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TNT Community Updates, 7/20
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 20, 2018, 10:57 pm NST

Since there was a mixup with the posted times for this week's Q&A, hardtotame was on the boards again from 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM NST this past evening.

Here are the highlights:

Prize Pools
Regarding updating the creative contest (Art Gallery, Caption Contest, etc.) prize pool:

I'll have a word with the person in charge of the prizes, and see what we can come up with.

Regarding updating prize pools (such as dailies) with items that were previously expensive/had worth:

These days, when we update prize pools with a specific list, we try to make sure all existing items chosen are selling for 1000 NP or less. If there are dailies that choose from any r90 item available, I will change that.

"In Progress" Page
Regarding TNT maintaining an in progress page for issues they're working on:

sounds great, but I'm not sure that's the best idea. Many times there are issues that a programmer begins looking into, but because of some reason or the other (turns out to be too complicated/another high priority issue comes up/it takes too long and is put off until a later time..) it is kept aside.

So a list like that may not really reflect what is happening in office. Either way, I'll talk to the others and see if they think differently.

Regarding the return of Defenders of Neopia:

DoN - not until the BD is fixed

Regarding the return of old plot challengers:

Right now, our top priorities are those items that came out at the top from the survey. We haven't thought about the BD beyond those items for now. Among them, we have updating the BD prize pool, FYI.

Account Purges
Regarding whether there will be another one:

Account purge - Scrappy should have some info about this. I've checked with her, and I'll give you an update when I get one.

Regarding making sure that people who have been locked out of their accounts are able to get back in before a purge:

That's a good point. I'll ask Scrappy to give fair warning and perhaps dedicate resources to addressing these issues before we do a purge.

Regarding the release of new stamps/album items:

Yes, we will be adding stamps to albums taht aren't complete.

And the King Skarl Charm:

King Skarl does have new prizes he wants to give those who make him laugh (the charm being one of them) but he's waiting for a special celebration in his land later this month.

Almost Abandoned Attic
Regarding its return, and what kind of items it will restock:

We'll take a look at the backend when we're bringing it back and see if it needs any changes. I don't foresee any changes happening to the type of items it restocks - only in the way it works.

TNT Office/Team Locations
Regarding where TNT is located:

The Art team, the QA team, much of the programming team, half the content team and one of the producers work out of Bangalore. The Community/social media team, our senior programmer binary_supagoo, and our other producer, Scrappy - work from the California office. NC Mall releases, site competitions, the news and social media updates happen there. That's for Neopets.com.

Neopets: Legends and Letters has its own team that is divided between the two offices, but we share art resources. The Neopets MMO [JN Note: probably meaning the "Neopets World Builder" app announced at Comic-Con, not a traditional MMO] is being developed by another team altogether, working in Vancouver.

Note: For more information on the second Neopets app in production, see our Comic-Con writeup.

Regarding the updating of existing games from Flash:

We have already begun the process of getting the games remade in html5, starting with the most popular ones. I don't know if we will get all 200 done the same way - I guess it depends on how it goes with the first few we're doing now.

Old Pet Colours
Regarding updating older pet paint brush options:

I'll ask the artists to keep this in mind for future PBs, but redoing old PBs is not something we want to get into.
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