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NeoCreation Week Day 2
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on August 14, 2018, 10:06 am NST

Day 2 of NeoCreation Week has begun. Today, they are asking you to come up with a new Neopian Land! Again, you will have until midnight NST tonight to enter for a chance to win Comic Con codes. Today's hashtags are #NeoCreationWeek and #MyNeoLand.

Day 2 of NeoCreation Week is all about creating your own Land for Neopia! Show us how it’ll look, give it a name and what are 3 things that Neopians can do in this land? Are there games? Shops? A hole in the ground filled with pickles that users can accidently fall into? Make sure to use the hashtags #NeoCreationWeek & #MyNeoLand, and submit before tonight 11:59 PM PST!

For those who missed it, earlier they posted an update regarding when winners will be released:

Contest update! So many fantastic submissions were received from day one of NeoCreation week, so now ALL winners will be announced Friday 10:00 AM PST. Keep the #NeoCreations coming! There may even be a special reward for those who participate in every contest throughout week!

However, the deadline for each day remains midnight. As a reminder, you can enter on the Neopets Facebook page, on the Neopets Twitter page, and on the Neopets Instagram page.
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recklesse, 08/14/2018, 10:13 am NST

They expect people to be able to produce a blue-print for a whole new land overnight?

If they were having trouble judging the entries for trophies, they'll be pushing the date for announcing the winners for this one forward a couple of months at the very least.

dave - JN Staff, 08/14/2018, 10:24 am NST
I don't think these are meant to be high quality, super thought out entries. They are supposed to fit into a social media post, after all.

marfbear, 08/14/2018, 10:27 am NST
Well, they've gone for the trifecta.
1- annoy the people in earlier time zones
2- annoy those who don't use social media and 3- announce a prize for entering all contests after the first one is over.

skiasma, 08/14/2018, 10:40 am NST
It's interesting though. After all the years of them saying "Don't create paintbrushes/lands and what have you, because Lawyerbot will lose his gears." And now, carte blanche.

kirkeyressa, 08/14/2018, 2:31 pm NST
ohh... nooo, i genuinely have no inspiration for this one... mayyybe i'll just shoehorn in neoquest's stuff into canon??

1jediboy, 08/14/2018, 2:52 pm NST

pikachu315111, 08/14/2018, 3:43 pm NST
Asking to make a trophy is one thing, but an entire land? That's something for a Random Contest not a one-day contest on a social site. It can be done, but not fully thought out or given a detailed drawing. But there's another issue I'm wondering about.

We'll use a wild west world as an example since I imagine a lot of entries are going to be that theme. If TNT decides to make a wild west world, someone could cry plagiarism on them if they do something that's similar enough to one of the entries. And there's going to be a lot of entries so a lot of general western ideas/features will be done by at least one. And if they try to ignore doing anything similar, they may end up passing over a good/fun idea. It feels like they're opening a can of worms.

herdy - JN Staff, 08/14/2018, 4:47 pm NST
Updates says to follow submission rules and part of submission rules is you give Neopets the right to use their idea, so that’s not really an issue.
Equally, the majority of entries that JS could in theory use are the broad themed ones. Goldrun isn’t unique in being a western world idea — in fact it took inspiration initially from western style aspects of the site that already existed.

kawaiicurls, 08/14/2018, 5:02 pm NST
Looks like I'm going to be speed drawing at work and crying at the same time. These deadlines are so stupid for Asian time zones.

zen, 08/14/2018, 5:04 pm NST
An interesting part of copyright is that if the idea is general enough or "not unique enough," you cannot claim a copyright infringement on it, only your specifically unique aspects of it, like a name or special logo.

morganjoisle, 08/14/2018, 9:25 pm NST
I really don't have the art skills to be able to make a beautiful-looking map. I hope that they have some sewing, cooking, or writing-type challenges as the week goes on.

morganjoisle, 08/14/2018, 9:28 pm NST
@marfbear: UGGGGGG I didn't realize there'd be a prize for doing this every day. One, I don't really want to draw a trophy because my art is either hand-drawn or going to look poorly done on Microsoft paint. Two, it's almost the end of my classes for the summer and I've been swamped studying. Three, I don't want all of my friends to see poorly-drawn last minute art if I were to enter something. D:

inkpot, 08/14/2018, 9:32 pm NST
yeah that #3 is what annoys me the most.
they could fix that by just having it so that as long as you've got a submission for all of the contests by the end of the event you could still get whatever participation reward but... ugh.

kirkeyressa, 08/14/2018, 10:10 pm NST
oof, finished my entry... thankfully inspiration struck me last minute and im quite proud of the result! (same handle on twitter if you want to see it. since neopets is using social media this is ok to refer people towards, right?...)

kseaman, 08/24/2018, 9:11 pm NST
I was on vacation and TOTALLY out of the loop on this but do have some ideas. Will there be a second round for ideas or is there another creation opportunity?

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