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TNT Community Updates, Oct 4th
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on October 4, 2018, 10:48 am NST

hardtotame has once again hit the Neoboards to answer questions from Neopians. She was on the boards earlier this morning, from 4:00-5:00 AM NST. She will be next returning on October 10th, from 9:30-10:30 PM NST on the Ideas/Suggestions board.

Here's a summary of her answers from this morning:

Regarding changes to Plushie Tycoon:

Plushie tycoon - [making changes] has been brought up before, we'll see when we get there.

Regarding updates to fixing World Challenges:

World Challenge - nope, we've had a lot come our way.

Regarding adding high score tables/avatars for trophy collectors:

As for the recognition for trophy collectors, I still think those are ideas worth considering, but we haven't gotten there yet.

Regarding glitches with some user accounts who cannot get onto high score tables or obtain game avatars:

we know there are some accounts that are having trouble with high score tables. I'm not sure what progress has been made, but I can check.

Asking if there are any updates to prizes for Illusen/Jhudora quests:

no, unfortunately.

Regarding purging old ones:

Guild purge - never discussed it, but I can make a note of it so we can talk about it and see what we think.

Prize Updates
Regarding the King Skarl prize pool:

King Skarl Prize Pool - not sure if i mentioned this before - this was all done and ready to go, but the programmer was asked to rewrite the entire code (it was old) and then he put the whole project off for a while while finishing off other assignments. I've been pestering him about it for a while now, so I'm hoping he'll get back to it soon.

And the King Skarl Collectable Charm that is frequently asked about:

The charm is not active right now.

Regarding updating the recently released slew of stamp avatars to use the suggestions from a community-made petition:

Yes, nearly all of the stamp avatar images have been updated to have transparent backgrounds. As for the petition, it was decided by the team that we will only update the Altador stamp avatar, and that is ready. Should be out next week, if not this one.

Regarding the re-release of long retired stamps:

Re-release of stamps - I can't say anything about this right now, but it's very much on our priority list.

Regarding the fixing of the broken Halloween Mynci avatar:

yes, we are aware of it. You're right, this is a nice time to get that fix out. I'll talk to Donny and see what he can do.

Asking to make sure the new Rubbish Dump avatar is working:

it's working :) People have been getting it. It's not time-restricted.

Regarding updating the Petpetsitter avatar, due to its score being very hard to get on modern PCs:

We'll probably have someone evaluate this and then decide whether a change is warranted.

Regarding giving the Vandagyre a default-style avatar:

TNT no like timelines, but Vandagyres do deserve an avatar of their own.

Asking for an update on the AAA's Revenge avatar:

nothing for now.

Charity Corner Perks Shop
Regarding the use of unused points:

This was being worked on with great vigour, until the programmer had to put it aside to meet a few other deadlines. It's not being worked on at the moment, but I'm hoping she can get back to work as soon as work lets down a bit. I don't want to hint at dates, because that rarely ever turns out well

Changing Pet Names
Regarding being able to change your Neopet's name, even as a paid service:

I think it's come up a few times, but it's not something we're actively considering right now. We've got a lot on our plates right now, so it may be a while before we start looking at projects like this again.

Yucky Gourmet Foods/Boring Books
Regarding doing something about Neopets who find certain food and books undesirable:

we've discussed a workaround to that, not sure when it may be implemented though.

Neocash Cards
Regarding selling them again in stores (Australia asked about specifically):

this is not something I have any say in, or have any knowledge about, I'm sorry.

Regarding making sure the site content adheres to British spellings and words:

good point. I think some of us could do with a reminder of our roots.

HTTPS for Neopets
Regarding bringing Neopets.com over to the HTTPS protocol:

yes, it's one of the things that are actively being worked on.

More Map Updates
Regarding the potential update of a "Jelly World" map:

what strange ideas you have, my dear.

Regarding updating the Meridell map to have bigger link boxes:

Meridell map is going to be tweaked a bit in due time to make it easier to use and to put the Symol Hole back in there.

Regarding how many more map updates we'll see in 2018:

I really can't say.

Neoboard Chat Filters
Regarding updating them to be less strict and allow users to talk about their uncles eating grapes:

There is nothing being done about the filters at the moment.

Regarding being able to transfer your 6th pet (it's currently not possible to do so):

I did ask my colleagues to look into this, but not sure what happened thereafter. I will follow up.

Regarding a continuation of the Wraith Resurgence plot:

not in the foreseeable future

Regarding an update on Magon, and how he fared in the Court of Knowledge:

we haven't forgotten. You'll hear more about his trial soon.
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