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Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Update
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on January 8, 2019, 5:11 am NST

Another update has launched this morning for Lyra and the Lost Heirloom!

Again, this is only a story update.
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forever_future, 01/8/2019, 7:41 am NST
Lol. The way it is right now, I think the time it's going to be a "come on every day and win a bonus prize" it's going to be the one day I miss it, I imagine. Haha.

moonlightwitch, 01/8/2019, 10:38 am NST
^ same

clanfever13, 01/8/2019, 12:05 pm NST
Story update... again... for the... 11th? 12th time? Haha...

solsticesprite, 01/8/2019, 12:27 pm NST
So she's both holding onto an anchor chain and also drifting away?

Does this mean her dad can't swim?

And oh noes, we're gonna have to play Dubloon Disaster!

meercatristonhopets3, 01/8/2019, 1:13 pm NST
how exciting.............

kingloui17, 01/8/2019, 1:36 pm NST

1jediboy, 01/8/2019, 2:03 pm NST
That's probably the "sailing off into the distance boat!" The one that probably leads to THE L&L app.

"fiddled with the bracelet around her wrist." She still has that? ...She is kind. Anyone else would've probably thrown it off the side of the ship. That says a lot about her character!

"Whatever she had done must have cost him a lot."

"Hang on, that’s Aymas Xendrik? The cruel warden?" I KNEW IT!!!

Where do you think the Grarrl Captain comes from?

Remember: KEEP! HYPE! ALIVE!

1jediboy, 01/8/2019, 2:04 pm NST
(the capitalization of THE was an accident.)

mzlish, 01/8/2019, 2:13 pm NST
They are gonna end up at Lutari Island. Calling it now!!

1jediboy, 01/8/2019, 2:25 pm NST
^HERE'S HOPING!!!!!!!!!!!

1jediboy, 01/8/2019, 2:25 pm NST
(it would make sense with the app and Lutari Island's prior phone setup and all.)

mamsmelk_jr, 01/9/2019, 7:57 am NST
That would be sweet, I wasn't on neopets yet when Lutari Island was actually doing something. I do hope we get some notice beforehand if there is a daily thing coming, I try to get on everyday to check but I do have to work and go to school.

una, 01/9/2019, 11:22 am NST
Lutari Island would be amazing if they tied it in

escrainus, 01/9/2019, 5:01 pm NST
What hype? also would be pretty lame if missing a day of a wall of text would cost us any prize.. given there is nothig that helps keeping record of that..

1jediboy, 01/9/2019, 6:01 pm NST
...None. -_- I've been trying to activate hype for weeks!
I'm typing all these analytical comments about each story post trying to get every juicy detail I can, like those "UsTubers" who make TV show theories, trying to make something that's obviously going slow sound a lot cooler, and I'm barely seeing anyone else show their OWN analytical comments! OBVIOUSLY there's a lack of hype! (Except in Pikachu whom I haven't seen in awhile.) I just want SOMETHING that says there's at least SOME interest in this plot!

Please, dude. Help me out here. Even if there isn't any hype, if there's interest, there's hope! More players might come and bring in more revenue, thus leading TNT to make higher-quality plots next time!

You're a man of taste, find the good in what they supply! And if you don't see what you want, explain in detail what you do! THAT will need to nothing but good for the future of neopia!

1jediboy, 01/9/2019, 6:03 pm NST
mzlish seemed to have hype, though.

One spark of hope! That's all we need!

escrainus, 01/9/2019, 7:26 pm NST
TNT killed my sense of hype long time ago.

And well I see this like a mini-event, event at most like the food contest.. is far from being a plot.

IF we want to make an analysis, I'm interested in how they will justify the story of the new app, is obvius that Aurrick is the same krawk from the app...

But then again, I have my "hype" down, save for the chance of having Bruno and Reginald in the app, for this story.. the pace is very irregular, at times trying to build up the characters showing their limits and at times just making them perfect and too lucky. OFC is not like all of the past plots had good story, but you get what I mean...

escrainus, 01/9/2019, 8:23 pm NST
Now looking at the bright side - It is good that they are making this epilogue for the app, this can build up interest (yes it has its flaws but already pointed them out).

What would be nice to see is that this event takes place in the past, that it connects with the past map renewal events AND that it connects to the plots of the site, pretty ambitious but that would be neat, plus they totally have to make use of the factions, there is such a great potential there.

1jediboy, 01/9/2019, 10:44 pm NST
THE PAST!!! That would be an EXCELLENT way for everything to connect! It would explain that map error at the app introduction they had, and if it IS going to be like the game app "Doctor Who: Legacy" incorporating prior "core" characters and events, that would be the best way to allow the new app to be canon to the official Neopets lore! (I'm equally as fascinated with the fleshing out of the factions. Lots of pure, creative potential waiting to be tapped...)

It is a step in the right direction for the site and the apps to have a certain linkage. It IS how it worked with Lutari Island so long ago. The crux of Neopets IS the site and any spin-off media SHOULD either have roots or linkages to it.

If it's set in the past, which it really should, that seems inevitable.
That... Lucky... Lucky? Lucky! You're right! What are the odds that that boat JUST happened to be there when Lyra was trying to escape! It does seem kinda lazy without setting up a boat being there in the first place... or at least if it was sailing in an earlier comic.

1jediboy, 01/9/2019, 10:44 pm NST
"OFC is not like all of the past plots had good story, but you get what I mean..."

Of course I do. Neopets has DRAMATICALLY dropped in quality over the years ever since... March 8, 2015. . Comparing TWR to TFR is heartbreaking. But even with the change of quality, it's still my favourite video game website. That's why I keep playing. Because it's still Neopets!
Why do you think I came up with so many linking theories to it? Neopet's very existence inspires me!

1jediboy, 01/9/2019, 10:53 pm NST
...I know how you feel. I was devastated after the layoffs too. It hurts and felt like Neopets would close. Then, the new members don't seem to fit the mould of quality that we've come to love all these years... But being inspired by these lands and these games and these events and this WORLD so much so that the community's writings of Neopets.com are better than the current staff themselves? All I see in that is that we, the lovers of our favourite childhood game site, who have become so inspired by it over the years, should try to become official TNT writers OURSELVES if we eventually can. Like a next of kin passing of the torch! They made a beautiful new world, and it stands to reason that the audience that enjoyed it SHOULD be the next writers of the site for the NEXT generation.

A lack of quality on this site is very frustrating... but at least we still 'have' the site to get better! Or better yet, for us to make it better!

contessa, 01/10/2019, 7:13 am NST
Wonder when we will get another actual step to do? Right now it is just an interesting storyline....

escrainus, 01/10/2019, 4:14 pm NST
@contessa is a fanfic, enjoy the read!! (?)

@jedi: oh yes, I really love the potential of lore, one of the best things about neopets is that despite having a lore, is flexible enough for us to add our own spice to it but without feeling overly forced or out of canon... I should really start doing my proyect XD

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