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Draik Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 10, 2018, 1:39 pm NST

To celebrate yesterday's Draik Day, a new Dragon Ball themed clothing set is now active:

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, two new Draik colours have also been activated:

Custard | Candy
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1jediboy, 09/10/2018, 1:45 pm NST
Thank you! Something new! Three days without any new Neopets stuff is BRUTAL!!! DX

It just makes me want to... want to... *gets into stance position*


*SHOOTS OUT MASSIVE BLAST* *accidentally burns Herdy's mailbox to a crisp*

*gasp* Uhh... *whistles and walks away* 9_9

parody_ham, 09/10/2018, 2:35 pm NST
Oh my gosh. I need this in my life, haha. I want my Draik to be Goku, how fabulous. xD

inkpot, 09/10/2018, 3:03 pm NST
Niiiice. Also love that theyre making neopoint contacts~

trista, 09/10/2018, 3:04 pm NST
I so dislike "Goku" , Hope the new colour will be cooler

purplebin, 09/10/2018, 3:20 pm NST
They should be continuing the 2-color pet days, I think, but I wonder why they are so late activating them?

dave - JN Staff, 09/10/2018, 5:21 pm NST
@purplebin: It's taking a little longer to make sure they get the drippings right on the new Snot and Custard Draiks!

beingniceisfree, 09/10/2018, 5:40 pm NST
Seriously, Snot and Custard?!? Not Candy or Steampunk?

beingniceisfree, 09/10/2018, 5:40 pm NST
Please be joking, Dave!

annagd, 09/10/2018, 5:59 pm NST
News are out but no new colours?!

purplebin, 09/10/2018, 6:49 pm NST
Hee, hee! I thought it was deciding whether the Invisible Draik should have the topknot or not.

They had better just be still working on them!

dark169, 09/10/2018, 9:19 pm NST
Next time on Draik Ball Super...

1jediboy, 09/10/2018, 10:54 pm NST
^Techolo and Yurbcha battle for victory against SpringaBeerus!
While Sloth clones 17 & 18 train with King Kai...a.

(I'm way behind with "super." I've seen most of "Z Kai." )

1jediboy, 09/10/2018, 10:54 pm NST
(and by behind, I mean I haven't seen any full episodes.)

purplebin, 09/11/2018, 6:59 am NST
Candy and Custard! I really don't like the Candy very much...

ducky - JN Staff, 09/11/2018, 7:06 am NST
I have not decided how I feel about candy. It might be like marble gnorbu was for me. WTF IS THIS and then I loved it. Except I don't like draiks.
Custard isn't drippy enough :p

IN general this is good day since I live for the whines and moans of draikowners :p

spabl, 09/11/2018, 8:49 am NST
I LOVE the CAndy!!!

tomatereloco, 09/11/2018, 10:10 am NST
Candy looks to strippy

There you have @ducky

ducky - JN Staff, 09/11/2018, 10:53 am NST
This gets me thru next year!

dave - JN Staff, 09/11/2018, 1:21 pm NST
Looks like they couldn't get the drippings on the Snot Draik right in time.

1jediboy, 09/11/2018, 1:45 pm NST
Or they couldn’t find invisible in time.

cat, 09/11/2018, 1:52 pm NST
Love the Goku outfit, for added realism substitute the Sun Prince Wig.

That Candy is gorgeous, I might have to repaint my Draik.

cat, 09/11/2018, 1:56 pm NST
OMG the texture on the non-striped parts of the candy looks like the texture on the characters in Little Dragon Cafe.

josh_m, 09/11/2018, 2:19 pm NST
I'm still going to keep my draik Eventide.

azuresea, 09/11/2018, 2:54 pm NST
I thought Custard was biscuit at first before taking a closer look.
I'm kinda disappointed with Candy, I like the pink candy color for the belly & the inside of the wings & tail, but that's about it.

kischako, 09/11/2018, 5:06 pm NST
The stripes are a bit too strong on his face... if it was not like that, I would have love it very much. But maybe there is something that can be done with a facepaint.

Custard is nice but a little bit too yellow.

purslane, 09/11/2018, 6:14 pm NST
look at the drippings on the chest of the custard draik...should've been further down on the body

unarella, 09/12/2018, 1:22 am NST
Candy is so beautiful!

twocue, 09/12/2018, 4:22 pm NST
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA. Dang it, now I want to change one of my pets into a candy draik! It's so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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