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September Monthly Freebies
  • Posted by Jen
  • Posted on September 1, 2018, 12:00 am NST

As we're heading into a new month and a new season, it's time to collect your monthly freebie foods and 2000np!

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We've reached our fundraising goal for 2018 and we can't thank you enough for getting us to our target!

We're continuing on with our fundraising for the rest of the year and what we receive over and above the 2018 target will go towards costs for the 2019 year. If you'd like to donate you can find out all the details on our donation page.

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1jediboy, 09/1/2018, 1:02 am NST
Thank you Jen!

(P.S. you said "We're reached our fundraising goal"

1jediboy, 09/1/2018, 1:05 am NST
^Unintentional wink. It's a glitch whenever someone puts a double quote next to a right parenthesis. )

1jediboy, 09/1/2018, 1:08 am NST
Also, I asked in "http://www.jellyneo.net/index.php?comments=12359" about what would happed if you guys got excess funding and if there could be an "optional ADS" system.

peirigill - JN Staff, 09/1/2018, 4:35 am NST
All extra funds will be allocated for a (second) giant golden status of Dr. Sloth.

moonlightwitch, 09/1/2018, 5:29 am NST
^ BOO!

dave - JN Staff, 09/1/2018, 8:29 am NST
And if you guys are really generous, we'll make sure we get a THIRD giant golden statue of Dr. Sloth as well!

moonlightwitch, 09/1/2018, 9:13 am NST
I'm sorry I could only give you 11 bux that is all my change and my cents too 😁

1jediboy, 09/1/2018, 11:05 am NST
*sigh* You want more gold statues, i respect that.

What about an optional ad watching system?
I know you try to keep Jellyneo ad-free, but what if we WANT to watch an ad because we CAN’T or don’t want to donate REAL monies we needs. I said I’d be happy to run JN ads in the background if it benefits you. ❤️ (It would be on a specific page to coalesce with your no-ads rule)

moonlightwitch, 09/1/2018, 12:52 pm NST
What kind of madman would make a statue in the shape of Dr. Sloth?

@1jediboy, Dave and the JN Team would never do that with out asking us ALL. That's nice that you want to help out in that way ✌

1jediboy, 09/1/2018, 1:58 pm NST
^Thank you, moonlightwitch. There could also be a trophy for how many videos you watch! That might entice everyone!

I also agree that Sloth statues are not necessarily the very best investmAAAAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!


jen - JN Staff, 09/1/2018, 6:37 pm NST
Slowly making our own Dr. Sloth Hall of Heroes...

and, 1jediboy, omg that's a week of being sick with limited sleep for you (I'm surprised I haven't errors with the crossword this week )

1jediboy, 09/1/2018, 7:24 pm NST

^Are you saying I got limited sleep? Totally! *rolls up sleeve showing 6 "caffeine patches" from Meet the Robinsons* I haven't slept in eight days! *eye twitch*

moonlightwitch, 09/1/2018, 10:49 pm NST
I think she is talking about winking at her post 😉

1jediboy, 09/1/2018, 11:54 pm NST
🤔 I still don’t quite understand. But re-reading her post I checked out the crossword…

I JUST realized that you can comment on the crossword!

I’m going to start committing there now too!!! 😆

dave - JN Staff, 09/2/2018, 10:04 am NST
On a more serious note, as long as donations continue to roll in, I have no interest whatsoever in placing ads--optional or not--on Jellyneo. I want our site to be free of that junky spam for all users.

We routinely raise funds past the amount we "need" each year. When this happens, the extra funds either cover unexpected costs or rising prices. (In late 2017, we had to get a second server to run the site, which unexpectedly raised our costs significantly.)

The beauty of the donation system we have right now is that all of the donations are paid directly to our hosting provider, who then credits the amount to our account, which is then automatically used to pay the hosting bills. We don't have the ability to "cash out" any of that credit.

Also, the "long term" plan is to use any extra funds we raise to keep Jellyneo up and operating long after Neopets may close down one day. (Which is looking less and less probable given Jumpstart's renewed mobile efforts!)

dave - JN Staff, 09/2/2018, 10:05 am NST
And *then*, if there's anything left over after we'll consider commissioning a gold plated Dr. Sloth statue to glorify our rightful leader of Neopia!!

1jediboy, 09/2/2018, 10:39 am NST
Jellyneo is and always will be the BEST Neopets guide site above all else!

1jediboy, 09/2/2018, 10:41 am NST
Thank you for the explanation.

contessa, 09/2/2018, 9:43 pm NST
I agree with jediboy's two post above 100%! I'll keep trying to send you my paltry donations every year that I am able. I just could not imagine Neopets without Jellyneo!!!

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