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TNT Community Updates 9/8
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on August 9, 2018, 5:27 am NST

TNT Staff Member Hardtotame briefly appeared on the Site Events Neoboard this morning to address a couple of issues and explain why she's not been posting quite as regularly:

I know it's been a while, and some of you are wondering when I'm going to do my next Q&A. The thing is, I've been a little overwhelmed by all the different topics that have come up, and the resulting commitments I've made. I just thought I should take a small break to work on a system that makes these sessions easier to record, and thereafter take action on. Please bear with me while I sort things out. I'll put the timings for my next sessions up when I'm ready to start again.
Meanwhile, I also joined a guild. The idea was to experience the guild system as a member, but clearly that created a lot of misunderstandings and bad feelings. Therefore, I have since exited the guild.
In other news, we have a new avatar going out very soon, so keep your eye on the news for more information.

I don't have much more updates in terms of the fixes/features you've been asking about. But I can tell you why - one of our programmers is working on figuring out how to get the Advent Animations working (correctly this time) on mobile devices. Why so early? Well, depending on what works, he needs to let the artists know how they should be delivering the animations.

Another one is working on getting our HTML 5 games to work correctly on the site. You see, making/converting the games is one thing, and getting them to fit into the existing system we have for mini-games is another thing. And that's just a small sample of the range of high-priority tasks our programmers are working on to get the site ready for mobile devices.

Sooo... sometimes, 'I'll get it done' means 'I'll sit here and repeatedly ask them about this issue until they decide to do it just to shut me up.' Before I move on to the next one on my list. Because I couldn't possibly ask them about all 20 at once. They would just stop paying any attention to me at all. Yeah...

She also then gave a small update about expected ETA to the first of the previously mentioned BD fixes/improvements:

September is your month! (The last time I checked.)
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sakibou, 08/9/2018, 5:31 am NST
What's this about joining a guild?

herdy - JN Staff, 08/9/2018, 5:41 am NST
Best not to go into detail about it, but she was invited to a private guild with a divisive reputation (that she likely was unaware of) and joined.

cay, 08/9/2018, 6:21 am NST
I love seeing her boards - so sad that people were like that in the guild I thought people would've been nicer towards her being a staff member. I hope she's okay.

ducky - JN Staff, 08/9/2018, 8:36 am NST
She just joined "wrong" guild and then all the others got upset because of that and started drama.

Typical neo stuff. If we only were adults and we could act like ones in Neo

dustin, 08/9/2018, 9:29 am NST
She seems a bit overwhelmed.
And users are savage. I'm thankful we have her around to give us an idea of what's happening behind the scenes!

dave - JN Staff, 08/9/2018, 9:36 am NST
Sounds like typical software product management!

tomatereloco, 08/9/2018, 9:56 am NST
I'm glad I do not work as a SWE for Neopets, they seem to be so overcommitted. However, I'd love to help in my spare time

mavegibson, 08/9/2018, 11:19 am NST
I can confirm that users on the site can be some of the most horrible, drama-mongering people I've ever met. That's part of why I never go on the Neoboards. JN is the best place to be.

Poor Hardtotame sounds depressed. Understandable given the burdens she's dealing with, but makes me sad.

mavegibson, 08/9/2018, 11:20 am NST
Don't know what happened with my emoticons there, but the smile was supposed to be between the first and second paragraphs. I'm not so callous as to smile at someone's stress.

1jediboy, 08/9/2018, 1:06 pm NST
*idea!* We should all send gifts to her account as a thank you for all that she’s done for us! πŸ˜„
We would do this not expecting a reply in return though. πŸ˜…

dolchay, 08/9/2018, 1:37 pm NST
It's a shame she got treated like that, I can't stand users that get caddy. I actually had a user go off on me because i had the comic con avvie and they didn't. Stuff like that shouldn't be allowed. You can be salty but don't need to be mean

cat, 08/9/2018, 1:43 pm NST
Sounds like there's a big to-do list. Hang in there TNT!

zeelink, 08/9/2018, 2:04 pm NST
Board 7 has evolved into the most toxic and horrible place on Neo, between events. I feel bad for Hardtotame, I love guilds and I would love it if the staff took a real interest like she did, instead of just neglecting it :/ No good deed goes unpunished.

chrisk123, 08/9/2018, 2:35 pm NST
So there is no way staff has a clue about what is going on in a guild without "belonging"?

inkpot, 08/9/2018, 3:22 pm NST
i don't really get what ppl are talking about what with users being "too harsh on htt"... from what i saw, ppl were upset about what guild in particular she joined (one with a lot of stigma and negative opinions). i saw no-one attacking her herself, just that guild mostly, and the fact that they didn't want any of the "elitists" there representing them if she had gone there looking for opinions.

charlie_eppes_, 08/9/2018, 6:05 pm NST
I would imagine if it's private since you have to join to be able to anything for the guild. I'm just glad that she's giving us some updates and letting us know that things are in fact being worked on. it makes me feel good. I like the idea about sending her some pick me up gifts to say thank you as well.

1jediboy, 08/9/2018, 8:36 pm NST
^Spread the love!

bekka513, 08/10/2018, 8:24 am NST
In reply to "Meanwhile, I also joined a guild. The idea was to experience the guild system as a member, but clearly that created a lot of misunderstandings and bad feelings. Therefore, I have since exited the guild." FEEL FREE TO JOIN OURS ANYTIME. *hugs* Keep up the good work.

topologist, 08/11/2018, 11:20 am NST
Any updates about the current auction glitch? It's very distressing!

una, 08/19/2018, 6:51 am NST
I feel for her, and I agree the user base are some of the nastiest and ridiculous people I've met online. It's sad that people who played Neopets when they were younger grew up to be this way.

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