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Trudy's Surprise Updates
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on August 23, 2018, 9:32 am NST

The updates that TNT announced in yesterday's news for Trudy's Surprise are now live! There are a few new changes:

There is now an avatar awarded on your 25th consecutive spin (or in other words, when you hit 100,000 NP).

Spin Streak Info
The bottom of the Trudy's Surprise page on Neopets now lists how many more spins you have until you hit your 25 day streak. It will also list how many spins until your 7 day streak (see below).

Win 100K NP by playing Trudy's Surprise everyday!
Days left to claim your reward: 14
Play daily for 7 days to win all new exclusive prizes
Days left to claim your prizes: 7

New 7 Day Streak
There now appears to be prizes for hitting a 7 day consecutive spin streak. We don't know too much about this now, but check back in a week for an updated guide with the new prizes!

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badgerclaws, 08/23/2018, 9:34 am NST
Oooh! Really excited to see even more awesome stuff for Trudy's.

bonju, 08/23/2018, 9:45 am NST
Oh, I like the avatar. Old school

purplebin, 08/23/2018, 9:58 am NST
It doesn't seem like anyone has gotten the prizes yet, although lots of people have the avatar. I spun too early today!

purplebin, 08/23/2018, 9:59 am NST
Or... do we have to spin 7 days in a row to get a prize? Like one every 7 days? That makes more sense.

purplebin, 08/23/2018, 10:03 am NST
I thought it meant we get one prize every day for 7 days...

tuxonimo, 08/23/2018, 10:38 am NST
Ok, when TNT do it right they really DO IT RIGHT! awesome.

dave - JN Staff, 08/23/2018, 10:44 am NST
@purplebin: It's a prize for your 7th consecutive spin, i.e. you need to spin for 7 days in a row. Should work just like the spin for 25 days in a row to get 100,000 NP, but much quicker. We'll confirm in a week!

cloonshannagh, 08/23/2018, 10:58 am NST
And they gave us credit for streak spins/days instead of resetting everyone to start. Only the 7 day prize is starting from scratch. My back-to- school budget thanks TNT!

1jediboy, 08/23/2018, 12:01 pm NST
Sweet! New avatar!

marfbear, 08/23/2018, 12:27 pm NST
Great, my 100k day was yesterday - lol

josie, 08/23/2018, 12:53 pm NST
Love the new avatar

purplebin, 08/23/2018, 12:55 pm NST
Those Trudy prizes are beautiful! So we should get them next Wednesday?

zen, 08/23/2018, 1:10 pm NST
This avatar is actually super great? Not impossible to get for most people, but also requires a little commitment. It also looks great and reminds me of some of my favorite older avatars.

zen, 08/23/2018, 1:14 pm NST
Also, I have high hopes for the head wreath! The item image is beautiful. I just hope it doesn't have some kind of funky positioning when it's worn. ^_^;;

eliz1bef, 08/23/2018, 3:08 pm NST
I'm so excited about the avie!

Hey, JN staff! Will you be covering the portal event going on right now?

charlie_eppes_, 08/23/2018, 4:04 pm NST
IS anyone else going to trudy's page and getting a thing wanting them to log into a images.neopets.com? I'm on Chrome.

herdy - JN Staff, 08/23/2018, 4:04 pm NST
We already are! It’s just got pushed down the front page with other things that released since.

charlie_eppes_, 08/23/2018, 4:07 pm NST
I did it through here and didn't get that and it seems to be the only page I'm getting it on.... Just wondering if anyone else has come across this?

tyuio_k50, 08/23/2018, 4:21 pm NST
IS anyone else going to trudy's page and getting a thing wanting them to log into a images.neopets.com?


Yes. It seems they occasionally include the private/gated versions of content on public pages by accident, hence why it asks for a password to view.

The intended image is http://images.neopets.com/dailyslots/slot_background.png , but they seem to have instead linked to the private version. Hopefully they'll fix it.

1jediboy, 08/23/2018, 4:33 pm NST
^ Every time I see that I click cancel! I felt it was a suspicious side source not of official neopian origin.

catastrophe, 08/23/2018, 4:58 pm NST
I wondered what was going on when I logged & saw the Spin Streak Info, which I have to admit is nice. I just wish I wasn't so busy with work this month, as I broke my streak so now I've gotta start over. Whoops!

rosi, 08/23/2018, 5:23 pm NST
Mmmh the pop-up log in prompt is still up. I sometimes see it on the news page when they forget to upload images and such, but now it is on the page of the first daily
Can we still spin it after clicking on 'cancel' ?
Only 12 days left for the 100k and the avatar for me ^^;;

charlie_eppes_, 08/23/2018, 5:25 pm NST
At least I know I'm not crazy now . Yeah I did it through the daily doers instead here and I didn't get it haha. Ah well. I thought I had remembered it coming up once before when I was doing something.

1jediboy, 08/23/2018, 8:29 pm NST
^"I thought I had remembered it coming up once before when I was doing something."

The Neopian Times? Because that's when it happened to me otherwise. That and, I think, the main news page.

louis, 08/23/2018, 9:04 pm NST
Oh gosh, does this mean after 3 years of mystery we finally know what colour Ixi Trudy is (Pastel)?

morganjoisle, 08/23/2018, 9:29 pm NST
Today was day 25 for me but I didn't get the avatar.

morganjoisle, 08/23/2018, 9:29 pm NST
Nevermind I just had to click "Okay". Well, that was marvelous luck...

averistine, 08/24/2018, 4:44 am NST

mistyraider, 08/24/2018, 2:45 pm NST
Nice that they didn't reset games for the avi. Resetting for 7 days in a row is ok with me. tho I was initially confused.

I like the note telling me how many more days til the avi (& 100,000 nps)

jen - JN Staff, 08/27/2018, 12:09 am NST
Yay got the avie today

1jediboy, 08/27/2018, 12:30 am NST
YAY! 😄 *claps for Jen*

fishgirl1996, 08/29/2018, 1:24 am NST
I got the gold sushi item for my reward after 7 days

pokemonpika78, 08/29/2018, 6:31 am NST
Got a Trudys Plushie as my 7th day prize

angel_lady, 08/29/2018, 7:32 am NST
To day it said 15 days and 1 day spun and now says 14 days and 7
Prizes were:
Basic Gift Box
Gold Frogarott

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