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Battledome Update From TNT
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 28, 2018, 5:45 am NST

You may remember that during the summer, TNT staff member hardtotame suggested that there were planned updates/fixes coming to the Battledome starting in September. As we approach the end of the month, hardtotame has now posted on the Battledome Neoboard to confirm that the slated updates have been delayed:

I Really Hoped It Wouldn't Come to This - but unfortunately, all I can do is apologize. As much as we all would love to announce the Battledome fixes you have been waiting for, there is much beyond our control, and it has left us with no opportunity to attempt those fixes this month. We will be meeting to see where and how we can schedule some time for the right people to work on it. Until then, I'm afraid, we can only continue to wait.

She also gave some additional insight:

m0nster_rancher, each of our programmers has his/her own areas of expertise, and work is assigned accordingly. Some of the recent fixes worked on by the team include the lottery avatar, updating the creative contest prize pools and the ability to delete PB clothing from closets. As mentioned before, our senior programmer is the one that's been assigned the battledome fixes (the code in there is pretty daunting) and he's been busy working on issues preventing us from fully moving to HTML 5. It has been pretty frustrating just to watch him trying one solution after the other, only to be thrown back to square one as the solutions throw up other problems. He's also been working on issues related to setting up the hybrid app for Neopets.

In fact, just the other day when I asked "Well, what are we going to do about the BD fixes?", he responded with "We'll just have to clone ourselves." So now, our latest project is a human cloning machine... Erm - not. Jokes aside, this conversation was before we decided we'll try once more to see how and where we can fit BD fixes into the schedule, so that's the next step.

This also confirmed that the long awaited update to creative contest prizes is now active, so be on the look out for new prizes if you win those contests going forwards.
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saiphami, 09/28/2018, 6:55 am NST
I really do feel for them in this case. It seems like they need more staffing, but the people working to fix the problems aren't the ones who get to decide the budget to get them more staffing. The staff that they do have seem to be working tirelessly. I know it's easy to complain (and I reserve the right to complain if something disastrous happens next week, lol) but they have been fixing things. It's not the staff's fault that they inherited an incredibly broken site.

ummy - JN Staff, 09/28/2018, 7:02 am NST
^It's not so much that's it's broken, but that the site is approaching 20 years old. No matter how many programmers they have, they would likely need even more to update and maintain the code. And that's on top of trying to work on the regular events and fixes. I can't even imagine what their to-do list looks like, few probably can.

ceruleanfox, 09/28/2018, 9:52 am NST
I am glad, thanksful and appreciative for this group of staff and previous staff for keeping this site going in spite of AND despite bugs, patches, old code, ownership changes. Am not a patient Neopian however, this site is noticeably improving at a slow and steady, mostly consistent rate. Thank you TNT for listening to us. All grumbles you hear from me is really the wind or marauding meepits

fenix, 09/28/2018, 12:24 pm NST
My heart goes out to the programmers. I imagine the site code is as snarled as hair with burs, and bandaged bandages on top of even more bandages. Oh, and all of this is code is at least 10 years or older, and probably has some outdated coding tricks in there as well.

loretta__mandy, 09/28/2018, 12:59 pm NST
what needs to be fixed in the BD I like it the way it is, not perfect but I will accept it

1jediboy, 09/28/2018, 2:04 pm NST
They’re suffering with how much work they have to do!

This! This is the time when we need to show them “it’s OK”. This is the time that we need to show them when they’re apologizing about something we’ve been demanding that it’s OK if it’s not on time.

They’re probably panicked and afraid that every time they announce the delay that something more than half the Fanbase is begging for that it will lead to half the Fanbase walking out on them!

THIS is the time where we should all be the most understanding: While they struggle! We are waiting for so many things on the site… It’s time we accept that they’re not coming “soon” and say that we are willing to wait for something we obviously know is worth it.

Because we know they’re worth it! ❤️🏅

pikachu315111, 09/28/2018, 4:24 pm NST
Jeez, they have the senior programmer doing both HTML5 transfer and the BD Fixes? Poor guy! Going to buy some NC and ask Scrappy/Jade to buy him a box of cookies.

As for the topic on hand. HTML5 transfer if top priority, we need to get the site off flash if only to make it easier to navigate on mobile. I also prefer they focus everything on one thing and get it working perfectly instead of splitting focus between projects.

terrih, 09/28/2018, 4:29 pm NST
I finally got a prize for the poetry gallery from 2 months ago. A Pirate PB.

dr_tomoe, 09/28/2018, 4:31 pm NST
I forget, who's the senior programmer again? I can't remember if it's DJ Skellington, Senor Malo, or Binary Supagoo.

cheyennet2, 09/28/2018, 5:17 pm NST
I hope the BD enthusiasts arent complaining about this. The BD is in my opinion a low priority as it is actually a functioning part of the site. HTML5 needs high priority and then fixing broken things needs to have next priority.

I think Binary_Supagoo is the head programmer and he deserves all of our support. I wish we could help him. :/

parody_ham, 09/28/2018, 7:20 pm NST
I feel for the programmers, they are dealing with a tangled spaghetti of code. :/

Glad for the transparency, though. It's very much appreciated.

cay, 09/28/2018, 9:57 pm NST
TNT will always have my love and support ♥ Adam did say coding for Neopets is a programmer's nightmare.
-gives our programmers a big group hug-

mamsmelk_jr, 09/29/2018, 3:04 pm NST
I don't mind waiting a little longer for things to be fixed, at least things have been noticeably improving lately (I've been on Neopets long enough to know that wasn't always the case ), and I really appreciate that hardtotame is keeping us up to date on things. I prefer them working on 1 thing and making it great, rather than doing multiple things and ending up with glitchy stuff. So you won't hear me complain.

androidturret, 09/29/2018, 3:23 pm NST
I'm only just learning web coding now, and the overhaul Neopets needs to be brought up to date is massive. Like page by page massive for the html documents alone. I don't even know what it's gonna be like server site considering how old the site is and however many code types are still in use.

Those poor programmers. I can wait for the BD update for however long it takes and I wish them all the luck I have for getting the site up to date codewise.

cat, 09/29/2018, 11:09 pm NST
Good to know they're at least trying to work it into their schedule. It's a busy time of year between Halloween, GMC and Advent Calendar related stuff.

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