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Kacheek Day Roundup
  • Posted by Ducky
  • Posted on January 29, 2019, 10:15 am NST

Celebrate Kacheek Day with new look:


Kacheeks can also get ready for parties with this new outfit:

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eliz1bef, 01/29/2019, 10:18 am NST
This is a really weak run at pastel.

stepupfairy, 01/29/2019, 10:28 am NST
I thought it was snow at first

Bit bland tbh, looks like a washed out blue

anchovy, 01/29/2019, 10:29 am NST
OOOHH i like the pastel just wish they would've given him matching line work. Kind of reminds me of fairy kei and kawaii style. Would like to try making some customizations outfits with him!

mavegibson, 01/29/2019, 11:09 am NST
Disappointing. That greenish color is more neon than pastel.

dave - JN Staff, 01/29/2019, 12:04 pm NST
This Pastel palette is a little odd.. Would have preferred Snot and Custard to this!

zixianna, 01/29/2019, 1:21 pm NST
Definitely a frost-bitten Kacheek, especially given the outfit.

orisasda, 01/29/2019, 1:31 pm NST
I was looking forward to a pastel Kacheek but it ended up disappointing. It would look so much better if the chest and tip of the tail were coloured in something like a pastel pink and not the ice blue colour they are currently.

surferaj, 01/29/2019, 2:11 pm NST
I'm sure Kacheek owners will be disappointed. That hue is a bit too pale, even for pastel. But, the outfit is adorable.

lasergu, 01/29/2019, 2:41 pm NST
Am I the only one who loves it?

inkpot, 01/29/2019, 2:46 pm NST
nope, i like it too, lasergu!

i'm honestly a bit shocked by the number of ppl who aren't into it. maybe most ppl were expecting a soft pink?

i think the colors are nice. i love soft blues -- the kacheek looks very dreamy (and w/ that being said looks AMAZING with a Cloud Castle Background).

escrainus, 01/29/2019, 3:20 pm NST
Nah it does actually looks blank, not the worst pastel but neither the best, just average at most imo.

josie, 01/29/2019, 4:19 pm NST
I think it's adorable, and the outfit too.

1jediboy, 01/29/2019, 4:20 pm NST
*sigh of relief* News! News after nearly two weeks!
I gotta say something funny! I'm going through Comedic-Withdrawal!


1jediboy, 01/29/2019, 4:20 pm NST
(I like the colour though. Simple, yet nice! This is for anyone who wanted a periwinkle Kacheek! )

visual_arts, 01/29/2019, 4:54 pm NST
I actually LOVE the pastel colour!

elepop, 01/29/2019, 6:28 pm NST
oh, its rather unexpected but I kinda like that it's sorta weird colour lol

ducky - JN Staff, 01/29/2019, 10:02 pm NST
I like the colour too, maybe green is bit too bright. I just don't like kacheeks :p That lilac (orwhateveryouwanttocallthatcolour) is quite nice in my eyes.

gigiamore, 01/30/2019, 3:08 am NST
The aqua belly, ear and tail colour is too bright for pastel and the lines are too dark. It's a nice colour, but it's not really pastelly enough, The eyes are cute, but again, still a bit bright :/ It's also similar to so many other kacheek colours. Man I was really looking forward to painting Genny pastel, oh well.

1jediboy, 01/30/2019, 11:03 am NST
Happy Kacheek Day to my baby girl L.K.!

june_scarlet, 01/30/2019, 3:41 pm NST
I like this color, I think it's good.

nihana, 01/31/2019, 4:48 am NST
I think you could do a nice 90's themed custom with this color, I like it

1jediboy, 01/31/2019, 10:41 am NST
^You got it, dude! 👍

1jediboy, 01/31/2019, 10:42 am NST
^(Full House reference.)

nomorestars, 01/31/2019, 9:14 pm NST
not a fan. we've got a pale warm blue and a neon cool blue, it's just clashing.

clementine, 01/31/2019, 11:57 pm NST
The color makes it a nice base to customize with. It opens it up the color to be more fitting since it's so mellow. I like it!

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