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Kyrii Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on August 29, 2018, 5:15 am NST

Two new colours are now active for Kyrii Day!

Toy | Transparent

A new set of desert princess themed clothing for Kyriis is also now available:

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jawsch, 08/29/2018, 6:07 am NST
Toy is starting to remind me of the Voice Activated hard plastic Neopets merchandise. Which makes me like them more

ducky - JN Staff, 08/29/2018, 6:24 am NST

inkpot, 08/29/2018, 6:40 am NST
yayy transparent. c^:

gotta say... the weird blocky gradient shading in the toy kyrii's ear low-key bugs me. like... why?

kyrette, 08/29/2018, 6:55 am NST
Transparent is niiiiice. I'm a bit disappointed they didn't release a Steampunk or Candy Kyrii, though.

1jediboy, 08/29/2018, 10:24 am NST
@inkpot - I like that shading. I know a user on the site who draws like that and her art is REALLY good! It might as well pass off as plot artwork! It’s an artistic choice that’s a nice balance of cartoony and realistic.

1jediboy, 08/29/2018, 10:28 am NST
THIS specific ear though... you might have a point.

purplebin, 08/29/2018, 2:01 pm NST
The new outfit is Desert Princess Kyrii

1jediboy, 08/29/2018, 2:14 pm NST
*gasp* I just realize that the transparent Kyrii has two toe bones in one paw toe!

1jediboy, 08/29/2018, 2:15 pm NST
Same thing goes for the fingers!!!

escrainus, 08/29/2018, 4:59 pm NST
Meh another colorful frankenstein.

Transparent is actually good, a shame toy had to be made..

inkpot, 08/30/2018, 10:13 am NST
it annoys me because the rest of the body is smoothly shaded. i can't stop looking at the ear... the inner artist in me is screaming.

1jediboy, 08/30/2018, 11:34 am NST
You're an artist? :o

cat, 08/30/2018, 10:12 pm NST
Kind of wis the toy's hair looked like brushable hair instead of molded plastic, but it's a nice colour. I'm loving the Transparent and its translucent hair. Nice outfit too.

peirigill - JN Staff, 08/31/2018, 2:41 am NST
I think the Toy Kyrii and the Plushie Kyrie complement each other very well!

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