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Premium Sale Closing August ??th
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on August 17, 2018, 7:32 pm NST

UPDATE: As of Tueday's update on New Features, TNT has extended the sale. However, the new end date is now unknown. If you were thinking of purchasing Premium and want the reduced rate, we recommend making a quick decision.

The annual Premium sale is coming to a close on Sunday, August 19th. The yearly membership rate of $69.95 is on sale for $49.95, a savings of $20 off for the year.

New Premium Members
To receive the promotional rate, visit the Membership page and select the yearly plan. (You'll need to purchase the full yearly plan—the 4 and 1 month options are not discounted.)

Existing Premium Members
Renewal not coming up for awhile? Never fear! You can lock in this promotional rate for the next time your plan renews.

To lock in the sale:
  1. Visit the Manage Membership page. (You'll likely need to log in.)
  2. Click the "Upgrade Plan" button.
  3. Click the 1 Year plan option. You should see it discounted to $49.95.
  4. Click "Confirm Upgrade" to complete the lock in. On the confirmation page, you'll see "Next Billing Date: [your billing date] (You will be charged $49.95 on this date)"

That's it, you're upgraded and locked in!

(Did you previously cancel your membership? If so, you won't see "Upgrade Plan" on the Manage Membership page. Instead, there will be a "Keep Membership" button. Click that, confirm that you wish to restart your subscription—you'll see the price listed as $69.95. You need to restart the membership at the old price, and then follow the instructions above to get $49.95. You won't be billed for $69.95.)

Not a Premium member yet, but wondering what you get? Check out our Premium guide for more info.
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scout, 08/17/2018, 7:34 pm NST

Hi JN I miss yall!

1jediboy, 08/17/2018, 8:47 pm NST

*all of JN comes running up to greet you*

Welcome back!

krissa, 08/17/2018, 11:31 pm NST
I remember Scout back in the days of the JN Easter puzzle negg events

*tears* good times

Welcome back!

krissa, 08/17/2018, 11:32 pm NST
Or I mean the JN Negg Hunts haha XD

jweb, 08/18/2018, 1:49 am NST
Happy b-day

scout, 08/18/2018, 1:58 pm NST
Awww the negg hunts! Me and another person were talking about them on the neoboards the other day! Good times, I wish they'd make a comeback (or even Soda Wars 2)

1jediboy, 08/18/2018, 3:11 pm NST
*sniff* I wasn’t here for the negg hunts.

scout, 08/20/2018, 4:25 pm NST
The negg hunts were wonderful, even if Sci-Fi's clues made me want to pull my hair out!

1jediboy, 08/20/2018, 4:52 pm NST
*sniff* *wipes nose* Hopefully Jellyneo will do another one eventually.

scout, 08/20/2018, 5:45 pm NST
Hopefully! *pokes Rosie*

1jediboy, 08/20/2018, 6:15 pm NST
*also pokes Rosie*

ironsides, 08/20/2018, 6:21 pm NST
it's the 20th here, and i was just able to re-up my premium for the sale price. hopefully that wasn't a glitch. if it was, my fault for being late, but i do hope they extend the sale a little longer :x

topaz644, 08/21/2018, 9:41 am NST
Where'd the birthday theme go? I didn't miss the party did I?

dave - JN Staff, 08/21/2018, 11:26 am NST
@topaz644: It'll return on our actual birthday! We switched it to pop up on and after our birthday, instead of before it.

dave - JN Staff, 08/21/2018, 11:27 am NST
And of course you can change your Jellyneo site theme any time here: http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=siteprefs

topaz644, 08/22/2018, 5:02 am NST
overpriced or not apparently people are buying them. Lots of the Manga in user shops. Still don't know if it's readable or not but the np being asked suggests it is.

topaz644, 08/22/2018, 5:04 am NST
oops! I thought I was posting on the Overpowered news.

jessabelle, 09/14/2018, 2:39 pm NST
So, not sure anyone can even help/answer me, but I followed the directions to update to the birthday pricing and it showed I was signed up for it to be renewed at the new price. Today, I go to get online and it is asking me to remove a pet or sign back up for premium at full price. Is this just because they are slow at charging me or did it not take?

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