)
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berixmaster2010, 02/7/2019, 12:02 pm NST
I can view the page in Canada now, but it says "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."

xhriis, 02/7/2019, 12:38 pm NST
^Same in Brazil

dcatharsis, 02/7/2019, 4:52 pm NST
^Same in Chile!

skiasma, 02/7/2019, 4:52 pm NST
Just waiting for the UK...

skiasma, 02/7/2019, 4:57 pm NST
Hang on, seems to be on the UK's Google Play page (it says I have no devices... boo) but not on iOS as yet. Came on Play about four hours ago, it says.

So very close and yet...

maga_m, 02/7/2019, 5:33 pm NST
Same thing as @berixmaster2010 in Argentina!

darknova177, 02/7/2019, 5:46 pm NST
The app is also available in Hong Kong.

cal_chetty, 02/7/2019, 7:59 pm NST
So close yet so far ... for Kiwis that is

corky629, 02/7/2019, 8:59 pm NST
YeP, just downloaded and going to try it.
In Hong Kong

neoaddict, 02/8/2019, 12:49 am NST
I read somewhere it is only available in androids. Can you tell us if IOS is available to EVERYONE?

majacal, 02/8/2019, 12:56 am NST
It is available on IOS in Australia.

dave - JN Staff, 02/8/2019, 12:32 pm NST
@neoaddict: The iOS version is only available in Australia at the moment. See our instructions in the post above on how to get it if you have an iOS device and are in Australia.

cricketgoddess1978, 02/8/2019, 10:31 pm NST
I have downloaded and played a little so far. I am in Australia with IOS. I really like the look and feel of it so far. Just having an issue with logging in with my neopets username details. Anyone else having this issue?

maqleod, 02/8/2019, 10:42 pm NST
For those willing to go through the trouble, you can change your Apple store country info, or set up a second iTunes account for a country of choice to download content released for other countries. I haven’t actually tried these, but would be curious of results for anyone willing to test them:



cat, 02/8/2019, 10:57 pm NST
Aww, still not available in the US.

dave - JN Staff, 02/9/2019, 7:33 am NST
^ In regards to changing your iTunes account country, I would *not* recommend doing that.

You need a valid form of payment that can be processed in that country (you have this if you've traveled abroad and used a credit card and it worked). You won't have this if your credit card is not set up for international use (and debit cards are probably more restrictive).

You may also lose all of your existing purchases that you made in the old account country, such as music, apps, books, movies, etc.

And when/if you ever change it back to your real country, then Legends and Letters may become invalid (or any other apps/music/books/media you purchased while your account was in a different country).

maqleod, 02/9/2019, 11:08 am NST
You won't lose existing purchases, otherwise anyone who moves to another country would be fairly upset with Apple - you retain anything previously purchased. If it was really a risk, Apple would mention it in their KB, it would be a legal nightmare for them not to:


You also don't need to add new payment info, but you do need to manually set the method as "None". That limits you to only free apps and no in-app purchases:


That said, when you change or change back it may affect access to any region restricted apps - so that is a fair warning.

All that said, I don't really endorse doing it and it is a lot of trouble to do (and may be a royal pain to deal with because it affects all your other apps on ALL your devices), but it is an option to give it a look on a temporary basis.

dave - JN Staff, 02/9/2019, 1:58 pm NST
@maqleod: In the first knowledge base article you linked to, I see a long list of items you would lose access to if you were to change your country today without waiting for them to be delivered or run out, including losing any media pre-orders, remaining Apple Music subscription time, and any built up iTunes credit.

Given that the game is being released worldwide in 19 days and the potentially large financial loss if someone were to switch, I would NOT recommend anyone choose to change their iTunes account country just for this app.

forever_future, 02/11/2019, 7:26 pm NST
I've had a go at playing the game over the past several days. It's a pretty alright game, but I'm just terrible at Scrabble. Lol.
There are some legitimate words that it doesn't accept, I've found. And sometimes, when I finish a round, it freezes on the screen before the reward chest comes up and I need to close the app.
However, despite the glitches, it's a good game and I have high hopes for it.

dusty_daisy, 02/13/2019, 2:41 pm NST
I'm from Australia but I live in the UK now. I'm on iphone and just changed my app store from UK back to Australia - I've changed back and forwards before without too much trouble (although I have payment methods for both countries, so that makes it easier). I've never lost purchases or anything though, so I don't think there's any risk with swapping. Not sure how it will affect app updates in the future, but I just want to play the game, haha

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