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TNT Community Updates 10/10
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on October 11, 2018, 6:00 am NST

Late last night, TNT staff member hardtotame held the latest of her Q&A sessions on the Ideas/Suggestions neoboard. Here's a recap of what she said:


As a reminder on the re-releasing of rarer stamps:

As promised, we'll look into what we can do about the re-release of rare stamps.

On giving clues to the undiscovered recipes at the Cooking Pot:

15 years, you say? I think a clue or two is overdue! Don't you? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

On updating the colour of the Red Teasqito to be less pink:

There weren't any plans to do so before you asked As long as it won't break anything in the system (I'll have to check), we can do this.


On the idea of cumulative Cellblock high score lists:

I can add this to our backlog to take up and discuss when we get to it.

On the idea of bringing back Invasion of Meridell without rewards:

Yes, it was because of an exploit. That's an interesting suggestion, I can share it with the team.

On continued efforts to change flash games to html5:

We're already in the process of doing this. We may not get to every last one of them, but transitioning the games to HTML5 is on our priority list.

On which games will be converted to html5 first, and if unpopular games are likely to be left alone:

Most of the discussions around transitioning to HTML5 happened at the executive level, so I do not know whether this has been discussed.

On the idea of the Faerieland Employment Agency awarding trophies similar to books/gourmets:

good point


On releasing the previously unreleased Godori avatar:

The Godori avatar looks fun! Why not?

On the idea of having retired avatars count differently in totals:

That sounds cool. We may not want to do it exactly as you've described, but the idea of having retired avatars count separately is a good one.

On re-releasing last year's Faerie Festival avatar, and then more generally releasing previously unreleased avatars:

No, that discussion has still not happened yet.
No, we do not plan to re-release it.
Yes, we're open to releasing avatars that were created but never released in the past.

On fixing the glitch with the Trudy avatar:

A programmer did briefly look into this, I will follow up with him.


On the idea of changing/removing the Throw Pillows ability:

I understand your concern. We can keep this in mind when planning battle-related achievements in the future.

On Battledome fixes:

We all want the issues with the BD to be sorted as soon as possible, but we're struggling with the pressing issues the programmers are facing with the transition to HTML 5.

As for support, are you referring to tickets related to the BD, specifically? If yes, then the uncertainty of when we can do those fixes is probably why the tickets have gone unanswered for so long.

On the possibility of Punchbag Sid showing up soon:

Is this a trap?
I will have a better idea of the timeline of the BD fixes once we're able to identify a time slot for when we can schedule those tasks.


On allowing invisible pets to be entered into the customisation spotlight:

I can share this idea with the ones who are in charge of the customization spotlight, but I'm not really involved in the competitions, so it's not up to me.

On continuing theft of content in userlookup spotlight winners:

My apologies, I am not aware of this.I will certainly take this up with the team in charge of the userlookup spotlight.

I will have someone get in touch with you as a point of contact for Sunnyneo.

On the previously announced creative contest prize pool update, and winners still getting codestones and the like:

I am well, thank you.
That was actually supposed to be done, but apparently the update was only done to one of the contest prize pools. It has since been extended to the others as well.

Note: If you've won one of the 4 contests in the last week, you've probably been contacted by JN Staff to gather data about the new prize pool. Since this answer seemingly invalidates a lot of that collection, we'll be starting fresh again.

On finally awarding the special prizes to winners of milestone contests in the Poetry and Storytelling contests:

I will follow up with Jade about this.

General Fixes

On Neoboard updates such as post editing:

We all agree the neoboards needs a revamp, but it's not on our immediate plans, so we haven't discussed the details yet.

On fixing locations around the site that use broken images due to referencing old, pre-customisation poses for modern colours:

I really don't know how this works, but I can have someone check and see whether this is possible and how much effort is involved.

On plans to add more pet slots, and checking back on previous boards:

No, nothing in the immediate future.
Ah yes, I had to leave a lot sooner than I wanted that day. I did check back afterwards, but I'll spend some time going through the later responses.

On a request for a One Piece themed clothing set for Mynci Day:

I can share this with the art team, don't know what they'll say.

On Krawk Island getting a secret Training School:

That does sound fun, but it also sounds like a fair amount of work. I'll see what the others think.

As a reminder, hardtotame is next due on Thurday, 18th of October at 4am NST. This time she will be on the Help Chat.
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