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Brightvale Event Live
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on August 27, 2018, 11:29 am NST

As promised, the Brightvale event is now live! Visit the main Brightvale page to begin. The wizard we met last week has some new dialogue to explain what's going on. You can jump through a portal every 6 hours during from now until September 3rd, so we encourage you to jump as often as you can if you're participating!

WARNING: This event looks to involve Lab Ray-like changes to your active Neopet. This includes colour changes and stat changes. If you absolutely do not want a particular pet to change, we highly recommend changing your active Neopet to one where you wouldn't mind a few (promised to be reversible) changes.

For full details and a step-by-step, please see our Trouble in Brightvale guide:

View the Guide »

UPDATE: Here's a post on the Neoboards from hardtotame regarding how your pet will have portal effects reversed at the end of the event:

Reusing the portal will cure your pet of any illness it contracted through the event, but all other changes will remain until the end of the event (unless you get lucky and get the effect that restores your pet to its original condition). When your pet's state is restored at the end of the event, any stat changes that happened outside the event will be factored in.
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